Oh Bother! Ranbir-Deepika's Tamasha to be reshot?

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Ranbir Kapoor, who was being pitted as the next superstar after the three Khans, experienced a lull in his Bollywood career when three films of his flopped in a row. However, the actor and his well wishers are confident that his latest film opposite the much loved Deepika Padukone, will catapault him back to super stardom. 

Well, there is apparently some bad news on this front. News has it that producer Sajid Nadiadwala is not happy with certain parts of the film and wishes for a re-shoot. Unfortunately, those scenes were shot abroad. However, as the team does not have the budget to re-shoot abroad, the team will re-create the scenario and shoot at home base. 

What do you think of this? Well, we have often witnessed that this kind of development usually spells doom for the film. However, you never know. Ranbir and Deepika's star power and cracking chemistry might pull it through after all. 

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Tamasha will be a hit! BM will be a flop!

what wouldn't he give to reshoot the whole movie,some more time with the love of his lfe,what's not to LOVE about that,he knows he won't get to work with her anytime soon or maybe he never will,she wants some more strong roles for herself,kangana is making it really tough for her and i think she'd rather be doing movies with her boyfriend not her ex,she's a very possessive gf and she'll want to spend as much more time with him as possible,so she'll sign movies just for him,she did it with BM,i don't see her agreeing to share the screen with another A list heroine for anyone else,anyway RK's gonna make hay while the sun still shines,he'll make the best of this tamasha and to hell with kat and how she feels,she couldn't get him to let her visit the tamasha set and she can't stop him from making the best of the promotions,he won't let her come between him and his beloved ex,not this time

bet it's just rk getting jealous of hearing about her BM shooting schedule with RS,so he decided to get him some time shooting with her too,even if it's just in a pr story,or he just wanted to remind us again that she did look at him lovingly once during the wrap up party press meet..he likes to keep looking at this pic and wants us to look at it too,not to mention commenting about her puppy face,blah blah,i mean why you guys never post the photos of him looking so jealous while she was completely ignoring him and was so touchy feely with imtiaz,they are priceless and very very telling,there r even gifs of him walking and looking so upset when she was walking hand in hand with imtiaz,you should you really really should post some of these,he's way more into her than she's into him,she still has feelings for him,but she's madly in love with ranveer,can't say he feels the same about kat though,so she's not the one hopelessly and helplessly in love,HE IS,feel free to call me delusional,delusional kat..pv plz post

ranbir is a fantastic actor he is just going through a badpatch..love you ranbir,tamasha will be a superhit!

she looks at him with such loving eyes when she knows he committed and will soon be married to kat....he doesn't even mention her and still she shows so much fascination and love....'true' love :P....PV don't ignore this time

She looked at Imtiaz Ali too in same way, FYI

Remember what happened to Bombay Velvet after half the film went through re-shoot ?

They really look great together. And dp is beautiful as always.

another BV lol . really ranbir u are suffering man . god with u

I like Ranbir and Deepika. But Imtiaz has been making stupid movies these days

Why do they have to be re-shot? Why can't they look at the scenes right after they have done shooting so that they can take the shot immediately if need be

aww the way these 2 look at each other still after so many years

if his badluck , reshoot thingie continues.....KARAN will get rid off ranbir very soon , not only from ADHM but also from his contacts list..... n will only favour his SOTY babies! never believed in partners causing bad luck to each other...but RAN-KAT look like one classical case...both have been doing really well before deciding to go public / living together!

Well if he has also in the movie this boring look in his face than no wonder

a mess hunny child

These lovebirds just need an excuse to spend more time together

oh my it astounds me the things you people say it's so desperately sad one would think you're deepika

I love Deepika,and For me Only Deepika matters!! on the Other hand I love both DR-Rk Pair and DP-Rs Pair,so I wish Both the Movies do Well..even Their Dates r Not Clashing so what to Worry about???? and I just want to say one thing to Mr.Nadiawala,Please don't Poke Your Nose here,every Film is NOT like That Ridiculous 'Kick',That Was Not your Contribution but Only Salman khan Pulled it up...So Stop it..All the Best For #Tamasha

love my Ranbir the last Superstar.

This movie will be fine and I don't believe this stupid rumor for a minute! Imtiaz is good at what he does and so are these two when together. No worries, this is a for sure hit!!

i so hope to god this isn't true and the release isn't pushed back!

Deepika looks so gorgeous in that picture! They make a nice pair.


Lol! U even have a brain freeze when someone says Deepika looks good in a photo! What's the problem?

Look at her lower lip.Too much collagen na?

DP is no doctor product like your idol.

Lol, keep burning sweetie :)

i just want tamasha music album.. nothing to do with the film.

I think Sajid should keep his nose out of the creative business. Why is he interfering?! Imtiaz knows his craft. I think it will be awesome movie. People spreading bad rumors like this for every movie. So what if it needs to be reshot. They might have bad light in some scenes! It will be an awesome movie.

jagga jasoos reshooting..tamasha reshooting...fitoor reshooting..when will they reshoot it if they both are shooting for their new films Bar Bar Dekho and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

yess.. even deepika is a busy woman... reshooting does not guarantee that the film will be a superhit.

Yes deepika is always busy with some kind of scheming

Burn babe.

yes just like katrina is always busy with some kind of scheming , dp has no time for scheming its cunning user kat who is free to plot against all

Why did you bring up kat? Sad case

Yep Katrina is also like that but DP stalks her 24/7 and then strikes back with her own PR drama/vacation/depression etc etc

Tamasha will be fine although I do believe that the producer should leave it to Imtiaz.

a superstar will always be one. everybody has those tough days in which nothing goes right in the longest time. He will find his footings. Im sure

But he's not a superstar yet just a growing one and if he's damaged himself now well he'll never really recover, Only the 3 Khans can do flops and it won't damage them because they're living legends.

Not a growing one,a struggling one :P

She has such a puppy-face for him. Just get together you dorks.

Imtiaz work should be respected as director.

Lately all of his films have been getting reshot

I don't think this is true as Ranbir will be shooting for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil for the next two months and Deepika is busy with Bajiao Mastani. However this does confirm that there is someone in the industry who is trying to ruin Ranbir's career/sabotage his films. Especially considering the negative press first for Bombay Velvet, then Jagga Jasoos, and now Tamasha... something is very suspicious.

She is besotted with him!

Idk what's going on but Ranbir has some bad juju following him! Every single move he's done lately has come with negative publicity. Don't really care about Ranbir, but for Deepu's sake I hope this is untrue.

I hope Tamasha will be a hit, at least for the Kapoor boy. He made some real bad choices personally and professionally in the last 3 to 4 years. Looks like he is starting to clean up the mess he unknowingly got tangled into and trying to get his career back in shape. every one needs a second chance or 3rd or fourth. He is capable of it.He has to stay awau from KK and KKK as well.

I wish that was the case for every actor who gets into movies unfortunately only star kids get 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances while actors from non filmy backgrounds won't be offered good roles despite giving average hits.

no one is interested in this film we want to see ranveer and deepika

Well we don't! We are tired of Ranveer

Just a big LOL! RK is over!

tamasha will be a flop while bajirao mastani will blockbuster ,,people are not stupid

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