'My last film didn't work, I need publicity,' pleads Ranbir Kapoor!

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Ranbir Kapoor surely doesn't seem to be in his game currently. Ever since the actor's last three films - 'Besharam', 'Roy' and 'Bombay Velvet' bombed at the box office, there has been lot of negativity surrounding the actor.
With his forthcoming film 'Tamasha', things look bright, though there are many who are giving the credit to Deepika Padukone, his ex-flame.
Last week, Deepika Padukone uploaded a video on her social networking pages which showed Ranbir not well versed with the social media accounts of his film. Annoyed with Ranbir's unawareness, Imtiaz Ali seems to have taken Kapoor's case.
In the new video released by the production house, Ranbir is seen convincing director Imtiaz Ali to give him one chance to prove his knowledge about social media. The actor has been sporting enough to take dig at himself. In the video, Ranbir has alleged that the previous video featuring him and Deepika is not real and that his last film didn't work and hence he needs publicity!
Check out this fun video and tell us how excited are you guys to watch this magical couple together on-screen!
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"This is not real...its not me", says Ranbir Kapoor. Watch more #Tamasha unfold!#SajidNadiadwala #ImtiazAli Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. UTV Motion Pictures

Posted by Tamasha on Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I love my husband

I love Ranbir soo much my man! He is so hot and very funny

cute video... hilarious... good luck for the movie !!!

Love you Ranbir and loved the video...

Are they high? haha anyway, Ranbir looks like it a bit. I still want to see the film for dp though :)

Imtiaz Ali: "Deepika is my only hope for this film." Never a truer word spoken in jest.

Deepika the Saviour!!!

3 flops has definitely shaken his confidence..in all the recent media interactions can clearly make out from his body language..

This is adorable. I have watched this video umpteenth times. Awesome Ranbir.

Correction- my last three films were a disaster at the BO. Imtiaz looks better than Ranbir these days.

shouldn't he be asking Katrina and her PR team for tips?

I will watch this movie only for Ranbir.

superb! I love the promotion of Tamasha already. Looking fwd to a visually stunning movie with lots of fun and laughter (I hope) :)

LOL hahahaha ..yaar stop obsessing with star's ..its their job their life why spend analyzing writing thesis on it

Loved the ending, I didn't know Ranbir could be this funny.

hahhaa hillarious, thats true deepika is the only hope for this movie !!

Imtiaz we all know that Deepika is the only hope for this film!

no interested in your movies...not going to spend my hard earn money on your movie and i am sure i won't be missing much.

You won't be missed!

@Ranbir, start prepping from now on to be eternally grateful to Deepika Padukone for saving your sinking career!

He's unbelievably boring. He has like zero presence. Katrina's more expressive than him nowadays, geez show some enthusiasm.

Imtiaz and ranbir look like they get high together

still dont care

Ranbir is really amazing. He has both blind fans and haters who keep searching whole into a solid rock.

LOL this is funny :)

it's takes guts to make of self humiliated. good joke.

That was not funny. Ranbir looks uninterested

Stop the hate, he was cute and it was funny.

Don't like what he did to dp but I still have a soft corner for him.This video was good. I actually laughed out loud. The movie will do well . I am sure of it.

Like your Dp is sati savitri...

as if your katrina is sati savitri

So No one is showing sympathy towards katrina. I hate the way Dp fans behaving nowdays. Don't like ranbir, it's fine. But respect him as an actor, He might have bad time but still he is one of the best young actor bollywood has. He will come back sooner or later.

Well I laughed. Nice video.

Well I laughed. Nice video.

Imtiaz Ali: "Deepika is my only hope for this film." Never a truer word spoken in jest :)

Both Ranbir and Imtiaz trolling the ppl who are trying to say that's dp is only the hope.

Desperate! Ranbir needs more publicity? Please, the amount of PR work Katrina and Ranbir do is just disgusting and boring.
I started disliking Ranbir when he attacked a poor photographer who was doing his job and took his camera away. The poor guy was doing his job. It wasn't his fault that Ranbir was partying and sitting with a few girls in the car. As a celebrity one should be prepared to be clicked everywhere.

After his IBIZA pictures got leaked he got all over confident and arrogant saying Ibiza should pay him since he put the place on the map. I believe he is living under a rock since Ibiza is a popular holiday destination for young people for a very long time. After the incident he avoided the media like a plague. At the Filmfare awards he was so rude to the media that he took the back door to enter the function and didn't bother to go on the red carpet. Katrina did the same thing.

Just before the Koffee With Karan episode with Ranbir and Kareena, the whole team --> Kareena, Karan, Katrina, Ranbir met up a day before shooting and discussed what they would say on that episode. Ranbir was to act as a sati savitri and Kareena was allowed to make some Katrina references to keep the rumours alive and make them look cute as a couple. That day they also decided that Katrina would not go on the show as that would result in too much negativity. I couldn't stand the planning and the fact they are truly thinking they can take us the audience for a ride.

Ranbir and Katrina and their PR stories. These are just the titles of the many annoying PR articles release by Ranbir and Katrina. I can't stand it any more. PLEASE FOR GOD'S GRACE!!! STOP!!
"I haven't decided when I'll get married" states Ranbir Kapoor’’ ‘’I am not engaged - Ranbir Kapoor finally breaks his silence’’
‘’Katrina not engaged to Ranbir: Spokesperson’’ ‘’I don’t think he is ready: Neetu on Ranbir’s marriage’’
‘’Storyline! Lovers Ranbir and Katrina to converse via songs in “Jagga Jasoos” ‘’The love you have for a special person can't be shared: Ranbir on love & monogamy’’
‘’When Ranbir Kapoor lost his cool at the paparazzi, yet again!’’
‘’No plans of marriage right now: Ranbir Kapoor’’ ‘’Ayan is the first guest at Ranbir Katrina's new plush pad’’ ‘’Will it be a February wedding for Ranbir and Katrina?’’ ‘’Diwali in Thailand for Ranbir and Katrina’’ ‘’Katrina Kaif sticks by ailing Ranbir's bedside’’ ‘’Katrina throws a surprise bash for beau Ranbir’’ ‘’To connect with a person at such a deep level, our souls must be connected: Katrina talks about Ranbir’’
‘’Katrina Kaif accidently burns her thumb for beau Ranbir Kapoor’’
‘’Katrina learning kitchen tricks from Ranbir's cook’’
‘’Ranbir Kapoor clears the air about his relation with the media’’ ‘’Ranbir Kapoor upset with Mumbai Photogs?’’ ‘’When Katrina's car headed towards Ranbir's 'Krishnaraj'’’
‘’Ranbir Kapoor is married, but to films!’’
‘’Neetuji is fantastic and Rishiji is a darling: Katrina Kaif’’ ‘’I read about the 'hotel room' news: Katrina takes on a question about Deepika’’ ‘’Ranbir is all smiles while posing with Katrina's assistant, Ashok’’
‘’When Katrina and Deepika were lodged in adjacent rooms’’
‘’Ranbir gets miffed with a 'Katrina question', again!’’
‘’Unstoppable! Ranbir & Katrina's Valentine's Day rendezvous’’
‘’Did Katrina choose Ranbir over a three-film-deal with Disney?’’ ‘’Katrina to meet Ranbir's sister when in Delhi, Ranbir expected to join them’’
‘’I had a wonderful holiday and it was VERY special: Katrina Kaif’’ ‘’Katrina not engaged to Ranbir: Spokesperson’’ ‘’Katrina will wear an engagement ring when she is ready, clarifies source’’ ‘’Did Ranbir, Katrina get engaged in London?’’ ‘’I’ve never claimed to be the best actor in town: Katrina Kaif’’ ‘’Ranbir, Katrina and Ayan let their hair down on New Year’s Eve in NYC!’’
‘’Ranbir, Katrina shop in NYC’’
‘’When Ranbir-Katrina gave Deepika-Ranveer the royal slip’’ ‘’Ranbir Kapoor clicked in London enroute to NYC where he will join lady love Katrina’’
‘’Ranbir-Katrina's kisses galore at their pre-Christmas bash’’
‘’Ranbir-Katrina to be in London to celebrate New Year?’’ ‘’Who is Katrina’s closest friend in the whole world? It's not Ranbir!’’ ‘’Katrina cooks for beau, Ranbir to install CCTV in his love nest’’
‘’Not Katrina, but Ranbir's parents have given him a deadline for marriage!’’
‘’Arpita's 'kalira' ceremony suggests Katrina is to wed next?’’ ‘’Hrithik, Anushka, Karan attend Ranbir-Katrina’s housewarming party’’ ‘’Ranbir-Katrina to pay Rs.15 lakh rent for their lovenest?’’ ‘’Why did Neetu crop Katrina from the Kapoor family picture?’’ ‘’Ranbir and Katrina all set to shift to their love nest’’ ‘’Meet the In-laws: Is Ranbir ready to face Katrina's mom Suzanne?’’

Yeah.....like I'm going to sit here and read all this......150 characters or less...

Wow someone has a lot of spare time in their hands.. calm down the hate, or should I say obsession!

No, your priyanka needs it now for Quantico lol.Btw you seem to be having too much time to write that long post.

wow... a little too obsessed to be a hater aren't you?

wow you are having phd about Ranbir. every time you write long essay with exaggerate history abt Ranbir which against good image. whats ur aim in life ? pv plz post this.

"DP is your HOPE bt I'm your POPE!!!!" LOL LOL LOL

NOPE nothing funny :/

hilarious :).

Ranbir sooooo cute :)

Ha ha. This was good.

haha love

It's like he's trying to rebrand himself and his appeal to the youth and public at large. though his efforts I take are not bad, I'm pretty sure he will return to being an arrogant recluse after the film's release. afterall, the promotions of a film are met with such humble, fan-adoring, friendly disposition by these actors, but lot more is about your character is said in the aftermath and in the intervals between film releases than during. Katrina is an example to take, and I don't think her butter murgi is any different. pv post!!

haha this from a guy who uses the media so conveniently, he will answer questions when he has a movie to promote otherwise he is so rude

There is something about love stories which makes the audience to look forward to them...sadly in the last few years we have seen some good love stories but not the iconic ones which will be tagged as this generation's love story we would want to see again and again and again...hopefully Imtiaz works his magic with the story which will be the soul of the film...the rest Rahman, Ranbir and Deepika will take care...fingers crossed..


I am sure DP would love to teach u a thing or two (pardon the pun) :P

no actually katrina is enough and love to teach him a thing or two infact she is giving classes at home

Hahaha... ok gotta give this to ranbir kapoor(even though i am a diehard ranveer fan).. He nailed it!

Cutest video.

love him bcoz of this down to earth nature.

"Deepika is my only hope for this film" Hahahaha. From the director himself!

If people are giving credit to Deepika, it's because she deserves it!

We all know that .... And seems Deepika Imtiaz trying too hard to save this movie... "Magical couple " sweet photos, cute videos, and manyyyyy things in our way- PROMOTIONS..... poor Ranveer .... Be strong take care .... ( p.s and I don't care about Kat ) post pls

hahahah why poor ranveer ,,please bajirao released the teaser but they didnt released any pic or video of ranveer deepika together or ranveer priyanka together and they have to release official trailer yet and official poster of bajirao mastani,so keep calm you remember when the frist poster of ram leela released , you r getting even ranveer in this tamasha but we will see how you get ranbir while they promote BAJIRAO MASTANI...

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