Box Office Report: Phantom gets off to a slow start!

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After delivering a bloackbuster with 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', all eyes are now on Kabir Khan's 'Phantom' to see the kind of numbers it will generate. Initial box office reports reveal that Phantom has not taken off to a great start. News has it that the movie opened to 25% occupancy rate in Rajasthan and the nearing circuits. Trade analaysts mention that the business could have picked up in the evenings as the evening audience is more likely to go for a film such as Phantom as opposed to the morning audience, which mostly comprises of the youth.  Also, analysts suggest that 'Raksha Bandhan' could prove a lifesaver for the movie as it could give the numbers a little boost. 

The opening however, is better than Saif Ali Khan's 'Happy Ending'. Experts mention that Happy Ending opened with very low numbers and did not even pick up in the evening, so comparing the numbers to this film would not help much.

Well, although the initial numbers are not very encouraging analysts mention that the film could pick up in the coming days due to word of mouth. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh reported that the numbers from UAE look good. "Phantom has an impressive start in UAE. Day 1 is approx $ 180,000 or AED 662,000 [₹ 1.19 cr] across 62 screens. Some screens yet to report," he tweeted.



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Ya because she's worth it! APPARENTLY!!

Katrina went to the ajmer sharif did not make movie hit

Its 8.5 cr + and still counting.... Haters are so funny as usual...

box office india is the only trustworthy source

Don't worry 4th and 5th Khans, things will pick up tomorrow and on Sunday before you know it, it will be 100 Crores and above.

phantom collected 8+ crores on day 1 with many controversies and negativity just like BV. it's just katrina's star power. accept it or not,it is a fact

Its not kat starpower its just bcoz its a kabir khan film who has given a huge hit like bb thats y makers release it after bb

Its not kat starpower its just bcoz its a kabir khan film who has given a huge hit like bb thats y makers release it after bb

Raja Sen and KRK's reviews are too good.

i think people taking her advice this time for real for real 'those who don't like my films please don't watch them' bs

And there was so much hoopla about it!

LOL Katrina's starpower did its trick ;) ;) hahahaha

its like katrina said "those who don't like my films please don't come to watch them!"

Bad film! Can be easily missed!

a very good film ,all my best wiches for the box office

I am hearing different number of crores this film got so far. 6-8 that doesn't seem like much star power. And my friends saw it and they thought it was boring so....

I feel bad for Saif Ali khan, he is really nice guy, speak his mind, and a good actor too, kahan phase Gaya iss Katrina and Kabir ke bich, thank god heis doing Rangoon, looking forward for the movie, all the best saif I love u,

Guys i made a huge mistake. After watching horrible movie Phantom now i need my money back. It's really borning movie Saif looks werried. Katrina looks borning

KRK said its 7.5 crore.. LOL what a starpower Kat has.. Piku collected 5.5 with half the screens...ha ha

Horrible movie!! Not sure about money that it will make but I did not like it!

saw the movie, its boring as hell.

Superstar Katrina indeed!

Hahaha. Katrina Star power guys

This is the beginning of the ice queen's downfall. JJ will flop and so will the other one with Aditya. Too bad as he is a very talented actor.

Aditya is just a one-hit wonder. Where were all his fans before Aashiqui 2? If he was a really talented actor, he would be flooded with offers and he wouldn't have to steal other people's films like his BFF Ranbir. He too will meet the same downfall and rightfully so. Clearly we are not looking at the same person cuz there are way better actors than him. He has no acting skills and DEI proved he can't dance too. Just a good for nothing loser. Like Katrina, he too is fake as hell and has the audacity to say that Katrina is a great actress.

Where were all his fans before Aashiqui 2? ---- Are you serious? It's like to say Where were Varun's fans before SOTY? Ashiqui 2 was his debut as a lead hero, you can not expect him to have fans after small role in London dreams. I agree that Adi is not the best actor ever and all but he is not that bad. I'm sure he was offered lots of interesting scripts after Ashiqui 2 and he needn't to steal anyone's movie. If he would like he could get any big UTV movie and not a movie like Fitoor which has flop written all over it. There are better actors than him? Pls tell me who is better than him Varun Dhavan? can not emote well. Sidharth malhotra? Let's not even go there Arjun kapoor? Tiger Shroff? Even Sushant is not that good. His dialogue delivery is bad and he has no screen presence. The only talented new actor is Ayushmann Khurrana but I don't think people are dying to work with him because he is an outsider. For me Aditya is a good actor who just need to take his career seriously, choose right scripts and hire a good PR team. Same for Ayushmann!

The trailer was horrible. It looks like from the review it is a good movie though.

Opening 13.5 crores haters keep hating

ahahahahahaha really? go and check well. Producers are even crying for even 8cr self

Aah Karma.

The queen Ash will show katrina what acting really is. She is coming after 5 yrs and she will show how its done.

Why bring Ash...?...u r not her fan...

Yup Queen Ash of Loreal and excellent PR.

I hope she shuts her mouth now. Too much Katrina on Pinkvilla recently

poor Katrina...

Lol Katrina's true "star" power without khans and roshan...

kat, this is just the beginning, Give ur career boost to salman. Karma will chase u and you small boy

Ranbir is also a superstar like Kat :P

lol kat starpower proved. she cant give a hit film or get an opening without big male stars. hence proven

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