Kangana declares that she is KATTI with Deepika but BATTI with Sonam!

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The 'Katti Batti' situation between two of our top stars Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone has been ongoing for some time now. Kangana has many a time hinted that there is a lot of unhealthy competition prevailing in Bollywood. She also said that many of her colleagues are targeting at her and 'interfering' in her career. Deepika's spokesperson also had retaliated to these messages saying Deepika has neither the time nor space to conspire against Kangana. 

Well, in a recent interview with Rajeev Masand, Kangana made her thoughts on this issue, more clear. While playing a fun Katti Batti game, Kangana was shown Deepika's picture and asked if she was Katti or Batti with the star. Without any hesitation, Kangana said, "Katti, we didn't meet, we didn't hug, we didn't cry, we're not emotional at all," (mimicking Imran, who had tagged Ekta Kapoor as Batti saying, "we hugged and we sorted issues"). When asked if she would ever be Batti with Deepika, Kangana said, "I just want to be left alone that’s all I want."

Further when Kangana was asked about Sonam, she said, "Ah well I don't have an equation as such with Sonam. She is quite sweet whenever we meet. Also what matters is when someone does not interfere in your life zabardasti, like forcefully, they are the people who you deserve to be Katti with. "

Even later during the interview, Kangana touched upon this topic and said, "(People interfere) All the time. Those are the people you deserve to be Katti with. They just need to concentrate on their work. Probably what they want to achieve by interfering in my life, they will achieve when they concentrate on their work, their movie, their performances - but that's not happening. They are definitely not getting what they want! "


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Are you fans blind, why don't you acknowledge the fact that DP's PR has crossed its limits many times, Many Celebs flipped cos of it - Anushka, Sonam and now Kangana. Give a good enough reason. When Anushka flipped about deepika, deepika wasn't a big thing, all the great offers were going to Anushka with PK, Bombay Velvet at that time. PV pls post when the logic is right.

I feel like there are a few factors at play. I think they are often in competition for roles. Also it's no secret that with this past award season, the awards should've gone to Kangana and Deepika knew this and commented that it's what should've happened, but we know Kangana doesn't like the award shows. And for whatever reason, Kangana was adamant that Deepika should've told her this in person instead of through the press. I have no idea why. I think Ranveer is also an issue. Kangana has stated in the past that she wants to work with him, really likes him, and called him the guy of the moment, but he also happens to be dating Deepika. Meanwhile, Deepika has been either avoiding Kangana at parties or has no interest in meeting her, as in the past they have attended the same parties or events at the same time, but always stay respectively in different locations at the event. I also think that they have very different personalities as evidenced by how they express themselves in the press. Either way, I think they should both put on their big-girl panties and just talk it out.

Kangana can practice what she is preaching. She is acting like DP when she was going after Katrina. Leave DP and her PR alone, girl. If you have the talent and standing, who cares what others are doing?

Let's not forget who hire, okays and pays Deepika's PR to undermine all these actresses, it's Deepika. And, when these poor actresses hint at this problem, because they can't definitely say it out because they might get sued, we blame them, the victims and their careers get destroyed.....tsk, tsk.

Haha! So she is jealous of dp cause dp is associated with two of the hottest hunks in bw and she can't even get a foot in ? Lol

She is fearless and amazing.

Thats it! No more kanganna movies for me... shes way too arrogant and puts others down and thinks of her superior to others.

Kangana Ranaut is pure BATHOS.

A bit of pathos too.

Jitna bhi chaho, DP ka PR tumhe nahi jodegi. Legally sort out karo uski PR se. PV pls post hindi comments also.

i just love DPs statement in 2013 that she has grown up and doesnt have time to hate or dislike someone and she is maintaining that. she is justifying the charity name live love laugh... love you darling... these anushka sonam and sonakshi were only those who dint even acknowledge piku performance(might dint want to watch) and praised bombay velvet so they are taking it personal... but DP you be like this only graceful and kill the people with your smile and kindness... people are not acknowledging your good work means you have truly came long way...

yes Everyone knows that Kangana your film is coming soon, I would love if you dont drag others name and promote on your own merits.

And nobody cares Miss SelfDeclared Queen

This woman is either very very delusional or very cunning, she uses other celeb names to get publicity. LAME

for example? in an interview with Kangana no name. do not be unfounded

You are expecting too much, Kangana. Deepika's PR would never leave you alone.

Just an offtopic: where is Shakuntela these days?

Somebody please cast bebo or pc in rangoon asap. I dont want a flop for shahid because of this lady who has been getting negative attention all around. And this kangna-deepika katti batti thing is getting nastier day by day. One is a loudmouth and the other one does it from her PR.

OMG talk about being insecure! Stop being lame woman!!

It's like the war between Taylor and Katy, only difference is there's no man between Kangana and Deepika that we know of (unless Kangana has been secretly dating Hrithik who has been secretly wanting Deepika after his divorce?) they all just need to grow up and stop creating fat trust funds for the kids of the junkies trolling them in the media.

You are expecting too much, Kangana. Deepika's PR would never leave you alone.

I am so glad Kangana is fighting back and not letting DeePR get away with her shenanigans.

How old are you Kangana? 7 years old? Her repeated "katti batti" crap reminds me of my school days.

Kangana sounds like a baby who never forget that only kid who have eaten his sweets. It's called stalking dear Kangana/ kati/i hate DP and I can't hide it anymore . style up woman.

Her obnoxious behaviour proves that the blind is true. So embarrassed for her.

Read blind item of April 10, 2015 on pv. This explains her bahavior.

You are no longer a crab in a barrel honey . You are outside. So dust yourself off and cover yourself with a vaneer of class at least . Say what you want about dp but she is dignified and always omes across as polished.

dp, dp's PR working overtime on PV you go on kangs we r with u!

deepika need to file a restraining order or make sure her team sent some muzzel for this grown woman mouth

She's honest. It's better than stars being diplomatic.

Of course Kangana has no problems with Sonam because at the end of the day, Sonam is a star kid with a lot of connections. I would like to see Kangana be nasty towards Kareena, Alia, Ranbir etc or even Karan Johar who openly mocked her on his show! Deepika is an easy target for Kangana, just like Priyanka was, because these girls don't have anyone backing them and have made it entirely on their own. Kangana should be ashamed of herself!

Sonam, Kangana, Katrina, Anushka, Kareena...... all these actresses are jealous and insecure of Deepika's hard work, and success. People like Priyanka and Tabu and Sridevi will never get jealous as they are secure in the place they are. That is the difference between a hard working humble person and a loud mouth actress who is insecure.

Ok, I'm never watching another Kangana film. That's it for me. I do not like people who are too proud and arrogant. Bye bye Kangana. You are a jealous and insecure person who can never be happy in spite of the good acting talent you have.

same here...

Kangna is pretentious condescending insecure actor ever.

Kangana is sooooooo obviously jealous of DP and her fans and of tha fact that DP is dating the hottest,while HR dumped her...lol! Its funny to see her trying to get publicity on the basis of Queen which came more than 18 mths ago and by using DP's name in any and every interview....so cheap, Hahaha....pls print this PV.

Real stars do not need to use Deepika/Katrina/Ranbir for film promotion . " Salman thought ... " , " I think Deepika ... " , " My advice for Ranbir is .... " , " I am a fan of .... "

Kangana, love you dearly sweet heart and love your confidence level. But please do not bash your other counterparts. It took you a while to get to the level you are on now, try not to ruin it with narcissism. When you get to the international like Aishwarya and Priyanka then you can talk.

If Deepika really was that kind of person, wouldn't there be other people to back up Kangana's point of view? Like if her costars or directors and producers knew why are they all silent?

Kangana should simply shut up now.

Maybe it was Deepika's PR "interfering" with Kangana or something. As for Deepika herself, it's just not possible. Kangana has been talking about her since she dedicated the award, was that offensive and interfering?

Why does she keep targeting Deepika all the time? I don't remember her complaining about Karan Johar when he taunted her about plastic surgery rumours. Why is she so obsessed with Deepika?

Why would Deepika want to interfere in Kangana's life? Honestly this woman has a SERIOUS problem. It is called grandiosity.

Kangana is insufferable.

Just wait till Katti Batti releases, a flop will bring her down to earth...doesnt take time to come down

if she cant say anything nice about anyone, then dont say anything....and anyway who cares about her opinion, she's lost her marbles and brain

all of these actresses spoke against Deepika........ but never declared what really happened......I mean be straightforward or shut up...its make them seem jealous / spiteful, and annoying losers...

LOL! Typical Deepu stan logic. In all of this the core of the problem is Deepu & her attitude, yet the others are losers. When everyone has the same issues with you, then YOU are the problem. & she has nothing anyone would envy her for. Kangana Ranault´s last movie did almost triple of Deepu´s last. So again, moot point.

If you realy think you are straight forward about calling out someone about what they did to you, you have to spell it out or shut up and move on. This lady is classless.

It's no use explaining logic to Deepika's fans, madam.

Did you seriously just compare TWMR with Piku? A massy commercial film (that too a sequel!) to a niche film? Wow! And FYI, Piku made 80 crore in India and 140 crore worldwide. TMWR made 150 crore in India and 250 worldwide. How is that almost triple? It's not even double. In the words of Ross Geller, both logic and math are taking a serious hit today.

Deepika Padukone's last movie was NOT a MASALA one! Moot point.

what about kangana who is "straightforward" mmhhh ;) try to handle kangu first ;))))

deepika is at top that is why kangana is katti with her. Kangana's insecurity pops up. While sonam is at bottom so batti with her.

At this point this must be some kind of STALKING!!!

All those bashing kangana just remember this. The only difference between Deepika and Kangana is that while Kangana is honest about her opinions of people and tells the truth of what they actually do to her, and only talks about Deepika when ASKED about her (not uselessly like some of yall think) And Deepika just gets her PR to do all her nasty work. She doesnt speak about it just to seem like a saint, but where do you think all these negative articles about kangana come from? Like her asking for direction credits? Also behind medias back she tries all sorts of things to snatch away kanganas movies. And is NEVER honest about her opinions and feelings of ANYBODY. we have seen her lying about her equation with so many people, just to make it seem much nicer than it is so everybody thinks that she is such a wonderful person

OMG!! Kangana SHUT UP!!!

This chic wants to talk smack about Deepika but the truth is that India LOVES HER, the media LOVE HER, Actors, Producers & Directors LOVE HER and there is nothing Kangana can do about it. When someone speaks ill of another person it always backfires on them. This only makes Deepika looks classy and Kangana CRAZY.

very well said...even if the entire bollywood goes against her...we fans will always be there for her...becoz she deserves our love....never mind these nobody's comments deepu...keep on entertain us wid ur great performance...we r waiting for ur movies darling!!!!

The difference between Deepika and Kangana is that Kangana says everything out in the open where Deepika does it behind the scenes.


the difference between katrina and Kangana is that Kangana says everything out in the open where katrina does it behind the scenes.

I knew Ranveer was the cause for this animosity , it all started when Deepika warned Kangana to back off when she was trying to get close to Ranveer after Hrithik dumped her . Any guy will pick class like Deepika over trash like Kangana

There was a blind item about this-was Kangana the actress sending her photos to Ranveer and Deepika warned her to stop or she would expose her.Kangana has mentioned that some actress was texting the director(I believe this would be Vishal) for one of her roles(Rangoon).Why does not someone ask Vishal who the actress was?

Blind item was not about Trio Dip - Kangana - Ranvier, and the trio of Katrina - Kangana - Ranbir has long been an answer to this blind item

Deepika and Ranvееr? This story was about Kangana Ranbir and Katrina, this "blind item" for a long time is the answer.

Oh really ??? But why I can't see any Kat- Kangana cat fights news???

The blind item was about Kangana/Alia and Ranbir & Katrina. I'm sure DP has also sent a lot of pictures to a lot of people.


I dare kr to take on a star kid or any insider . They will eat her alive!! She is nothing but a bully.

Kangana is getting back at Deepika for having smooched Hrithik

Cant believe I was once a fan of her , she was so sweet and nice before , what happened to her? Statements like Im number 1 , my contemporaries havent improved , I have no competition , Deepika this, Deepika that . Jeez

Somehow I feel that rs has something to do with this animosity that this woman has
towards dp. She is very bitter and it sounds personal. She is just out to tarnish dp 's reputation.

I wish all the hard luc to you kangna!!! This is just the begging of your end!!! Wait and watch!!!

I have never witnessed such nasty behaviour by anybody in the industry. I was a very loyal fan of Kangana for a longtime but I just can't tolerate her anymore. As for DP, maybe her PR does need to calm down a bit but Kangana should learn that its best to ignore such behaviour. If she really is the number 1 actress and the only one who has achieved anything in the last decade (according to her) than why does she bother so much with others? If you are in a secure place in your life and career you wouldn't behave like this, you would just laugh and say 'Let my films do the talking.' Kangana's insecurities run so deep that she just can't let it go. I dare her to take on the real person who was nasty to her when she was struggling, KARAN JOHAR!!!!! Come on Kangs if you have the guts take on the real giant! PV please post you haven't been posting my comments.

Shes going Ranbir Kapoor way , arrogance leads to downfall very soon

This is from a fan of Kangana. Unfortunately, “used to be” fan. If she continues this path of pulling others down and disrespecting other people’s work in the name of being honest, upfront and badass (whatever the heck she is being called), it is very….very…very embarrassing and cringe worthy. Nobody is bashing Kangana here. The truth of the matter is that if someone, or anyone, is going to make a public opinion about what they feel and how they feel, in a public setting that is meant to be read, seen and heard by the public, certainly you are going to get feedback, good or bad. And when you say things in a very poor light and poor taste, that even about others by disrespecting and being condescending towards others, then yes….you will also have to hear what other people have to say about your uncalled for opinions, perceptions, and thoughts about others. Talk about yourself, your struggles, tell your story, inspire, motivate, uplift, be kind, build comradery, do good things, say kind words….then, people will love you for being you! Why promote nasty, bitter and sour thoughts and opinions about others in the name of being honest? That is NOT being honest. That is being malicious. So, of course you are going to hear about how others feel, too. Kangana is NOT the ONLY one with a voice and an opinion. When you say something that makes people sick to their stomach, squint their eyes and cringe to the floor…well, you asked for what comes back. Whatever energy you put out in the world is the same energy you get back. As simple as that!

Very well put.

So the self proclaimed number 1 has issues with the real number 1 . Next!

Guys who are asking why she is targeting DP? Here is my answer: DP is not a saint. She tries to come across as a sweet person but she is cunning, makes plan to "kill" others.

Guys it's not even funny, you're so obsessed ..... Why Deepika fan base has a problem with the other actresses? Katrina Sonam is now Kangana, not tired? no one fan base, that would be so aggressive and intolerant of others. Kangana did not say anything bad about Deepika time ever, she tells jokes, allusions, but did not directly insult. PR Deepika is doing behind the scenes of the black case. How do we know what the problem is in the reaction Kangana ON Deepika?

Shes turning into her character from Fashion, spiteful mean and extremely jealous , demeaning all her contemporaries and calling herself number 1 . My god, Madhuri, Tabu and Sridevi ruled for 10 years but never called themselves number 1 or insulted competition

Now Deepika will stay at 10 miles distance from kangana. Love my queen KR.

Deepika never speaks about Kangana, your fav is obsessed brings up Deepika in every interview and conversation, so insecure

Saw the video KR is total badass i loved how she whipped her in the end….. i was rolling on the floor.

1) Sonam made fun of Kangana's diction, DP hasn't said anything bad about Kangana. 2) DP is a superstar, relevent and a threat while Sonam is a bloody nobody and a joke. That's the logic behind Katti Batti!!!

Its better to have someone who is direct and honest than someone who is cunning and carrying a knife to kill sonn when needed.

Since when has snooty remarks become honest and politeness has become backstabbing?

This is not honesty, this is someone who is nasty, has no home bring and respect for others.

yeah i agree thats why i hate katrina who is cunning and carry a knife to kill someone and does everything behind the scenes

Wow I am so happy she spoke against her. I remember Deepika's PR desperately spreading news about her replacing KR in Rangoon and where did all the news about KR asking for direction credits from Vishal and Nikhil came??? directors love her and they are supporting KR its easy to see that KR is exasperated and she must be having solid facts to call her out publicly as Deepika likes to maneuver under hand. she is still after RK and i know for a fact RK ad Kat don't like her.

hahahha. you know for a fact?! what do you also work out at their gym. !

you dont look nice if you bring down someones name.i dont care about what she says against deepika, shes nobody i used to like her. whatever. deepika rocks.

hahahaha i luv u kangna, now Deepika dirty PR is on fire, plz guys relax ,u spew venom against other actresses all the time. Kangna is 100% right.

Go work with Ranveer, Kangana, and make that movie the best. That would speak miles above you mentioning Deepika at every turn.

It is a strategy used by Aamir khan against SRK not long ago. Aamir khan used to say such hateful things against SRK but SRK wouldnt react but it had worked for Aamir cos he got attenton of SRK fans with hatred and support of Salman fans. Here Kangana is trying to get attention of Deepika fans and support of Katrina fans. Like SRK and Salman, Deepika and Katrina also have got huge fan following which Aamir havent had and Kangana has not have. Probably Aamir coached Kangana for this. Lets see it would work, like it had worked for Aamir.

Wait...what! Shahrukh has always spoken his mind unlike Deepika who takes the diplomatic route. I do think Kangana needs to lighten up though but this comparison between Shahrukh and Deepika is just hilarious. Shahrukh if anything like Kangana has been called arrogant and what not which is not the case obviously as anyone who has worked with him has always spoken about how humble the guy is.

Ironically, they also met each other on an episode of Aamir's show. I wonder how they were with each other then. Deepika was praising Kangana in her interview because that was during the time of Queen.

SPOT ON OBSERVATION.Not to forget Kangana is a self proclaimed female version of Aamir LMAO.

Do u even know what r u trying to say dumbo??? Pls go and get some life.....

HAHAHAHA! Tell it like it is, Kangana Ranault!! The truth shall set you free. LMAO. #Queen. #OnlyOne #Fearless

If you go back a few years when kangana wasn't the "star" she claims to be today...deepika actually praised her style...i never even noticed that kangana dressed well until deepika mentioned that she likes kanagana's style and thats when i took notice of her dressing. Also, depict was all praise and smiles at the Queen screening...she posed and she said everyone should watch this film bla bla. All this nastiness started when Deepika dedicated her award to kangana...how kangana reacted was utterly shameful....she is so full of herself and of course Deepika must've been taken aback..still she called her up and tried to clear the air...then she invited her to the pike party and pike screening...all seemed good...wtf is wrong with kangana...she purposely started all this crap again because she is so insecure as a person...she has gotten it the hard way and she feels like everyone is out to get her. Yes she is a good actress...but honestly...she was good in Queen only because somewhere she or was that small town girl and she could relate to that character....her lisping is so annoying...and she can NEVER play an urban cool chick...if she can learn haryanvi...why can't she fix her accent in english too...shez so good right? Look at Shraddha...she can do a fabulous british or russian accent....can't kanagan put on an urban accent? She is so out of place in this katti batti film...and in all her interviews...she is making it all about "payal", her character...someone needs to remind her that its a love story...not a "woman oriented film" where she will save the day! She is so arrogant and uncouth...it is very unattractive! PV please post!

All actresses should keep way from her.Dont go to watch Katti Batti-boycott her movie.Than perhaps she will recognise her competition and like Divya said-recognise the talent around her.

i dont understand y kangana will take dp name to promote her movies as she herself is a top actress...dp also mentions ranbir most of the time in her interviews ..does that means she promotes her movies using ranbir name???

Kangana is good actress but not a superstar, she's insanely jealous of deepikas appeal and success, she can't stop obsessing but deepika gives 2 hoots about this attention seeker, kangy is going down with this poisonous attitude

Really as of now she is going international hahahhahaha...

PC is going international not Kangana.

Kangana is awesome in her movies as well as interviews, but lately, it seems like something has gone very very wrong. I watched the Masand interview, and Kangana is so blinded by her spite for Deepika that she doesn't even remember how Sonam and KJo camp publicly humiliated her for her English diction and surgeries. Sad.

I agree with you.I watched the show.Something is vey wrong.That is no way to behave on TV.And you are right she has conveniently forgotten Sonam and KJo.As recently as last year Kangana had shot back at Sonam for a comment Sonam had made.Maybe Nikhil and Imran need to talk to her to not make a spectacle of herself.Dear god help her.

Have you noticed that Deepika never takes Kangana's name in a disrespectful way, in the way that Kangana always refers to Deepika??? Deepika has in fact praised Kanaga's work. It is a nice gesture, to openly appreciate and admire someone's work in the public, because you are a public figure. Not every actor or actress makes a personal call to each other. They do admire each other’s work in public, if they like the work of a certain actor or actress. Instead of being polite about it, what does Ms. Kanaga do? She makes Deepika look like she is this malicious person out to get Kangana and keeps brining her name up in her interviews, when Deepika has not done anything and then takes it to a point where Deepika had to stop her by making a personal call to sort things out. Since then Deepika has not publicly said anything about Kangana, yet she goes on and on and on and ond and on and on and on and on and on....about Deepika! What is wrong with this woman?? Give us some hard-core facts about how Deepika is trying to harm Kangana and how is she interfering Kangana, so we can ACTUALLY believe her. There is always two sides to a story and this story just sounds sour and bitter! Definitely insecure, unless she proves otherwise. Why keep taking someone's name over and over and over again, when you really cannot prove anything about that person? Why defame someone for NO reason?? I just do not get it!!! Kangana is the one who needs to stop taking Deepika's name, making disrespectful statements about her and should leave her the hell alone! She is forcefully making statements about her, which she needs to put a stop to. I was SUCH a great great FAN of Kangana...her recent interviews and statements have just lost all the respect I had for her as a person and as an actress! God help her!

perfect article for kangana bashing ...4th day in the row ......continue...

Can any actress promote her movie without using Deepika's name? Wow deepika you ROCK

love kangana and deepika .......

For the love of god! I'd like to see Kangana try promoting her films without mentioning Deepika's name! She's a good actress but her personality sucks, whether it has to do with her arrogance or paronoia with Deepika,

katti with deepika, unnecessary interviews, wrong msgs will not help your career.

Illusion illusion and more illusions. If you don't talk about her she will not interfere. Simple.

I think she loves Deepika :) lol soooo much obsessed???

for no reason she always brings down deepika which is because deepika is the current superstar and she wants to pull her down

She is batti with sonam coz she is not her rival n competition a flop star kattivwith fp coz she is her only competition and ruling the roast.

LOL! Insulting Sonam Kapoor won´t make the truth less bitter. Deepu dearest is competition only in your heads. Kangana runs circles around her on all levels. She will rue the day she tried her usual nasty PR tactics with her. About time.

People in PV love to bash Kangana. but she must have her own reasons. + were are aware that deepika's PR is always up to demean other actresses.

can u provide the solid proof of what u said abt dp n her pr? no just coz someone said this n that too her rival who is jealous of dp success u believe it. other actresses n their pr r not saint either they are too against dp and demeaning her. there is always three sides of the story one is mine second one is urs and third the truth , u cant judge any one only after knowing one side

The audaciousness of this beach, using Deepika to promote her upcoming flop

atleast she says what she feels genuinely about someone. Unlike Miss Padukone who wants be in the good books of every n each star.

Being in the good books is much better than brining someone down intentionally...that's called manners

Kangna what u have achieved?

Who r u to ask her??? LoL

ya u r right kangana have achieved nothing...she is worst actress of all time....i dont know what was wrong with the national award jury that they gave that award 2 times to her.....every kangana movies are flops till date...she should be thrown away right now from bw....whts wrong with director like vishal that he picked him for his next...

Worst actress of all time?You don't seem to know anything about acting.

she have 2 national awards and ur dp have zero....her movie was a blockbuster without any big name that dp can never do.....deepika is not even half as good actress that kangana is

lol...Over-Confident Kangs with her Over-Confident Fan-Brigade...

lol its true kangana have 2 national awards and dp have zero...u can check through internet

Kangna is not even half as good actress as Tabu or Konkona...Konkona may not be popular...but Tabu is quite so...never heard her talk with such loud mouth ever...or bad mouthing any actor...there's something called attitude and manners apart from talent...

ok tell me parineeti is very humble so y she have no movies and arrogant kangana have kitty full of movies????

who knows how many movies Kangna wud hve after 1-2 years? she now has only Rangoon as a prestigious project...Simram and Lakshmi Bai directors are not very famous in terms of films...why talk about it now? dont forget she also has revolver rani and ungli..if she was that famous...all these movies would also have been hit!! lets wait and see how she fares after 2 years...

At least i can see KR for 2 years but DP has no film after BM releases…. i doubt if i will see her sometime soon after these releases.

Wait for announcements , she is in atleast 2 films next year

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