Ranbir Kapoor: I was taking failure too lightly, I remember telling Katrina

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Acting runs through his veins and Ranbir Kapoor has always been the quintessential actor. But post last three of his films didn’t work out, his careergraph wavered. Now things are looking bright with Tamasha unfolding this November.

When asked if he was taken aback by the Bombay Velvet debacle Ranbir told Rajeev Masand, “Of course I was taken aback by the outright failure of Velvet, but it was something I had to take in my stride. What I wasn't expecting were the dozens of messages I began receiving right after the film's release.”

“People from the industry kept messaging me to say that they were standing by me...and that ‘This too shall pass'... and that they still had faith in me. That's when it hit me that perhaps I was in trouble, and perhaps I was taking failure too lightly. I remember telling this to Katrina too," he added.

Right now Ranbir is in London, shooting for Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil with Anushka Sharma. Also fans are really excited to see Ranbir and Deepika in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha releasing this November. 

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May whoever work hard succeed.There is nothing such as lucky or unlucky charm.Don't judge actors on their personal life.Best wishes to dp and ranbir for tamasha.

Good day to all!!!! Cheers

Their relationship has become old news, it wasn't hot news like it was a few years ago. People are bored of it now and it hampered their careers because of their relationship over exposure.

#1 Post. Remember when they went to Ibiza and all hell broke loose? Kat actually put out a cease and desist open letter to the media for invasion of privacy and RK himself promoting films that came out after that said he wanted to focus on discussing his films and not his personal life. Fast forward to 2015, three back to back flops for RK and one for Kat and suddenly they're flashing their romance publicly and referring to each other in interviews in the partner sense on a relationship neither has officially confirmed and we're all just supposed to act normally and follow along with them nodding like bobble heads. Riiight. This is known as "advanced level PRing" all rookies take note.

Ranbir is single

Could it have occurred to you that maybe then it was such a stage in the relationship where they're not absolutely sure about one another or still strengthening their bond? And that now they're finally comfortable? Try to see from this perspective too if you're capable to

He is single

Ranbir is single

wishful thinking fangirl LOL

Its the truth :(

Hey! You're back! Although I don't think you ever left, there were some Anon posts that were obviously yours. :p

Yes the anonymous posts are me.
I know you guys hate me :(
I speak the truth here

Its not our place to say stuff like "He should break up with Katrina because she's bad for him", we're not their parents or friends. But I do think that both of them need to sort out their personal life and put it in the backseat for now, so that they can save their careers. The relationship isn't going to create much publicity for much longer, it's only their work that will help them stay in Bollywood.

Katrina is bad for him! That's the truth!

You brought the downfall upon yourself, Ranbir. Katrina is your downfall.

He doesn't need to use kat for publicity. He takes her name only to please her because this is what she wants from him.

Ranbir doesn't have any pr manager. everybody knows in the industry. media needs him more than he needs them. why media don't publish bulletin abt Nawazuddin, rajkumar, irfan etc ?

because they keep their personal life PRIVATE
Media needs gossip - whereas kat & Ranbir are hungry for attention.

Bonus points for dat name drop Ranbir *rolls eyes*

So he starts name dropping Katrina. You know celebs are getting desperate for publicity when they keep name dropping their otherwise private spouse.

According to Ranbir Katrina is his advisor, acting mentor , soulmate , friend and girlfriend. I remember Salman saying something in an interview during the promotion of EK THA TIGER. He said Katrina works hard for all the things she has been given a chance to do because she knows she does not deserve them. He used the exact word "deserve" . So I feel like Katrina is very manipulative in nature. Lets see where she takes our Ranbir.

Ranbir doesn't belong to Katrina! She can't take him anywhere.
Ranbir never mentioned her as his Soulmate! He never said he is living with her.
Ranbir will never lie
It was all Kat's PR

people, y'all need to chill. Why can't he mention Kats' name( I dnt like her too).But seriously, out of a whole sentence, many are still picking out words to make a hoola about.

Rishi, Karan and the likes will give you films even after a 100 flops, so don't worry Ranbir. It is the outsiders who are not given a chance after one flop. And that is the reason you star kids take fans, media and everyone for granted. Just go away Ranbir, we are sick of you and your tactics of using your personal life to your advantage in the public.

I wish salman would spill the beans about kk. That would be fun !

He didn't think something was wrong until the industry enlightened him?? Facepalm gosh Ranbir people like you give star kids a bad name. Unfair to guys like Varun who work really hard, go all out to promote their films, doesn't take his audience for granted, and yet still gets criticism for being a star kid.

Whether he talks or does not talk about Kat, there is a problem. Damn if you do, damn if you don't. SMH! Anyhow, he looks Royal.

Jeez, what is up with randomly mentioning Katrina here? For someone who claims to be very private about his personal life, it comes across as trying too hard to get attention. Get over yourself and your girlfriend. Your fans should remember you for the movies that you make, not your love life.

Kat is not his GF

Katrina is not his GF!
I'm really sick of you haters

Well said. We vicariously follow their relationship according to well placed sources and media concoctions because they refuse to confirm anything since they got together then suddenly he just officially mentions her like he has been living vicariously through the media as well? It's just dumb.

Ranbir is single?? Why are you so negative towards him

They are not together!

She is not his GF

I think he got buddua off the papprazzi who he use to stick to fingers at. remember the time when he actually took someone's camera? The same pesky papprazi he needs now to keep him in the papers.

Dropping Katrina's name was quite random... he only opens up about the relationship when its for publicity.

He is not in a relationship anymore

Ranbir is single

He is not in a relationship with her!
Will you just leave him alone, give him a break God. Stop being mean.
All good actors have flops it's ok! Ranbir moves on and takes it with a pinch of salt why can't you haters God

Ranbir is hands down one of the finest actors in the country. When you are talented, you don't need to worry about hit or flops so much

so happy for DP....sweet revenge....for cheating on DP , now RK gets to depend on DP for his career saving film...PV plz post

He is not a cheater! You are so mean, all you care about Deepika.
You never care about Ranbir shame on you!

Ranbir is not a cheater

Shut up! He did not cheat

Theos people who stand by you i wish they give chance to outsiders

he could afford to take failure lightly as he is a star kid and have the backing of kjo etc....not the case for outsiders....they will be finished after 3 huge flops...

Wow!! Ranbir I am sure you know you will be here always! Thanks to nepotism and BW!! You can continue being arrogant!

Ranbir is not arrogant

He is not arrogant

Do you know how arrogant you haters sound?? Stop it, Ranbir is not arrogant alright!

how arrogant he sounds so he didn't realizes the seriousness of the situation till ppl from the industry text him. he is so selfish and full of himself. he may be a damn good actor but a very bad person and has changed a lot in a negative manner. i remember that article that " he is unfazed by bv debacle and only kat opinion matters to him n she likes it" he is good actor but in a very wrong company. kat has just make him like her arrogant cold and self obsessed. i never heard anything like this from sk ak hrithik and akshay

Ranbir is not a bad person. He is not like Katrina.
Katrina is a terrible person. Ranbir is not arrogant and he is not selfish.
I really think you haters are arrogant just like Katrina who loves to ruin his image.
Are you guys working for her?? :/
PV please post

Ranbir is not like Kat! He is not arrogant and he is not a bad person.
He is not selfish

Ranbir is not arrogant! You calling him that is going to make you haters look stupid!

“People from the industry kept messaging me to say that they were standing by me..." -----------> If he wasn't Kapoor but an outsider, they would not even take his calls, forget about standing by him. He took all his failures too lightly because he knew that there are lots of people who will stand by him, no matter how many flops he'll give.

Exactly! And give him a million more chances ala abhishek bachchan

Everyone faces ups and downs in life !!! Dont worry everything thing will be ok.

Love him so much ranbir...

ya we know how LOYAL you are lol

Ranbir is loyal!

Ranbir is loyal!

Ranbir is loyal unlike Deepika and Katrina

just as loyal as deepika- NIHAR PANDYA ahem ahem

He is so humble and sweet

love you my RK.. through thick and thin

ok kat,he's only sticking with you nw,but the minute things look up,you'll be out,so you better hope this low continues he won't give you the time of a day when he hits a high,Mark my words

lol he already left her

haha I WISH I WAS KAT.. sadly i am not :P

he is using kat name to get notice lol then his fans says kat uses his name

when was this interview done?

some weeks back...definitely before this happened: oneshotoneplace.com/bollywood-blind-item-september-2015

he probably gave it after dp said she's not trying to save his career,am not sayin am just sayin

I am looking for it and can't find it !

Omg, this Kat's PR is overboard trying to keep her name afloat by hook or nook. Shame on her, she single handedly ruined both his personal and professional life. Is she holding some grudge against him or towards his family. The more they are trying to go away from her, her PR is coming up with made up stories. I feel sorry for the kapoors. Remember what Salman said, am I lucky or Ranbir lucky.

I agree with you 100%
I love my man Ranbir so much! Kat/Deepika fans get lost.
Stop being mean. Poor guy keeps getting all the hate. Katrina is the actual villain here.
She is so selfish and not a nice person at all!
Thank god Ranbir is avoiding her and Deepika.

I agree with you 100%
I love my man Ranbir so much! Kat/Deepika fans get lost.
Stop being mean. Poor guy keeps getting all the hate. Katrina is the actual villain here.
She is so selfish and not a nice person at all!
Thank god Ranbir is avoiding her and Deepika.

OMG I agree with you! I love my man Ranbir so much!
Haters and Kat fans get lost
Ranbir doesn't need Deepika or Kat! He is the best
I hate Katrina, she is the villain here shame on her
I have to be the hero and save RK

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