Always wanted to cast Deepika in Rockstar : Imtiaz Ali

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Imtiaz Ali has revealed in an interview with a leading daily that he had always wanted to cast Deepika Padukone in one of his most popular movies - Rockstar.

Imtiaz who had worked with Deepika in 'Love Aaj Kal' stated in the interview that he had always wanted to cast Deepika in the much acclaimed film but decided not to as he thought that the two roles (in 'Love Aaj Kal' and in 'Rockstar') overlapped in certain ways and that if he cast Deepika again, it would look the same. He said,

"I always wanted to cast Deepika in Rockstar. The first time I had met her, many years back, I wanted to cast her in Rockstar. But then I did Love Aaj Kal with her. Now, when Rockstar was finally getting made, I realised there were many scenes which were similar for the girls’ characters in the two movies. That whole conflict of getting married but realising that she is somewhere else in her mind. And there were other scenes also in the second half of Love Aaj Kal which had the same conflict that Heer (Nargis Fakhri) had in Rockstar. So I thought if I cast Deepika again, it would look exactly the same. And the bluff will be called."

He even revealed that he had given the same reasoning to Deepika, 

"I even explained it to her. She knows it."

Imtiaz is now working with Deepika again in his upcoming directorial venture 'Tamasha' which also stars Ranbir Kapoor.

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hahaha...oh so imtiaz has finally realised n let out that.... he keeps making movies with same story n same girl character , over n over again with just little changes!! rockstar wont be any different for the female lead!

Imitaz is so in love with Deepika.

I feel that Ranbir Kapoor may have also had something to do with Deepika not getting Rockstar

would Deepika Padukone be as into Rockstar if RK was not cast as Jordan? NO HELL WAY!!!! LOL ......poor katrina... Deepi's 'love' for Rk seems to be increasing day by day...PV plz post

its very easy guys....evey movie deepi does with RK, its the girl who waits for the guy while the guy is a wanderer....but it was only rockstar where the guy waits on the girl and the girl slips by.....Deepi badly wants that kind of love story not the typical girl waiting on guy kinds.....tats why she's always wanting to do rockstar and nothing else...its her turn of RK being madly in love(even only on screen still)....RK run for your life ....;P....PV plz post now

imitai ali is a good director...if he finally chose not to take deepi in Rockstar then there is definitely a strong for one she doesn't seem come across like a kashmiri .....teh character heer needed a certain vivaciousness which maybe he didn't find in Deepi but did i nargis...imtiaz mentioned this while interview that it was nargis energy that made him zero in on nargis even through she didn't knw hindi!.....if Imtiaz did love aaj cal with Deepi and Rockstar there a strong reason...lets leave it at that guys...both are good films! peace. Post PV

i love deepi but i think she is better matched for Love Aaaj Kal than Rockstar.....i think imtiaz knew this and cast her in Love Aaj Kal and then went about making Rockstar and he waited so long for the face of Heer!

i don't think DP would have given two hoots about Rockstar had RK not been cast as Jordan....;P...PV don't ignore now

Yep.She is obsessed

Lol. These kat fans r repeatedly saying the same thing. The director himself said that dp was his first choice for rockstar. If he wanted her to fit the role he could always make her as a Delhi girl or sumthing. Get over it. I'm sure it's the same butthurt kat fan saying the same thing again again. Dp was imtiazs first heroine even before rk was cast as rockstar. Imtiaz liked the calm nature of dp at that time. Most of the actresses at that time were too self cantered n spoke too much abt themselves. For imtiaz dp was a welcome change. He himself said he had to push dp to stand in front as she always stood behind n preferred hiding behind actors due to her shyness. Imtia admire dp a lot, he gave her three films in total, LAK, cocktail( he write the script) n tamasha. I just want to see imtiaz direct dp in another film with another hero like ark or Varun or ranveer or sid in a nice romcom.

How can imtiaz think of Deepi as heer??? she doesn't fit the part!! my two bits...Plz post :D

DP doesn't seem like a kashmiri.....why would he cast her in it? maybe tats why he chose to do Love aaj Kal.....if he thought deepi was right for Rockstar he would have done tat first ....and being imtiaz i don't think any actor would hav said no to the role of Jordan! clearly he is being nice to DP and saying Love aAJ cal happened first :P...he was clearly looking for kareena or another north indian girl sorts...PV plz post

she's putting imtiaz ali through a guilt trip for not casting her in

i remember during YJHD promotions deepika was asked if she would play a small role in a film or perfers to be always the heroin? and RK jumped on the answer saying that during BEH she could choose any part she wanted of the 3 girls parts because she was imtiaz ali's heroin even back then but she chose the smallest part, deepika explained that in fact she had signed imtiaz ali's film even before OSO was released. and imtiaz had always stated in many interviews that he wanted to do rockstar first, it was one of the first films he wrote when he came to bollywood, but somehow and for some reasons he ended up doing LAJ first, and that's how deepika did LAJ, if he had did rockstar first she would have been in as she was already signed for a movie with him; so the guy is saying the truth. on a lighter note , there is some fate here i think : according to subhash k jha deepika was to start her career with RK in sawariyaa before SLB gos finally with sonam, then hasardly from all the movie sets the sets of OSO and sawariyaa had to be next each other, then RK and DP had to have the same make up artist at the start of their careers, then from all the debutants RK and DP had to win almost all the debutant awards together, then imtiaz wanted deepika first for rockstar which ended up having ranbir also, then RK wanted Katrina for YJHD but deepika ended up doing it, then RK wanted Alia for tamasha but the role ended up to deepika, then.....(this one is the most hilarious!) during the last filmfare award RK came first and sat next to rekha before he leave completely after he has done his number then deepika came quite late and guess where she ended up setting?!....yes on the same chair and next to rekha!.....i find a little bit of fate here :-)....just for fun, have a nice day!

basically Deepi was running after RK since saawariya is really surprising why she would sign Bachna Ae haseeno part which was so small.....more so after signing an Imtiaz Ali film!! clearly it was about being with RK!!!! lol....these two had started dating each other while RK dated sonam and DP nihar......all knw both hav mentioned they were going on date and their partners thought it was platonic!!! DP had fallen in love then itself....her movies also followed RK and of course the tattoo sealed the deal and not to mention the katrina Kaif grand is history !!!! PV plz post this time

u must be a bollywood insider who knows both of them very well....may be Imtiaz ali....

there was a time when iimtiaz ali took deepi in love aaj cal and kareena went on and on about why he didn't cast kareena and imtiaz had said on KWK tat he really wants to cast kareena soon.....same is repeating....deepi has mentioned so many times that she would hav loved to do Rockstar tat imtiaz has said this ;P

geez....shes mentioned her obsession with Rockstar so many times tat imtiaz is now feeling guilty and saying this I'm sure.....this girl aint stopping at any point to be with RK in reel....if not real ;p...pv post plz

geez....shes mentioned her obsession with doing movie with salman so many times tat salman is now feeling guilty and saying this I'm sure.....this girl aint stopping at any point to be with salman in reel....if not real ;p...pv post plz

he wanted to cast DP in Rockstar but well....he cast her in Love Aaaj hope she doesn't shoot imtiaz for never know, its her choice :p

why is deepi always targeting others stuff? YJHD was written for katrina and deepi got that and said ayan wrote it for she wants to pour water over the entire Rockstar fame putting it into peoples mind she should have been in Rockstar.....shes clearly still obsessed with RK....she knows Kat is the real life deal so deepi badly wants the 'best couple' onscreen title in reel life at least.....not cool lady. PV post tho time

he clearly offered her love aaj kal instead of Rockstar and rightly so.....she would not match the kashmiri girl image at all....deepi always talks about rockstar so maybe imtiaz is fed up and had to say something ....pv post plz

imtiaz is going overboard trying to promote tamasha.....plz don't use fav RK movie....:(

deepi will not stop speaking about rockstar throughout tamasha promos...very unfair to nargis...i guess deepi badly wants to do a film where RK is madly in love with her....i think thats her dream role to play RK's obsessive love.....rockstar is that kind of a movie so Deepi can't get over the fact that nargis got the dream role....deepi you don't need to do hav a great career .....poor katrina....wonder wat will happen on rankat wedding day....if Deepi can do this for a can imagine what she will do in real life scenario when katrina will walk away as RKs wife....pv don't ignore this time plz

imtiaz ali's reason is the biggest 'bluff being called' here.....deepi was clearly not for rockstar.....even if she was a consideration I'm sure he decided love aajkal was definitely a better match for her.....deepi can't be a kashmiri girl is lost his mind trying to promote tamasha!!!

but heer does not suit Deepi.....which is why he decided to cast her in Love aaj kal instead of Rockstar....duh

Imtiaz said he wrote the role for Kareena but once Ranbir was cast, he went to Katrina, even Diane Penty. Deepika should stop pressuring him so much to say such things because she would not like to be publicly disrespected like this...poor Nargis.

how can imtiaz cast deepi when she clearly doesn't look or come across like the character heer.....i don't think Deepi can pull off a typical north indian role....tats why anushka pari kareena kangana etc are always at an advantage

i read kareena was first choice....didnt they wait long for the female lead? so if deepi was considered, why would imtiaz wait tat long for the face for heer.....the moment he met nargis he knew he had found heer.....imtiaz said this in an interview.....guess he's just being nice as deepi has always mentioned she wanted to be in Rockstar and always goes on and on about it. She must understand nargis needs some respect! pv plz post this time

what is this? how can deepika play a kashmiri girl? has imtiaz ali lost his mind!!!!! she was better suited for Lover Aaaj Kal

Ouch.. whatever happened, happened. I thought that Nargis did a decent job in Rockstar and one shouldn't take away from that by saying she wasn't the best choice.

he wanted a kashmiri girl....deepika clearly didn't fit the part....i guess he's being nice /// ;P

deepika desnt look kashmiri at all....obviously why he cast her in love aaj kall

Yes, DP would have been perfect at playing an insipid Kashmiri girl.

I think he is saying because DP keeps on saying she wanted to do rockstar. i dont get why they make rockstar like big thing. It was stupid movie, so was love aaj kal. Jab we met is the only imtiaz movie i liked.

and yet Deepika never mentioned she was the first choice for Rockstar!

hes indirectly saying he didn't want to cast deepi for rockstar once it was actually being made :P....if you read the entire interview he actually takes a dig at her changing beauty ...he mentions all south indian actresses do tat be it rekhaji or hema malini ji...he always hints deepi has changed post her stardom....pv plz post

but deepi doesn't fit the role of a kashmiri spirited girl,,,,maybe tat was the main reason...wasnt kareena the first choice?

deepika doesn't look kashmiri tats why he didn't cast her.....hes lying

so deepi now has the director saying this.....come on are doing really well...let go the kapoor boy and rockstar....high time you move on

so now imtiaz and deepi hav decided to promote this film giving it the rockstar angle? lol....

why does imtiaz always have Deepka's back??? ....

Movie would've been bearable if Deepika was in it!

why would he cast her as heer? She doesn't fit in with the character .....

i think Deepi stalked imtiaz for a film with RK.....poor imtiaz....he had to say this to make her feel better....she clearly doesn't fit in as Heer....he would hav cast her if she did....PV post plz

So guys do you remember how DP's films were flopping (except the ones with SRK) all over the place before YJHD came to her rescue? Whatever little stardom she has now she owes it to her public break-up with you know who. Lucky girl. And the worst thing is that Ranbir is now going through a rough patch while she is going through her best. I feel bad for him. But just know that in about 5 years time she will fall (due to her age mainly) and he will be ruling the roost! PV post!

Deepika become populer with cocktail and it was only her success.She has very strong star power

he's slowly saying he just didn't want to cast deepika for Rockstar...

deepika doesn't look kashmiri....maybe tats why he cast her in Love aaj kal

katrina was approached for the role not deepi.....

deepi can't be the role of heer....she doesn't look

lol....exactly what is going to happen in DPs life.....she will marry but in her mind she will be in love with RK....tats what imtiaz means

lol...why can't she accept she didn't fit the part of Heer......???? Heer is a girl of the world who loves being spontaneous and edgy.....tat does not reflect deepi in any way....she fit the love aaj kal character most.....practical and society kinds.....imtiaz is trying to say this indirectly....deepi is depressed Tamasha again is another YJHD

That does not seem true. He wrote the role with Kareena Kapoor in mind, but after casting Ranbir Kapoor, he couldn't cast Kareena.

Yes kareena was the original choice for the movie but once Ranbir was signed they went to Diana Penty and then the movie eventually went to Nargis

anushka would be the best choice because she is blessed with kashmiri good looks and good acting skills

i am an anushka fan... but the film is already made and done with so there is literally no point to say 'best choice'.

And she never mentioned that she was the original choice for rock star. class...

she never mentioned it because she never knew about this,,,nothing to do with class

katrina was approached for the role.....deepi's name was never mentioned then.....imtiaz has learnt deepi will lose her kind when rankat marry....hes being nice....strange he never mentioned this before :P

I remember watching an interview of Imtiaz Ali during the Rockstar release time. He said in that, that he was looking for a girl that looks Kashmiri... Deepika is gorgeous in her own right but at the same time cannot fit into the character of a Kashmiri girl. I don't think Imtiaz is being truthful here.

Deepika is popular and very greedy to grab every "good" role by hook or by crook and destroy it!!

like katrina is a popular and very greedy to grab every "good" role by hook or by crook and destroy it!


every director has their muse. Deepika is lucky to have a sensible director like Imtiaz. Katrina has Kabir. Kareena-KJo.

Imtiaz want to Ranbir Deepika are come back together, I mean he is the biggest RKDP shippers !!!!!

Maybe we would have got a better performance than what we got from Nargis, even though Deepika wasn't rated well as an actor at the time.

I don't think Deepika would suit for the role of kashmiri girl. He should cast someone like Yami Gautam. I can not understand how a director like Imtiaz Ali can cast a girl like Nargis who don't even understand her dialogues because she doesn't know hindi, who can not act and who has that huge duck lips for such a role and then some people say directors know better who they choose for their movies, yeah like Kabir Khan casting katrina in a serious movie like Phantom or Aditya Chopra choosing Katrina for Jab tak hai jaan. Lots of men directors think not with brain when they do casting that's for sure. the movie would have made a lot of sense if Deepika was in it instead of Nargis.

lol as if the character in the tamasha is different

Looks like u have already seen the movie way before it came out

I feel like what Kareena Kapoor is to Karan Johr, Deepika is the same to Imtiaz Ali.

imtiaz is an overrated director.......and most overrated has to be SLB

how do u become an overrated director???

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