'Ranbir Kapoor is a huge star' - Deepika Padukone

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After the success of 'Piku', Deepika Padukone is all gung ho about the release of her forthcoming films 'Tamasha' and 'Bajirao Mastani'.
While 'Bajirao Mastani' opposite Ranveer Singh is some time away, promotions for 'Tamasha' with Ranbir Kapoor have already begun. The film's trailer releases on September 22, 2015.
Interestingly, this will be her second project with director Imtiaz Ali after 'Love Aaj Kal' and she will be sharing the screen with former beau Ranbir Kapoor, whom she last worked with in 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani'. 
At an event, when the actress was asked how was it working with Ranbir and Imtiaz yet again, she said, "Ranbir is a huge star and brings a lot to every film he does. Tamasha is a big film and it was a dream for me to work with Imtiaz and Ranbir.”
With the adorable images and videos of Ranbir and Deepika taking the internet by storm, we surely can't wait to watch the film when it releases on November 27, 2015!
Can you?

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she has the body and the face to carry out trendy modern looks, as well as traditional Indian outfits#GeneticallyBlessed

Ranbir is a huge star Deepika is not

yes thats why his 3 films got flop in a row. infact rk the huge star was unable to drag the audience to the cinema even on the first day first show lol huge star indeed.

Ranbir can pull the audience to the theater! Stop the hate, he is the best actor we have.
Even Siddharth and Varun said it.
Just because you are a Deepika fan doesn't mean you spread your hate towards him.
Please be practical

With all these PR exercises, I'll be shocked if TAMASHA doesn't cross 200 Crores on its first day.

And so it begins, our favourite PRs are gearing up - Promotions are coming! *GOT reference*

He doesn't needs papz, they need him for their own gain. why media doesn't publish buletin on Nawazuddin, irfan khan ?

At least she says nice things about people unlike some other actresses.

lol he doesn't need to saved he just did some unconventional boring movies so flopped. let him do something regular commercial movies like ADHM or vTamasha.

Its just Tamasha promotions, come next month she will be with Ranveer too for BM promotions

I think Ranbir never cheat with her. So she is still friendly for him. It just she was bitter after dumped now she is ok and move on.

Denial is a powerful thing...

First time i agree with her.

i really didnt get deepikas life and career i found her FAKE not because she talk about ranbir and not ranveer,,because she was cheated 2 times by ranbir and i dont understand which kind of human beign specially girl could do films and talk about him and look his face ,,thats why i found her fake because if she is proud or she is strong women like kangana she never use her past for her success,,

ahh poor deepika,,hate ranbir in her underthoughts but she has to workand praise for him because it depends on her career and buissness

I hate you!
Leave my Ranbir alone

I found Love Aaj Kal to be very boring when it came out so i'm not particularly excited for this. That and Ranbir is a creep who hides his real self behind romantic characters. The promos have barely begun and i want the cycle to be done with already. And as much as i love DP, she should go compliment others who are worthy of it instead of desperately trying to revive her ex's career.

Ranbir NEVER talks about Deepika but she is always going like Ranbir this, Ranbir that bla bla. Any chance of saying his name and she is on to it like a rash. What else can we expect from a woman who has no self-respect?

she cant praise ranveer who is not starkid ,,who doesnt cheat on her 2 times ,,who respect her ,, who care about her ,,, one thing i understood of deepika in this years is that she is only hungry for fame and money just like calendar girl ,,,,,, im happy if ranveer will leave her and i believe that ranveer left her ,thats why she is angry with him and dont talk about him ,

Ranbir is not a cheater! Ranveer has cheated on Anushka!

FYI she praises him all the time! Go check her interviews.. In fact she even went over the top and called him" the best actor of our generation" many times as I recall!

Lol where are the receipts for that as i do not recall her ever saying that. Ranveer has generally been much more willing to talk about her than she about him. And don't get me wrong, i love DeepVeer, but sometimes she gives the wrong impression with her reluctance to open up about her and Ranveer and her willingness to ramble on about Ranbir, even if only for promo purposes.

did you already forget the cute tweets of them to each other about Piku and in DDD. and their tag line, not that i am biased.... Wasn't that cute.

i bet 100000% if ranbir deepika is nowday real life couple they wouldnt have any chemestry and media just talk about ranveer n deepika

Ranbir is a star..no doubt..but a big flop star. Irritating to the core. Losing hair, seems very detached [like Katrina is always]. He constantly calls people Sir!!! What's with that??? Reflection of lack of education. Was very ugly and irritating in Bombay Velvet. Can't get his sick acting and face and hair out of my mind. I really hope that Tamasha as a film is great so I can see past Ranbir. Coming to Deepika...she is now enjoying the upper hand. Revenge is sweet. Good for you Deepika. At least for his career sake, Ranbir will shower some attention on you. That's all you need deep inside. You hand out with Ranveer but it is very evident that you are not into him 100%. Sometimes we are with someone but its more like the need of the hour. Love is different. But its okay. Whatever works... Just don't act like a school girl around Ranbir. Its quite evident.

Ranbir is not a flop star ok! He is not irritating!
Katrina is irritating
Also Ranbir's acting is not sick
So shut up

'Reflection of lack of education'? Wow. Well I do understand this pleasure and power the internet bestows upon us with anonymity but I humbly ask you not to use the negative shades of your character to judge people here or anywhere else in the virtual world. By 'negative shades' I'm not judging you. Just accepting the fact that all of us mortals have flaws. Let us all improve upon them. Thank you.


Ranbir is not a liar!

She just want attention from ranbir.....her drama started.

deepika looks good here

Waiting for tamasha because:
1. Imtiaz does well with relationship movies
2. This genre is Ranbir's comfort zone so he will do well.
3. Ranbir and Deepika has fantastic onscreen chemistry as a couple no doubt.

then deepika is flop we all know that

i dont like her anymore ,,she wants only success and money ,,,

As opposed to wanting to be unsuccessful and poor... lol, I think u need to think about what u say before u say it, who doesn't want to be successful in their chosen career and who doesn't want money!

oh ok katrina just like only wants money success and a big surname

waiting for bajirao mastani promotions and official trailer ,then all this silence of ranveer will be a bomb atomic in november and december

Please every one ,please note these are promotions for Tamasha and not BM. anything Deepika talks about Ranbir is for movie promotion and strictly professional .please do not attribute this as personal relationship between them. Deepika and Ranveer are very much together and very much in love with each other. They are very very busy shooting day and night for BM. Take all these promotion gimmicks for Tamasha with a grain of salt. Thank you.

I love Deepika and for her sake I hope she stops being so "nice" about Ranbir because,
1. She thinks she is coming off as nice and down to earth (and maybe she honestly feels that way), it just makes me dislike her.. Be honest, no one cares if you dislike Ranbir.. Honesty is refreshing so long as you are not arrogant.. He is your costar and you are professional.. Just leave it at that..
2. You have a loving boyfriend.. you never acknowledge him. Any nice things you have to say about Ranveer are too few and far between but you never miss a chance to say something about Ranbir.. Ranveer must really love you to tolerate this..

Why is she never says any words about Ranveer ???

Maybe because she has a brain, and will therefore talk about Ranbir when interviewers ask questions about Ranbir and not Ranveer? Tamasha is a movie with RANBIR not RANVEER. Stop with the ridiculous questions.

ok then bajirao mastani is only movie of ranveer and priyanka,,thats what you mean

She does! When promoting RL she said things Ranveer is the best actor in this country right now, he is my fav co-star etc. Now she has to promote Tamasha and being the diplomatic person DP is she will always praise people in public even if that person does not deserve it (Farah Khan, Ranbir Kapoor etc) Lets wait for BM promotions and see what she say (or does not say) about Ranveer, ok? :) PV post this comment please!

she love ranveer and she dont want to loose him ,,, she talk about ranbir because she know they can fool media and get more attention,,

she never say just like katrina when the time will come she will

Maybe Bcz she dates with him??

Bcz our journalists never ask her about Ranveer??? Post pls

maybe because ranveer and her is also real life couple ,or maybe she know that if she talk about ranveer and dont talk n say nice things about ranbir tamasha will gonna be a flop because as we all know only their past relationship will save tamasha while bajirao doesnt need any proves just the name bajirao and stars enough for hit film. thats why i believe ranveer is deepikas best pair onscreen because when they done ramleela they werent couple or ex lovers like ranbir deepika was and both films were blockbusters but ramleela won lot of awards and best jodi,,

“I believe everyone who comes onboard a film contributes to the success of the film. Ranbir is a huge star we all know that. Everyone has their ups and downs in their career. I am nobody to comment on what he has been through.” thats what she said...

Chal Jhooti :P

sorry deepu dont angry me. he is not..

Why this journalists asked about Ranbir again???

She said also very good words about Bajirao mastani ... But not a one word about Ranveer ....

ahahhahaahhahaah ok ok when ranbir kapoor became huge star for tamasha ,,even suring bombay velvet he was huge star

huge flop star she meant i think,,,

it is just amazing, she is still holding on to him. Poor girl.

OMG. I cant get enough of them. I wish Karan Johan cast RK and DP together. They make a sizzling pair. Even after 20 movies together- I wont get tired of them.

hahaha if ranbir is huge star than krk is mega superstar

flop star

Ranbir is not a flop

Promotions just beginning

Ranbir Kapoor is soon going to be Tussar Kapoor.

just pure hate. we can see that

deepika the queen of bollywood ..

yes we know deepika ji ...

sorry but deepika rite now you are more huge star than him....show some arrongance girl now like kangana...enough of modesty/safe play...arrogance is the new cool....your fans want it badly

Ranbir be like - "no i'm not , you are!"

Decent answer and I love humble Deepika. She is a gorgeous and talented lady who speaks after thinking.

i wish they were still a couple so beautiful.

Deepika and ranbir Pls get married.

Poor girl always media ask to her only one thing- Ranbir ranbir ranbir ..... She is working wid Ranveer too dear media ask to her some Ranveer questions too :)

She was in taj hotel today for axis bank conference

Ohhh again beginning:/ she said billions sentences about Tamasha, Imtiaz , Bajirao mastani but media choosing only one sentence as alwaysssssss " Ranbir ...... " post Pinkvilla pls don't ignore .... You will don't ignore if u r really democratic website

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