Box Office Report: 'Phantom' has a solid weekend, 7th highest of 2015

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Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer 'Phantom' may have had a slow start at the box office, but the film picked up pace in the evening shows on Friday.

The movie witnessed a 51% jump on Saturday and was steady on Sunday. The Kabir Khan film earned Rs. 12 crores on Sunday, taking the collections of the opening weekend for the movie to Rs. 33 crores.

The movie has become the seventh highest opener of 2015 and has crossed the opening weekend collections of films like 'Baby' and 'Drishyam'.

With the critics reviews and positive word of mouth, the movie is sure to perform well in the coming week.

Directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Siddharth Roy Kapur, 'Phantom' released on August 28, 2015. The film is based on Hussain Zaidi's book 'Mumbai Avengers'.

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It was quite good! The critics that haven't given good reviews are dumb. Entertaining. Yeah Katrina's acting was bad but movie was good.

I'm not a fan of Katrina, but I do not understand why people hate and criticize it? Phantom wish success!

saw it yesterday. Awesome movie. Must watch. Katrina was a pleasant surprise.

haha haters don't believe but movie is a hit n Katrina was amazing. Collections show.

Honestly, I liked the movie. It could have been better, but it needed that masala to be mainstream. I genuinely am disappointed every single time I see Katrina in a movie, this was the first ever time when I was surprised by how decent her acting was. (Her accent in Hindi is still annoying though, I don't understand how it can take more than 10 years to learn a language fluently when you are living in the country and being trained by the best teachers.. ) She was good. Saif was good as well. Yes, it had an American Sniper feel to it, but not once did it make me "hate" or "blame" Pakistan - in fact, the obsession with revenge also antagonised part of the Indian army (which is fair enough). Only the terrorists. And it made me think critically about Indo-Pak relations. Kabir Khan isn't biased and he definitely isn't trying to sell propaganda. He's a documentary film maker and he's pretty spot on with terrorist behaviours.

Looks like Kat's PR is trying hard to tell people here that the film is good and doing well. Good joke. Film is not getting money that was spent for making it. And Kats acting has been made fun by everyone who watched it. Pathetic in the acting department with no expressions.

The Hollywood reporter had positive comments about he movie but said Katrina was wooden!

Phantom is a waste of time.... Completely stupid movie with stupid arrogant Saif

Katrina Kaif ladies and gentlemen.Haters said her downfall had begun,WHERE?
P.S Queen Deepika will save Ranbir's career,Queen Kangana will save Imran's and Queen Katrina just saved Saif's LOL
More power to the ladies

love you katrina and really have the star my family every one is a fan of katrina they all are really happy to see you after long tym,,,god bless you

Loved the movie, cried at the end:(
Love from NZ

Katrina was too good. Saif rocked it. Story totally awesome.

All houseful in USA..totally paisa vasool n better than baby...

The plot is pretty good but slighly undeveloped, it seemed a little rushed. I think the book might be better than the movie. Kudos to Kabir to have tried to make something different..

I heard this movie only made 4 crores on monday. if that's true that is really a drop wow. Not sure if the film will be a hit or not then

I watched the movie today here in CA and it is really bad! i felt Baby was better! Katrina was a total miscast!

This is not a love story. Go for it. Housefull in california.

Very different movie..storyline is

wooohoooo katrina!!!!!! another hit on its way for katrina !!!!

Katrina n saif are back with a bang...awesome movie.

Katrina n saif rocked it..must watch. Its not a love story.

blockbuster for sure... every indian must watch it.

the movie is awesome...katrina did really well n so did saif.

This is not a conventional movie, a movie on a serious topic. No item songs or no songs even. For it to mint 33 crore, its amazing in itself. BB was a typical masala movie with songs, emotions and Salman, it was destined to be big.

the budget including promotions and advertising comes up to around 70 crores :/

This film can't recover its making and marketing costs. What are you trying to prove by lying about the numbers? LOL.

Happy for Saif as this is the one of his best performance

LOL, the movie had everything going for it, be it holidays with no competition, yet couldn't make it. the collection is bad

go Kabir! The credit goes to Kabir. He has just given one of the biggest hit with Salman so his star is rising...

Ok, Katrina may be a mediocre actress, but she does have star power. Finally proven after 12 years!

Yeah,very solid :P

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