'Who attends a party uninvited?' - Katrina Kaif on rumours of attending 'Tamasha' wrap-up party

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Speculations have been rife that Katrina Kaif attended beau Ranbir Kapoor's film Tamasha's wrap-up party organized by Sajid Nadiadwala and director Imtiaz Ali at former's suburban flat.
Calling these reports baseless, Katrina denied the rumours and clarified, "This is a really bad kind of news. It is not true that I went to the party. Honestly, if you ask me, after being in the industry for so many years, such news is irrelevant to me. I am happy doing my work. What I wonder is who is coming up with such negative news? Who is this unhappy person?” 
She clarifies further, “It was written in the papers that I went uninvited. First of all, what kind of person goes to a party uninvited? Secondly, it was not a usual party. It was a wrap-up party of a movie that I am not a part of. If it had been a success party, then it is still understandable. Also, let’s say had I been there, you feel people wouldn’t have liked it and wouldn’t have been happy in my presence? We are all grown up and civilized people.”
Well, we quite agree to Kat! What do you guys have to say?

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even if tamasha will be a flop deepika has bajirao mastani but if phantom will flop kats carrier will down ,because she cant act and she will ruine 100% jaggas jasoos with her british accent

Last I know Deepika is not fighting for Ranbir.She has a good catch of a boyfriend. Kat and Ranbir are happy together. The media and some people are too delusional for their health.

whoever called Ranbir ugly unattractive is just loser and jealous.

if you are kapoor thats not mean you are also good looking so please open your eyes

Ranbir is good looking!

its nothing with kapoor. may be Ranbir is not the best looking guy but calling him ugly is just plane nonsense.

Katrina needs to speak out...its been too long that deepika has obsessed over her boyfriend and made a 'tamasha' out of everything....deepika is a tamasha how fitting

"phantom" is releasing on 28 august starting saif, directing by kabir khan( fame for bajrangi bhaijan)., story is based on 26/11 attacks, this is imagination story.......... katrina not promote it so socha me hi bata du... for saif, kabir and other crew who done hardworking on it.....

i can never shake the feeling RanDeep gives off. a couple that would have been, could have been but sadly could not.

She's hinting at who's spreading the rumors.....good girl. None other than unhappy Deepika and her scummy PR.

she is hinitng thats this rumours are from own pr so she could use dp name to promote her film and also dont want ppl to talk abt rkdp alone. dp is very happy in her life and career and gives a damn about kat. its kat who is unhappy insecure in her life and jealous of dp success and rk dp paring which is quite obvious in her interviews now. its unhappy katrina and her scummy pr
post it pv u arent

It pains to see how none of her interviews deal with questions relevant to the movie, character preparation, acting method, etc. IT's either something to do her relationship, Deepika, or looks.

"Who attends a party uninvited?" Probably you, Katrina! I wouldn't doubt it that she would...

this is like boney kapoor,sridevi and arjuns moms love triangle ,,one beauty, one middle beauty and one ugly as a hell ,, if boney kapoor married beutifull sridevi but here ugly one prefer middle beauty over beauty

even if she was there whats the problem with deepika when its clear she is dating ranveer ,deepika doent need rk or kat she has better bf and good films

Jeez, how Deepika still looks at Ranbir, I'm sad for her. As for Katrina, the woman has dignity, if Ranbir would break up with her ( not gonna happen), I'm sure she wouldn't say a single word about it to the press. That's why I like her, she's a smart woman.

this is the frist time of bollywood story 2 beautifull heroins fights over ugly hero only in front of media camers to get attention,,how money and success had changed ,,, if you born as a kapoor you didnt even need to go school,because you are always star ,,,im mean ranbir,arjun,sonam its evident if there lovely papas werent what is today im not saying they woudnt became actors but they had to work hard and convince people and became a star after like ranveer singh or sushant singh is doing

Ranbir is good looking!

She had her hair also done. it is fake extensions especially in the front of the head, like madhuri's. Kat is also going bald.

Still milking dp's celebrity status !

After Sonam, kareena, anushka and Kangana, now even Katrina is using Deepika for promoting her movie and attention seeking. So far she did not speak a single word about the movie. All she talked during these promotions is Ranbir, Rishi and now Deepika. All hail to the queen Deepika. Now only Deepika can save her boyfriend's career, be nice to her lady.

kat is the most dumb liar and fakest woman in bollywood which is now proven by recent interviews.

what she is promoting talking only about her personal life? i thought phantomn has saif n kat only but good to know along with saif kat sk rk n dp also stars in the movie

11 interviews of kat all abt rk, salu ,dp, rkdp, tamasha ok insecure cunning woman now talk abt phantom

oh gosh this is news from her own pr which now proven from her todays interview which clealry shows how insecure and jealous she is of rk dp pairing and when whole world including all he fans said rk dp are magic on screen n srk kajol of today she refused to admit it. she loves ot attach her name with rk dp n doesnt want ppl to talk abt rk dp alone shows her insecurity n jealousy.

ranbir ranbir ranbir
salman salman salman
deepika deepika deepika
tamasha tamasha tamsaha
then i wont talk about my personal life

Well someone has to make herself interesting by using Katrina's name now and again.

Truly a case of when the Queen is missing the rats will thrive - front page plastered with the blimp-like face of Katrina Kaif and DP is missing! Katrina is milking evrrrryyyy bit of her "relationship" with Ranbir and name dropping/insinuating DP to the max to get attention as usual!

deepu and rk look super hot here.

Ranbir looks happy always with deepika. With Kat he has this scared intimated look and always sad.

the repots did not say you attended the party. It was you 'gate crashed' the party. There is a difference

"What I wonder is who is coming up with such negative news? Who is this unhappy person?” We wonder about that too.

I hate Kat

Watched JDJ last night. It was heart breaking for my 13 year old girls who adore her, see her like that in her weieed face and smile. Her smile froze like a triangle. could not see her eyes beyond those puffy cheeks. My girls were very upset. They said her face started to change from MBD and looked totally diff from ZNMD. They are never going to watch her movies from on and that new york was their favorite movie

How old are you?? You have children??? I always assumed people on this site were in their 20's/ teens

Clearly showing how knowledgeable you are!

well said

Katrina can easily play a young mother version to deepika seeing these pics

Lol! DP herself looks a granny these days...her own fans n many others think so...why u so busy Checking kat's pics , even forgetting to check ur own idol Ms.Pad pics..oh. .PV pls post this!

Slam dunk! You go girl tell them like it is! Great to see you speaking out

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