“Ranbir will be amazing, I have complete confidence in Tamasha” says Katrina Kaif

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Katrina Kaif has high hopes for alleged beau Ranbir Kapoor’s next film, Tamasha and she knows that after a few ups and downs, he is going to bounce back with a bang.

When asked in an interview about Ranbir’s rough phase in Bollywood, Katrina said she believes in him and is sure that he would bounce back. She was quoted saying, “For an actor, it’s painful when your films aren't doing well. Every actor must go through a phase of ups and downs, because only then will you appreciate what you have. It helps you become a stronger person. I know Ranbir loves his fans and he breathes, lives cinema. No one can challenge that passion and commitment. These ups and downs have happened in almost every star's life, be it Shah Rukh, Salman or Aamir.”

She further added, “I have complete confidence and belief that Tamasha will do extremely well and Ranbir will be amazing in it. I wish the team a lot of success and I am quite sure Ranbir will be back with a bang with this film.”

Well! Just like you Kat, all Ranbiroholics are pretty sure about that! Haina?


Ranbir was great job and acting all his flop movies,its flop due to bed story and direction.

She is Talking like if she were his wife- don't get Carried away Mrs. katrina just because The guy lives with you- he can leave you anytime! I am Not a Ranbir Fan!!!!!! Just saying!

Fuh se...PHANTOM!

I don't think Tamasha will be such a big blockbuster like YJHD. People seem to forget that Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is releasing 2 weeks before them and the anticipation is very high especially since Salman and Sooraj are reuniting after 15 years. And if Bhajrangi Bhaijaan reached 317 crores, this will be much much bigger because Sooraj's movies usually have a universal appeal across all generations plus it will be a more colorful and entertaining will all the commercial elements like songs, romance, etc. Also, after Jab We Met, all the movies Imtiaz has worked on have been pretty average and sub-standard whether it was Love Aaj Kal, Rockstar, Highway and Cocktail which he co-wrote. It's all about his philosophies on love, finding yourself and not confirming to the norm. I bet Ranbir's role will be repetitive, similar to what he did in Wake Up Sid, Rockstar, YJHD, etc and from whatever they've revealed of the script, it sounds pretty average, like a well tried and tested formula we've seen at least 10 times.

Talking about one's current > talking about one's ex

Hold on darling, it"s Deepika and Imtiaz who will make Tamasha hit not your so called boyfriend. Nobody will go to see your baby because you already made him boring and expressionless. only Deepika can save his career. Shameless girl(kat).

Ranbir is not boring! You are just a hater
People will watch the movie for him

Ranbir is not boring ok! I will see the movie for him only.
Please he is not Kat's BF

What happened to those/closet fans who lauded her so called humility, simplicity and put her on a pedestal? LOL

Athiya Shetty recently admitted that Ranveer Singh is her favorite hero. I wonder what Deepika feels when pretty actresses says such stuff.

Leave strange-faced Athiya, how does Ranveer feel when hotties like Sid and Varun hit on Deepika? ;)

no she is not that tipe of girl which ranveer get attracted.... i think maybe kriti sanon will do jelouse deepika

In a recent Bollywood Hungama quiz section, Sooraj was asked who was Athiya's favorite hero and he said Ranveer Singh and Athiya agreed. I wonder if admissions like that from pretty actresses make Deepika insecure, proud etc. The media should ask her.

She has a billion men vying for her. She gorgeous and if their dating then he's definitely the lucky one

even if she is jelouse she will never admite it in public,, many of new actresses has crush on ranveer ,, but they are not that girls which rs get attracted..mmmmmm wait and watch katrinas next mission impossible will be ranveer as she said she looks good with him even they still didnt worked together ,,deepika takes digs of kat in these years now i think turn of katrina

ahh tamasha remember me milenge milenge after success of jab we met ith shahid kareen ,,their were lot exitement in pinkvilla because even priyanka bashed them when she was dating shahid but its not pinkvilla who will hit film infact milenge milenge was flop

i will not even watch tamasha because it will be the same love story ,,im exited for bajirao mastani for rs dps chemestry ,,,kat rk dp is only drama to get attention

It has started already. We all know it will be a hit because of Deeps but unfortunately her co star will get undeserved appreciation and a rare hit. What to do, every dog has its day I say!

Stop being mean to Ranbir! The movie will do well because of him ok!

And Katrina is the ultimate authority on filmmaking, films and acting. The future for bollywood films are very bright indeed. Mubarak ho.

Ranbir and deepika look so good in this photo. Cat is not suited to him at all.How easily he smiles around dp. On the relevant topic why isn't t she talking about her film or her co-star ???

why is it so hard for her to say Ranbir and Deepika will do well in Tamasha? She has such disdain towards Deepika; it's shameful because she is the one was running after Ranbir, despite knowing that he was still in a relationship with Deepika. Karma has bitten her 'ahem' already with his incessant philandering ways so they deserve each other. His latest attempt at detoxing in Austria for smoking habit is actually a cover for his drug habit.

Rankat don't deserve each other at all!
Ranbir and Rohini deserve each other

Who the hell she is to talk about others movie? Why she is promoting tamasha? Its not her job. She should not worry abt dp n her films but plz concentrate on ir own films and work. Means talking too much abt a film she is not in there much before the team tamasha. Plz shut up now kat.

The movie is going to be hit because of Imtiaz and Deepika, Ranbir is too boring his voice is utterly pathetic

Ranbir is not boring ok! His voice is so sexy!
The movie will be a hit because of him, not because of Deepika!

ahhhh spotted one fan of ranbir after 3 flops,,,, ranbir is ugly ,i dont know about voice but he is ugly..

Ranbir did great job all his movie , due to bed script, story and direction caused the flop his movie.

Ranbir is not ugly! You are

He is not ugly ok! He is my type

If this movie is a hit, Deepika should get the most credit, along with Imtiaz!

Of course she has confidence in it cause she knows Deepika is in the film. Praising Ranbir like he is a god. Get over yourself, Katrina.

Get ready to thank Deeps babe!

Wow what is up with her talking about Deepika so much these days. And all the praise she is giving to Ranbir, please! If anything people will see Tamasha for Deepika and the chemistry she has with Ranbir onscreen. She comes off as jealous. If you are going to promote Phantom, talk about what you do in the film, not everyone under the sun and your "private" relationship.

Blank babe shady lady !! I like. Some of you guys who comment on pv are brilliant and quite entertaining.

Lol !! They are already taking credit for Tamasha when we all know that it will be a hit because of dp's star power.
And she sure is talking a lot. All of a sudden she wants the world to know she is with rk after denying it for 6 years. Old and desparate I say.

Yes Katrina it will be a BIG HIT because it has Deepika Padukone - the reigning Queen Superstar actress of bollywood. Also now you will promote your flop phantom by taking the names of some anticipated movies of the year?

Salman, ranbir and relationships explanation , and rishji neetuji, kareena, , deepika,kangana, ranveer, additay chopra, siddharth malotra, alia, kabir, sharrdha, not to forget she even didn't let a little kid harshali malotra, taking almost half of bollywood actors name even can't save your film from being flop , acting can which your not capable on it and try harder , still it won't work coz today's udiances are clever they know which film is good which is not. Pst....

Did you all notice, she did not take Neetu's name at all during these promotions. A certain cropped pic right after a certain holi picture didn't go well with Ms.Torquette i guess.

Oh gosh this woman and her jealousy towards deepika , and her never ending statements about deepika and ranbir these days
"have complete confidence and belief that Tamasha will do extremely well and Ranbir will be amazing in it. I wish the team a lot of success and I am quite sure Ranbir will be back with a bang with this film" and what it takes from you to say deepika and ranbir will rock coz of this film stars deepika leading actress if ranbir have make an film success depand on his acting than he could made a besharam, roy, bombay velvet success and let's not forget it will be successful because of ranbir's chemistry with deepika inscure kat and try harder as if taking deepika and ranbir's name to get publicity will make your film success. Pst.

i read katrina had some pooja or ceremony done at her and ranbirs flat to bring good-luck to his career. maybe that is why she is so confident

i REFUSE to watch tamasha if it means ranbir will get credit! deepika will have a hit in Bajirao Mastani and it is releasing the very next month after tamasha. she has nothing to worry about.

Ranbir deserves to get all the credit not Deepika

If movie will be a hit, all the credit goes to superstar Deepika and how she saved Ranbir's career. On the other hand if the movie flops all the blame goes to Ranbeer. If you look at it this way, it is a win win situation for Deppika.

You are confident about tamasha of course coz dp is there and you know it will work but u are not confident about phantom for sure as you are not talking about it at all in any single interview

Yes it will be a huge success and all thanks to the reigning queen of bollywood miss deepika padukone

ranbir and deepika are awesome couple of course it will rock

Please don't let this be like YJHD that everyone starts praising Ranbir on his starpower and not gives enough credit to Deepika. I really wish Deepika gets her due credit for this movie, if she is amazing in it which I hope she will be.

Ranbir deserves all the credit ok! Stop being mean

what a lie :)

Sure Becuase deepika and Imtiaz Ali , Ranbir hv nothing in the movie just same acting from Rockstar yjhd.. Trust me he will hv same expressions too in Tamasha..These two are very ugly people .. I don't know how I started to hate him so much, I was madly in love with him, when I first saw Jabse tere naina, He was so innocent, but time has changed.. He is more like Katrina kaif now a days , selfish and ugly from inside..

deepika will rock it!!! dont be jealous BB (blank babe)

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