Deepika finds Ranbir's "Social media Tamasha" adorable!

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Deepika finds Ranbir's "Social media Tamasha" adorable!
Deepika Padukone shared this very cute video of herself and her Tamasha co-star Ranbir Kapoor, apparently shot sometime during the film shoot. 
In the video, Ranbir is seen blabbering about social media while Deepika is seen breaking down into splits of laughter at Ranbir's silly jokes. Deepika however, found Ranbir's antics truly adorable as she posted on her social networking handle, "Clearly our friend here doesn't know much about social media!#adorable #Tamasha27thNovember".
Well, they are cute, these two. They have come a long way from being colleagues, to lovers to exes and to friends. Do you not just adore their onscreen chemistry?
Ranbir and Deepika recently wrapped up their movie shoot. They also celebrated this with a wrap up bash. However, buzz is that they are shooting for a promotional number. Here are some pics from the song shoot. 
Watch the adorable video of Deepika and Ranbir here:

Clearly our friend here doesn't know much about social media! #Tamasha27thNovember

Posted by Deepika Padukone on Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Ranbirs wig is oh so obvious here, check out the wrongly placed hairline, he needs a better weave

i love them both, individually and together, but truth is, no matter what happens, she will never go back to him,she will never allow her "self" to do that again, and she was always clear about that since the day they broke up; he knows that very well, she knows that very well. so people should chill, yes there is friendship, there is chemistry, there is comfort and ease, maybe secretly there is also love and longing who knows?!, but there is mostly WORK! that's why they got together to begin with, and yes all i've mentioned makes their work much more easier and fun, but that's about it, end of work = end of all of it (because they will not even get to see each other!). with all due respect, but people who think that if he/she breaks up with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend they will get back together are delusional and dreamy! being with other people was never the only wall to break between them, there are other things i guess that kept them from getting back together when they had a chance, people just don't know the whole story, as much as they don't know the deepness level of their relationship. i feel, they may stay good friends even after marrying other people, but they won't work together once married, it would be very difficult to their partners since people are mad about them and will always bring in their relationship as former lovers (to be honest i feel it's unfair to their BF/GF even today...and i don't quite understand their insistance to work together!), but i have to say...i feel, if he marries his current girlfriend, he will lose her completely and forever, as she has always been distrustful about him and that particular GF, even since the time they were together still back in 2008; plus both the ladies have always been competitors and are not quite fond of each other. coming to him, i feel, whomever -man to be- she marries/dates/flirts with/praises....etc. he will never like it, he may hide it and even pretend the opposite, but deep inside, he will never like it, he knows that.

n ranbir loves kat and dnt giv damn to deepika..poor dp

I really don't think so....

She already took him back in Goa, she keeps on trying. never learns.

All I could see was how pretty Deepika looks..she looks better n better each day

Is it cos he quit smoking? Or is ageing taking a toll on him? It reminds me of those caucasian boys who look so attractive in their 20's and start looking terrible in their 30's.

SUNSHINE ...... She is a shining MASHALLAH :) what happened to her???its LOVE!!! The last 3 year she get beautiful moreee day by day...full of FUN , full of LIFE.... Always HAPPY, always SMILING, she is deeply lives her life... Do you can compare 2009 2010 2011 Deepika's looks face and since end of - 2012 ,2013 ,2014 ,2015 Deepika's looks face ??? NO WAY !!!! Post pls Pinkvilla. THANKS :)


If Deepveer will break up and then shoot movie together I'm sure ppl then will be make pure magical couple, fairytale story about them , , " how she was happy when she was with him " bla bla bla

But she IS happy with him! You cannot deny that :)

Deepika still looks in love with him... wow..

i don't even understand why she keeps doing films with him. If she ever does another film with Ranbir after this, I will lose all respect for her.

Take a Chill PIll Bro, or sista!

Why ppl thinks that she still loves him:( I mean Ranveer more handsome talented hot intense cool cute funny lovely gentleman than him :( uffff :((((

only rk and some dp fan will see this movie mark my words ,,,,no one interested to see this when bajirao teaser is mindblowing waiting for the trailer

I just hope and pray this movie doesn't work...not for Deepika but for that lifeless day he will be that jobless that he might end up get a chance to do a condom commercial as she wished for...and no I don't like him...his movies are getting bad to worse...and he is just not someone who's likeable...ya ya call me a hater cause I do not like be a celebrity if you have to be more than a good actor and good looking...Ranbir isn't that actor and his fan-base is going down and down day by I am sure I am not the only person around who dislikes him...if this movie doesn't work, I am sure Deepika will pick up quickly in her next movie...she not only got the look (to be fair the best among the whole lot) but she is a good actor (not saying the best) and she seems humble enough to last long in this industry so I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity for her. PV PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST IT.

What the hell? why do people make it seem like crime for two ex lovers to work together .If she laughs with him its fake . like seriously what do you expect her to do sit with straight face. And instead of rk if it was woman it would be ok but no its rk so its crime .

Deepika is Ranbir's last option. After three consecutive flops and his bad behaviour and atrocious love life PR he needs a hit desperately. Tamasha might be the one. However, I'm not interested in the movie so far. I don't see what is new about it and it looks like yet another typical romcom. I believe the fan girls will go crazy, but that's about it. Ranbir's star is sinking.

I miss you baby :) pls come often :)

I miss you baby :) pls come often :)

i think rkdp should get back together and anuveer should get back together,ranveer looks much much better with anu and it lloks like she's still hung up on him,since the tamasha will start soon and he'll shoot a movie with anu soon,i think my anuveer ship still has a shot,plz god make it happen

she wrote"our friend here"he's just a friend now peeps,stop with the over analysis,also she's that giggly,touchy feely,flirty with every one,AK,SRK,SAK,HR,JA, homi,Ayan,Imtiaz and the list goes on,she sits in their laps,hugs them,holds their hands,she doesn't have boundaries and since ranveer has no clout with her,none what so ever,she will continue to do so,with everyone,RK included,that doesn't make him special,he's just one of many she likes to flirt and have fun with

i know she's over him and is madly in love with ranveer and i know she has a movie to promote,but she needs to go easy with the uncalled for laughter and touching,ppl will misinterpret it,like they are right now

lol....shes staring at him all the time...ive also noticed she looks at RK from the corner of her PV plz post

can someone plz explain why he only looks happy and lively around her,it's like she breathes life into him or like he said she completes him,but i gotta say he does look bad here,lively but bad

she's trying hard to lock eyes with him...she always does and well goes those eyes will now lock only for a certain katrina.....tough luck deepi....PV plz post

Why does Ranbir's face looks so long now a days? He has started to look like Katrina. He also behaves like her. is she creating her clone in form of her boyfriend?


A face is just for the visuals. Other things are more important in the long run if you know what I mean !! Maybe thats why kat is holding on to it . Haha !!!

ha ha ha ha! Best comment ever. It is obvious, well packaged. LMAO!

RK you gave up a long lasting happiness that could have been yours. Actions always have consequences.

They are adorable together. Yes they are !! Not like those times when he is with the other person and he looks lifeless.

Their love sizzles below the surface !! BTW the other guy can keep the reality show contestant. Even so she is now strong enough to leave both of them behind. Love you Deepika.

What are you just hinting ???? If you hinting that blind item I must say RS not a CHEATER LIKE RANBIR!!! I don't know who is he but definetely he is not a RANVEER!!!! Ohhh yeah and is that why after 2-days they both celebrated Ranveer's birthday in London right?? Is that why Ranveer went to airport with flowers right??? Is that why they both went to movie date ( Masaan screening) right??? Get a life!!! Pinkvilla don't ignore plssss plssss plssss Pinkvilla plssss :(

I don't care what anyone says but I love these two people together and I wish that somehow they end up together in real life. True love never dies.

Ranveer has gone sore explaining that she is not the demonstrative or the expressive one. Clearly NOT, when Ranbir is around!

what emotions is she expressing here,laughter,stop reading too much into this rk and move on,like she did

I would say he is smitten, not her. She is just being her usual fun sweet self... and looks very content with her life (thanks to Ranveer). He, on the other hand is actually smiling and engaging in fun, rather than his usual gormless nature. Also how beautiful is she looking... WOW!

ouch !!looks like some one got insecured of the latest confession of katrina abt ranbir.u know what i mean

ouch looks like some one got insecure of rk dp magical pairing and ppl loving them in this video so within 24 hrs a lovey dovey pr leak by them u know what i mean

This is called promotion of TAMASHA movie....and what latest confession of katrina?? from last 2 - 3 months kat baby continues talking about RK and give different confessions..whats new??? so why DEEPIKA insecure now?? relax , deepika only promoting her movie.....its her job..go to news about scooter....who is insecure you better find!!! post

Deepika wants to act cool but her body language and gigglings show her feelings for him is still there.

Ranbir will be the star of this movie for sure and btw first it was kriti now athiya who is crushing on Ranveer he wishes he was single right now :P

Deepika called him " our friend " on her Twitter :p

she is still so smitten by him

how cute rk n dp

sometimes funny things are not happening between group of friends but they keep laughing because of some connection and person outside group may not find that funny because he is detached

They have a genuinely fun relationship.

I love their friendship. At least in front of the camera. I can't see them mingling socially given how Deepika discovered him red handed with you know who.

Don't keep analysing whats between them. People move on. She is comfortable and he i comfortable. She has a upper hand now. She is enjoying cause she knows she has come way way up and left him behind. What I cannot see beyond is how old and bad Ranbir looks. Horrible hair. Yuck. I AM NOT WATCHING TAMASHA!!!!!

Don't keep analysing whats between them. People move on. She is comfortable and he i comfortable. She has a upper hand now. She is enjoying cause she knows she has come way way up and left him behind. What I cannot see beyond is how old and bad Ranbir looks. Horrible hair. Yuck. I AM NOT WATCHING TAMASHA!!!!!

her twitter handle actually reads #adorable. I do not lie. someone please put some sense into the girl, this is not adorable. he is not adorable. he is an idiot. and you laughing like one also doesn't make for any adorableness. you are deluded and still living in the past. move on girl, he clearly has.

she's just tryna sell her movie RK,but then again whatever makes you feel better,whatever floats your goat

Deepika is totally chilled. Strange that you can't see it. I suspect you don't want to see it. It is PRECISELY because she has moved on that she is comfortable saying the sort of things she says. It's all natural and spontaneous. No affectations. No pretensions.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh looking at ranbirs face

Guess thats the bad thing if you are working with your ex because some people can´t understand to work with the ex means there is nothing left anything besides the respect for the past they shared and not more. IF she or he was still into eachother it would not possible especially not Tamasha if one realised that YJHD was to much. But DP is happy with Ranveer and RK seems like with Kat. And do you really think Ranveer is soo stupid to be cool with Ranbir if he knew that Deepika is still into him?? NO WAY!! And its just a clip and her laughing you don´t know what happend befor its not like a one shot and Imtiaz or other crew members sitting there also so they were laughing all the time befor shooting so thats the effect why she was laughing. Nothing to make a big deal out of it. And Dippy behaving like that is nothing new after Ram-Leela promotions you saw DP much more open and joking especially with people she knew. You can clearly saw how she was with Arjun and Homi she even sat on Arjuns leg or kissed him so many times in interviews or clapping on his knees. So many times she kissed SRK or joked. Soo there will no difference when she is promoting Tamasha especially if Imtiaz is with them so she will behave the same because they are people she knows from the start of her career. Even if RK cheated on her the chapter for her him as a boyfriend is closed you will forgive but never forget thats why she always said that ship has sailed. But still he is an actor and even if he cheated on her he still opened or showed things about the industry and the movie business she was really young and whatever happend the bad and the good will still stay with her and it´s the same for RK he will still look out how far she comes. And its not only about these two. The same for Katrina she was also young and no matter what she can´t ignore the help of salman thats why she always will say positive things about him or talk to him. Also Ranveer and Anushka especially anushka she was young we don´t know what happend between them but till july 2012 you always read how Anushka praised Ranveer even if she said she doesn´t want to date an actor but if than it would be only him. The time of BBB the struggle and success they were both on this journey and Ranveer also he will always have respect for her for that time and no matter how bad the other maybe treated you it happend for all of them iin a young age and those journeys you had wiht these poeple in a young age will always stay with good or bad. So i don´t understand whats the big deal if all of them talk about the other. Yeah there are always different kind of people some can talk some not. So just watch the movie and those who really ships them hard should watch the movie and appreciate it instead of living in a bubble wiht oooh she looks like she still love shim or he is only happy when she is there and so on. Sorry but if you are a couple its not like you laugh 24h you spend your whole day week month with your loveone soo ofcourse you will not laugh and joke all the time because you doing it at home so there is nothing left. If you hang oout wiht other people you will always laugh much more. Don´t be so delusional and childish. When i read some post i think how old are these people like 14 or 15?

Excellent !!!!!!

Oh.My.God. Look at Deepika's face. She is near perfection.

As much as I love Ranveer and Deepika on and off screen and think they are fabulous together, Ranbir and Deepika are just something else. They're chemistry, charisma, looks, humour and wit together is wonderful to watch. The honestly are perfect as a couple.

ahhhhhh thank god that ranbir were in relationship with deepika if they werent i dont think people accept them as a couple ,im mean look at ranbirs face

Its crazy but we really can't help who we love.

ahhhh OK NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY DEEPIKA HASNT FEELING FOR HIM,,,,,LOOK AT HIS FACE atleast ranveer is more handsome with beard and without,,,

Will you stop talking about Ranveer! God enough
Ranbir is more handsome ok!
You are making me dislike Ranveer

ohh no even here 75% ranveer deepika fans,,poor rk

and according to kat,every girl in india is crushing on that unfortunate looking dude,lol,no thank you,never,ever,ever

if rk is gonna look like this in tamasha,no one will watch the movie,i mean who'd pay to see this face

that one thing i saw in this comments is that ranveer singh is the more talked actor rightnow ,,,,he has nothing to do with this tamasha but all rk dp fans get his name to promote it but its ok when someone hate or talk about you thats mean you are interested to him

i love the sound of her laugh, i love seeing her laugh,but not at something as unfunny as this,what is so lol about it,also dp try not to keep looking at guys like this,you do it all the time,it's like it's hard for you to take your eyes off your co stars,it's uncool and not ladylike

It's amazing how he gets roles with that face of his.

Even though Ranveer Singh is my first option, I would also love to see Deepika on screen with Hrithik, Shahid & Prateik Babar. As well as John & Farhan (again).

deepika is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen,ranveer is the luckiest dude on planet earth

can someone plz explain to me what is wrong with rk's face,why does he look this ugly nowadays

I don't know,may be because he was never pretty :P

deepika has sure dodged a bullet,i mean look at that face,it looks like a foot,eww


He has lost his charm

No he hasn't!

She is sweet happy girl:) she is always laughing, making joke with everyone, RANVEER SINGH EFFECT :p sorry, Randeep fanssssss 0_o lol

It is the same hair stile ... Where is RK Ranveer and Bosco posing together in Corsica ,I think they're played football because rk's hands was ball, ( p.s Ranveer too can play football very well ) this photo toooo adorable .. Especially RANVEER looks too sweet and cool and handsome and cute......

This video is actually very funny as you can see Ranbir is not in on social media, the way he follows Depika's lead is very funny.

Omg all these delusional people, all they are doing is promoting their goddamn movie! Deepika is happy with her life and thanks to Ranveer, she feels comfortable and happy! No need to bring their past! They seem comfortable with each other so don't be so delusional!

people needs to calm there horses. she is just trying lighten up the atmosphere . what did you expect to her to do . sit with there with straight face .

Deepika has no dignity, self-worth or self-respect, she says Ranbir went behind her back with Kat, his bff Ayan insults her in public by calling her the girl with a broken, they laugh at her behind her back and she still does a movie with him?? she is a top actress who can get any good roles but still she will not leave my Ranbir alone

If they do laugh behind her back, then they have no class. Also, Ranbir has aged badly. Some men look cute in there 20's and that's it. Deepika P is such a huge star. She one of the few females that makes a diff to box office numbers.

she was dignified enough to dump his cheating butt,can't say the same about you,also you,ayan and rk should be grateful she agreed to work with him,she gave ayan and rk a blockbuster and she will save rk's career at least for a while you will ruin it again with JJ

she was dignified enough to dump his cheating butt,can't say the same about you,also you,ayan and rk should be grateful she agreed to work with him,she gave ayan and rk a blockbuster and she will save rk's career at least for a while you will ruin it again with JJ

this is her last movie with your ranbir,in two months rkdp will be over forever,you can have this lifeless,miserable and homely guy whose career is crumbling around him all for yourself after that,my deepest condolences you poor soul you

this is her last movie with your ranbir,in two months rkdp will be over forever,you can have this lifeless,miserable and homely guy whose career is crumbling around him all for yourself after that,my deepest condolences you poor soul you

Why Anushka is so bitter and bad to Ranveer but Deepika is so lovely ??? :/

Anushka and Ranveer have a love hate relationship.Anushka has no filter when she speaks that's why she may come of as rude...Anushka is a genuine and sweet person while deepika is fake as hell...that's seem very naive......

Anushka is definitely bitter. Why? I think it's because Ranveer moved on from her pretty quick. She probably thought he would come grovelling back to her. And the fact that he is where he is today fuels her bitterness, but she is always sweet when he is around her :)

Why she is laughing like that? It's not even funny.... Ranbir looks bad here.

I am sorry,did he look good elsewhere?

No he doesn't look good these days but he used to look nice before,not a handsome but charming, cute but now... I still can not get used to this new Ranbir Kapoor

Yeah,I can see what you are talking about,kind of how he was in Rockstar/Barfi days

Ek lost his fans and charm... She is the real hero of movie.. And she is trying to make sweet adorable pure chemistry , trying too hard to save this movie..

Ooopsss I mean RK lost his charm :)

RK DP are ADORABLE PERIOD.... No matter what u say their chemistry is mindblowing n They do make a Beautiful Couple...

Those who are saying "This will be the end of Deepika-Ranveer because of all the Tamasha she will do"....This is as much her film as it is Ranbir's. She is not the one taking marketing decision it is the producers, marketing teams, Imtiaz Ali and Ranbir who is always there are the editing table, re-shooting and planning. Have you ever seen Deepika with them? She is laughing because she is happy in her life. And she is not playing rude in public and all over the co-stars when the cameras are off. Ranger and Deepika are strong and happy in their own space.

why are people making deal about her laughing .gosh its just a fricking a laugh . what was she supposed to do cry ?

I just love goofy deepika .Ranbir DP are perfect together..!!

and pc with krk ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Get a life!!

it wasn't that funny,he's not funny,but she thinks otherwise,so whatever,am glad she wasn't all touchy feely with him though anyway she needs to get a grip,she needs to be reminded that he's her ex and she shouldn't be her over friendly self with her ex, ppl will think she's still not over him and that she's not that into ranveer,which is not true,but perception is reality..still love you dp and i hope and know this movie will work coz you're in it

She can't take her eyes off him. Completely besotted by the playboy. oi vey.

that's the only consolation you've got RK,so whatever..she still cares about you,but stop deluding yourself into believing she's still in love with you,she's not,why did she choose him over you when she had the chance,huh?she's in love with her man,don't read too much into the residual feelings she still has for you,the more you get that through your head the better it is for you and the poor girl you're using to compete with your ex's love life,i can't believe am saying that,but ya you make me feel sorry for kat,my least favorite person in the world,but no girl deserves to be used like this

She can't take her eyes of him?? Okey ,, pls guys ( especially deepveers fans who can post ) post rsdp pics where she is can't take her eyes of him!!!! Enough yaaar!!!! They're both move on !!! I don't know anything about rankat but deepveer is going strong Mashallah!!! ️Allah Nazar Dan saxlasin . Amin ...

the good news is they will promote it for only two weeks from Nov 5,dp will be busy shooting for BM and ranbir for his nxt in london,so we'll have to suffer from these gag worthy stunts for just two weeks

Ok fan wars already begins ( Deepveer- Randeep -Rankat )

it's hard for me to look at rk's photos nowadays,what happened to that painfully charming guy in YJHD,what's with the dead eyes,boring expressions and haggard face,not to mention how miserable he looks,it makes my heart ache,i just want whatever is making him look and feel this unhappy goes away and what's more sad is that it's taking its toll on his career,who'd want to go watch a dead man one that's why his movies are flopping,ppl call deepika the girl with the broken heart,well the happiness she's glowing with tells me her heart is healed,but i can't say the same about ranbir's

She is happy Because she is happy in her life ( thanks goes to Ranveer )

They compliment each other very well there's no denying.But people need to stop with their over imaginative minds.
PS How gorgeous and adorable is Deepika, I wasn't even looking at Ranbir. Deepika is EVERYTHING goals

I need Deepveer's news ASAP !!!! Now now now :((((((

Actually thinking about it ...she's like that giggling LOUDLY with everyone and all costars expect with ranveer she's quieter..but she's so embarsssing was not even that funny...

And all RKDP fans happyyyyyy :D

Seriously, everyone needs to take a chill pill. Why over-think...and put too much thought into this...other than taking it as...just what it is - it is a promotion of a movie...done in a good way, instead of nonsense PR news. This is in the face and real promotion. No fake PR story. My god! The drama that goes on in everyone's minds...amazing!! The interpretions, assumptions....ridiculous! People need to get over their and think in the present and let the future take care of it self. All they are doing is, promoting the film, and havning a good time while doing it. P.E.R.I.O.D!!! Why all the unnecessary speculations!! Gosh.....

Offfff. Finally :))

watching this video all i can think of,is that dp has upgraded,this homely dude,looks nothing next to ranveer

she's this cheerful with all her co stars,she's a happy girl,she's all smiles all the time,she's also a touchy feely flirty kinda girl,it's just because he ias her ex,you guys are making such a big deal of it

Brace yourself People..the Girl with Broken heart is coming...with all the Tamasha

this promotion is gonna be so entertaining...can't wait :)...poor rs though he doesn't deserve this

why i have a feeling this film promotion would be the end of ranveer and deepika...after all she's going to do with rk... AM I the only one who didn't find this that funny...i mean i don't see her laughing that loudly with her boyfriend ranveer (who is actually funny)...poor's like she's having some rk complex

well....And i actually thought this was not going to be a yjhd type promotion ..boy was i wrong...i have feeling it will be overdose...poor ranveer :(...(don't care about kat though)...i lost hope with this girl !!!

shes still deeply in love with him when is she ganna get over it and learn that ranbir doesnt care about you girl

She is very friendly with everyone:) SRK arjun Homi even with Imran Jonh etc:) you guys, ( RKDP fans) u r really very childish :) sorry , but she is acting !!!!! To make their natural chemistry... End... And I don't care if all Randeep fans against me or dislike my comments... :p #wakeup

who does he care about then,kat,i don't see him looking this happy around her,i only see him this happy with deepika,if that's not caring and loving i don't know what is


Its too cute
Hez lyk listening to her and shez lyk just too cute
Dey srsly make a gud pair of screen too
It does not at all look fake

it's in corsica,wonder if RS was there during this video shoot,he was with her in corsica,wasn't he

Yeah, right :/ he watched it live

was deepika there in that interview with fairdoon, i saw only imtiaz and ranbir with him

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