'I don't have faith in Pakistan' – Saif Ali Khan on ‘Phantom’ ban

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On August 20, news came about Pakistan banning Kabir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Phantom’. 26/11 mastermind and Jamaat-ud Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed's had submitted a petition demanding a ban on the release of "Phantom" in the country. And Pakistani court also confirmed the ban on the Saif Ali Khan - Katrina Kaif starrer as Reuters reported lawyer AK Dogar as saying, "The government has been told that the film should not be presented for showing in Pakistan and to take necessary steps in this regard."

Actor Saif Ali Khan, on this regards told DNA, “I don't have faith in Pakistan, generally. Neither do I understand what their thought processes are. I have no problems against Pakistan and I won't make a film that's against the country. But now they have banned the film. We have always shared a very complicated relationship. If you tell uncomfortable truths, films get banned. We keep banning each other's films.” He also goes on to say that this ban will however affect the film little bit as he said, “we might have made a little bit more money. I remember Race made some money, so there is a market there. The irony is that everybody is going to watch it anyway on pirated DVDs. That's what happens a lot in Pakistan.”

The actor further added and told the daily, “If you try making a film which portrays a certain element of truth, something that makes Pakistan a little bit uncomfortable, they will ban it. They did that with many of my films, so I have faced it already.” And as the ban on the film was imposed after a petition filed by a terrorist, Saif says, “They are not admitting that he is a terrorist. He is not admitting he is a terrorist. So I mean I actually believe in an individual's rights, but if a country is backing them up, then it's great. I am told he is responsible for 26/11. What the proof is, I don't know for sure. I don't think any of us know for sure. I am told by everybody that the US has put a 50 million-dollar bounty on his head and he's a wanted terrorist. The latest terrorist caught in India said that Hafeez Saeed sent him. I believe he is India's enemy number one.”

Well, amid all this, Saif is positive about the film’s release which falls on a Rakhi weekend. ‘Phantom’ releases on August 28.

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I honestly think saif ali khan needs to issue an apology or clarification for his statements. You have lost faith in the pakistan censor board, ok then that is your opinion. But to be a top class bollywood actor and state that you have lost faith in a country, well then I feels sorry for your thinking. In terms of phantom being banned in pakistan, I have not watched the film so I can't honestly know whether it is anti oak or not. But something I do know is that there are so many bollywood films released every year. SO MANY. so if a handful of them get banned in pakistan, its really not that big of a think. But pakistani cinema is just getting back on its feet. It obviously is not at par with the amount of bollywood films made, so when two big pakistani films released ( bin roye and saar), then why were they banned in india? Like for gods sake, BIN ROYE! its a god damn love story. A pakistani actor at that time never made the state,net, that we have lost faith in India. So Mr. Saif ali khan, please reconsider the words you have spoken as a public figure to the media. Just because you have obeyed the role of a supposed hero in the film phantom ( from the looks of the trailer) that gives you absolutely no right to state words which you clearly have no right speaking.

Saif do u have faith in Kareena or ur govermant tht still doesnt allow any muslim to buy land in bombay.

Ridiculous. Where did you read this? The seller might discriminate but that happens within all communities ( only in bombay though) but people of all religion have complete freedom in india unlikes neighbouring countries.

Go saif Go. finally one bollywood actor with guts, hope this movie is a success just for this inspite of katrina.

PV publish this.

Bajrangi Bhaijan made 44 crores net in Pakistan. Pakistan ban everything. India banned Bin Roye and Pakistan TV has been banned since 198os. Recently, Zee Zindigi bought some of the Pak Plays but Direct telecasting of PAK TV is banned. It's a huge market. Stop banning things idiot. Join the business world , you third world countries.

India and Pakistan ban eachothers films all the time, why Phantom team making such a big deal about it?

India banned waar, so why can't pakistan ban phantom?

Yeah so its ok for india to ban a film like bin rote, which has absolutely no line with nationalism or terrorism, its a simple love story. Yet it still gets banned, now that is ok. But a film like phantom gets banned in pakistan, and said has lost faith. Yeah that makes total sense

to a certain degree he is right. I mean really I could be an ego issue for the country and obviously Pakistan doesn't want to show a negative side to the country, he's not all wrong.

film will flop.. dekh lena

agree totally with saif!! pakistan banning the film is proof enough how watching the truth is scaring them!!

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement