Pak actor Mawra Hocane’s tweet about Phantom didn’t go down well in her homeland!

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Kabir Khan’s Phantom has been banned in Pakistan, based upon JuD Chief Hafiz Saeed’s plea. The film released on August 28th is doing well in India, but had stirred controversies since its trailer was unveiled.

After a lot of bashing in the country and heated debates, the film was banned in Pakistan and there were many social exchanges regarding the same.

A few tweets by Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane stirred up a ban campaign against her, after she tweeted that "#phantom is against terrorism. A terrorist can't belong to any country. A terrorist is a terrorist."

Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid strongly objected to her tweets, which he felt were in support of the film and against his country. He soon launched a #banMawra campaign with his tweet, “Should we banned actress like her who is supporting anti pakistani movie? #bannedphantom #bannedmawra .”



Mawra was shooting for a film in Cape Town and when she returned to Pakistan, she was flooded with hate messages on her social accounts and profile. Shocked and hurt by the same, she wrote an open letter explaining what she actually meant and how she was misconstrued.

Mawra has bagged three Bollywood projects and the 22 year old actress has a huge fanbase in Pakistan.






Open Letter to My Fans & Mr Shan Shahid:My tweets were out of utter ignorance for I had not seen the trailer neither...

Posted by Mawra hocane on Sunday, August 30, 2015

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It is their choice to ban but the movie does show suffering of Pakistani ppl also due to terrorism, in the end the common man in both countries suffer for no reason...PV plz post..

Pakistan is a sovereign state and it has the right to ban any movie which hurts the sentiments of the people just like India is free to ban Waar and Bin Roye. As a Pakistani I appreciated Banjrangi Bhaijan and I was crying towards the end. It showed that at our core we're all human and demand love and respect after all. I wish both countries would engage in spreading peace through cultural activities and media because the hatred stems from political agenda when in reality the common Indian and Pakistani couldn't care less about the political tensions. I made many Indian friends while working in Malaysia and honestly I could relate to them more in comparison with the Malays even though I share my religious values with the latter. This just proves how the language and certain cultural elements that Pakistan and India share bless us with a special bond. I wish filmmakers on both side would promote it instead of ruining it.

Also, to saif that statement was unnecessary when you say you've lost faith in Pakistan you're harshly generalizing, you could have chosen your words wisely.

When will the India-Pakistan war end? It's getting on everyone's nerves.

A single terrorist Hafiz Saeed is controlling a nation LOLwa

Pakistani censorboard has the right to ban any movie they believe is not suitable for the audience over their or harms the reputation of their country. They even ban their own movies, which shows that this isnt a biased decision. The same way here in India, Sunny Leone's Mastizaade has been delayed due to not getting a green signal from the Indian censorboard. As far as this actress in concerned, she is trying to work in bollywood movies and seems as if would do any thing to get in the good graces of top film makers. As far as Phantom is concerned, they are showing that some Indian agents enter Pakistan and try to assasinate a terrorist on a foreign land, without the permission of their own local government. P.S. Saif's statement of not having faith in Pak, did not do any favours, instead i've read all his movies are getting banned in Pakistan from now on. Movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan are good, which show love between the two nations intead of movies like Phantom( Which no matter how good) that can affect the foreign relations.

"they are showing that some Indian agents enter Pakistan and try to assassinate a terrorist on a foreign land" umm friend, that is EXACTLY what happened in Abbotabad! Two Seal Team Six's entered the country, w/o the knowledge of the military or gov, and killed the most wanted terrorist. Artists obviously have a right to mirror this in their cinema and express their creative interpretations.

Censor board cuts and banning are two very different things. Whats happening to Sunny's movie is censor cuts. AFAIK, gratuitous nudity is censored all over the world-- even in the most liberal democracies. Banning a movie because it shows agents kill a terrorist-- who is real, alive and breathing, and broadcasting on national TV-- is something else! Just because you block this movie or Zero Dark Thirty, doesn't mean Osama and Hafiz weren't/aren't in Pakistan.

So much zeal in banning a bollywood movie, yet nothing's done to deal with Hafiz Saeed? I'd say the Pak gov is fighting the wrong battle.

Wow, she totally backtracked from her initial sensible statements.

I think Mawra should not have tweeted that. Phantom is a an anti-pakistani movie if it wasn't then they wouldn't be showing at the end of the trailers the line 'Un ke ghar mein ghus ke maare ge' I presumed that means were coming into your country and beating you up? that's highly offensive and then surprised when the film gets banned.

What a load of BS!! You want to ban the movie to make a political statement, yet you'll buy pirated DVDs and watch it at home?
They banned Zero Dark Thirty i remember, when every incident in the movie was true. So it doesn't matter how accurate the story telling is. If it embarrasses them, they'll ban it. IMO, what's more embarrassing is that a terrorist with a $10 million bounty is walking freely, updating twitter and making speeches on TV. That's what is embarrassing. Ban that!

why is it says 'pak' ?

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