Check out wanderlusts Ranbir-Deepika!

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A new still from the upcoming film 'Tamasha' has been making the rounds on the social media and we have to say it looks super cute and makes us all the more excited for the film.

'Tamasha' has been directed by Imtiaz Ali and stars the extremely popular jodi of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. The two were last seen together onscreen in 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' (2013) which went on to become one of the most popular films of the year it was released in.

In the still, Ranbir is seen chasing Deepika in a field with the two of them laughing and enjoying their time. In 'Tamasha', Ranbir reportedly plays the role of a free spirited soul who goes out of his way to please people while Deepika's character meets Ranbir's character and the two explore an island and form a drama troupe and along the way fall in love with each other.




I wish super hit for Ranbir only.

Really nice shot!

Yawn! Imtiaz has nothing original left in him. Same boring stuff. Ranbir will be stony as usual. Deepika will be solid though, I believe.

These two together are like my favourite biscuite- Pure Magic ;) :*

Ranbir wanted Alia in Tamasha but Imtiaz Ali wanted someone mature so DP ended up getting this role. Haha poor DP. Ranbir is so over you girl, just get over it!! He will be the next superstar after the 3 Khans.

the story seems so repetitive...i wll not watch it.

Ranbir is looking hot and cute.

The face, the smile and the legs. If only there is a better shot of that eyes. She is the only one who often makes me doubt my sexuality!!!

Stop endorsing it.Its a sin

HAHAHA.They don't call u "confused" for nothing :P

Randeep 1 billion times better than Deepveer ... Bcz Ranbir better than this .... R Ching post plssssssssss !!!!


Randeep better than Deepveer !!!!!!!

so its the same thing ranveer ahhhhhhhh

whenever i see them, it feels like they have grown up together...

And you are always chasing after dp. You seriouly need a life.Stick to your fave's post babe.

if even john abraham and bipasha basu will do a film ,the people will say the same thing ,,, but as i always think when someone is hurt you cant never work or see with that person like bipasha is ignoring john and vice versa ,like all ex lovers and for me RK DP were fake ,,because you cant never be a friend to who you love really ,,

Your pontificating is painful.

i like the way deepika is doing everything to promote tamasha ,tweeting pics wid ranbir and making news but still ranveer is the main concentration for her and rk dpns who attack ranveer ,, we will see when bajirao mastani will decide to see any pic of RS DP OR RS PC and then the magic will

see some despirate rk dp fans r getting ranveer in this conv and comparing to deepveer ,,,,wait wait we saw bajirao teaser but we never saw ranveer and deepikas pic togethar in even spotted pics because sanjay bhansali is not using their relationship or whatever to promote it but imtiaz has only their past to talk and promote tamasha ,,differences,,,when some pics or video will release of RS DP even with priyanka dont cry and then we will see who creat the magic on and off screen


Ranbir looks like a terrorist here.

All these sweet comments must come from the same person, they sound the same. Lol. :D I don't really like this couple.

In real life,its the exact opposite i.e Deepika is chasing Ranbir lol

No, in real life, YOU are chasing Deepika lol

L mera

Thank God she is not ADDICTED in chasing married men.

Oh she will sweety,she will.First let Ranbir marry :P

I Just Love Their On-screen Chemistry :) !

oh god how much i wanted to see my cuties biru and kattu in rom com movie like this.APKGK has been 6 years now :(

she looks so ordinary . not a actress material at all . and some fools compare her to beauties like madhuri aish and katrina

best of luck Ranbir. love u.

All sunlight and love. Wonderful.

Good luck

I want Deepveer's break up... Seriously..... Yes he loves her... I feel sad for him.. But I want they are break up . :(

Look at their Face>>Happy..Happy Happy...Aww..I love it..all the Best for Tamasha..Love u DP,Keep smiling

Awwww, I love this. There is magic when Deepika and Ranbir are in a picture. The only time when I can say nice things about Ranbir is when Deepika is in the same picture. I wish Ranbir realizes his mistakes and does better films with better scripts and not just silly duds for the sake of Anushka,Katrina,Karan and Ayan. Deepika baby is always a star and a great hardworking and talented actress. She is a joy to watch. Love you Deepika. I'm witing for Tamasha and Bajirao Mastani to be released soon.

If this movie will be super hit then all credits will be goes to Ranbir like YJHD!!!! SUPERSTAR RANBIR KAPOOR, Kjo's blu eyessssssssss boys, Prince RK!!!! Mark my words,,,, in all newspapers " he is back" " superstR after khans and Roshan " ..... But for me it's DEEPIKA's MoViEs!!! END!!!! Post pls

We can't see any Deepveer news because of Tsmasha release............'smart girl, patient RS...


RK - the most exciting thing I do is take a bath with my eyes open or take a nap as soon as I wake up :) He has the face only a mother can love.

bombay velvet part 2

ranbir has chemistry even with nargis fakhri

The story sounds sooo repetitive.

NO matter what anyone says they complement each other like khichdi and khaki! :)

ok...NOW i actually can't wait to see the trailer...this photo is beautiful..i'm seriously not hating but i somehow wish it was ranveer in this movie instead of ranbir...will watch anyway though.

just wow... beautiful lighting and awesome photo. Deepika is very natural and beautiful. flawless perfection

This year Deepika's year... Piku- 80 cr hit, Tamasha- "100 cr " movie blockbuster, Bajirao mastani "100 cr" movie blockbuster..... Queen of Bollywood !!!!! No doubt

Deepy's legs ..... Face..... hair..... Body..... Smile..... perfect.....

i just hope my ranbir with someone else.

Beautiful shot. Must say every thing about Tamasha is so fresh.

RKDP-Magical Couple..

they have best chemistry i love them both *_*

Feast for my eyes. Sick of the recent flop movies promotions.

Why are u too sweet Deep:D :)))) sweet beautiful cute cool (* *)

Deepika most beautiful actrees in d bollywood

I wished this movie was with RS:( Deepveer - in modern urban romantic comedy or modern romantic drama :( anyway, good luck to Tamasha :) all the best to u my darling Deepika

Like KABIR MEHRA and Naina Talvar :)


Caption for this pic : RK -OMG! I realise what a fall I have been DP please take me back. DP - No thank you, run after your cat, I have my monkey ching to meet.

So that's y DP looks so happy:))

Her legs! Just wow!


Cute deepyyyyyy :) love you baby

damn.. she looks full of life, beautiful, gorgeous, this picture is mind blowing. beautiful shot.

Nice photo. Lighting and costume very mellow and easy. Will definitely watch tamasha.

Can't wait for tamasha and bm. Really excited for these two movies.

Cute ♡♥ somehow they complement each other.

so beautiful . best chemistry

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