Healthcare NGO sends legal notice to 'Phantom' makers!

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Kabir Khan's 'Phantom' seems to have upset yet another organization who has issued a legal notice to the production house of the film.
After being banned in Pakistan on an appeal from Jamat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, healthcare non-governmental organisation (NGO) Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), which has reference in the movie, has sent a legal notice to the makers seeking removal of all references to MSF in 'Phantom'. 
MSF's lawyers wrote to the production company on Thursday asking them to remove all references to MSF and its sister NGO Doctors Without Borders. They have also asked the production house to issue a disclaimer prior to the film to make it clear that it is a purely fictional account. 
According to a report in Hindustan Times, Martin Sloot, general director, MSF India, stated, "The portrayal of MSF and misuse of our name is a dangerous misrepresentation that could endanger MSF staff, patients, and undermine the organisation’s ability to work in some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones."
He further quoted, "MSF is also asking for an advance copy of Phantom in order to check the way the organisation has been portrayed. All requests have so far gone unanswered, and MSF is now taking legal action."
When Sloot was asked if he has seen the film, he said to the daily, "We have not yet seen the film, but according to the promotional trailer and the interviews given by some of the actors we are worried that the film will use our name and misrepresent us. The lead actor is pictured holding a gun — something our staff would never do."
"The only way we can safely work in places such as Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen, where there is active fighting, is by explaining to every group on the ground that we are independent, neutral and impartial and interested only in providing medical care to people who need it," Sloot added. 
We wonder what the makers have to react.

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Y'all are quick to judge. They didn't make a reference.

Yikes, sounds serious.

It's really sad how humanity is lost Saif ali Khan is idiot

Why would they do that. Irresponsible!

It is very irresponsible to put the lives of human rights workers at risk for a film and to use their name without their permission. It's the job of the producers and filmmakers to think about this stuff beforehand. They make films with huge budgets and can't bother with things like this? ridiculous

btw, is it just me or does nearly every film of Saif Ali Khan's, get banned in Pakistan?

you cannot put the lives of actual heroes in danger just to make saif ali khan and katrina kaif look cool!


Really really bad. Irresponsible.

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