‘Priyanka has absolutely made the right moves’ – Freida Pinto

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Frieda Pinto and Priyanka Chopra recently collaborated for ‘Girl Rising’ campaign and she speaks about her bond with PeeCee and her career choices in an interaction with DNA.

When asked if Priyanka take any advice from Freida on her television debut with Quantico, the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actor told the daily, “Not really, what people forget is that she’s a professional. She’s been doing this for a very, very long time. She’s a pro and she does not need me to tell her how to do it. But if she ever calls or asks me any questions or queries, I’ll always be there to answer them.”

Freida also spoke about Priyanka’s choice of choosing television series over a Hollywood film. And she said, “That’s a very unfair question because you are basically asking me to tell you whether she’s taken the right decision in her life. Of course she has. Why would I say she hasn’t? You have to go forward with your gut instinct and do what you think is right. I think TV, as someone said the other day, is a promised land. Priyanka has absolutely made the right moves.”

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Freida P is one lucky gal, One oscar movie with 2 min role and here she is being successful in Modeling industry, Although she got many good offers, once can see she is not at all a good actress, she can not act, period. she should just stick to modelling and feel blessed that she is still getting assignments.. PC on the other hand is successful because of her talent and yes connections, but ofcourse she worked hard for that.. Although I like that FP never talks bad about anyone, she seems like a one classy gal, PC and other so called btwon actresses are all Jeleous girls with no talent.. We all know who is helping PC in hollywood..

priyanka is much more of an actress than frida but the latter got lucky

Frieda is SO Much More Beautiful than that Creature next to her.

LOL, seems SRK censorship again, no comment posted :p

Frieda talks sense

Priyanka can act while Frieda cannot. Freida should be happy that she got what she did by using all her contacts. And her accent is annoying.

This natural beauty of Frieda is so much prettier than Priyankas look.

Yeah those journalists questions are dumb as hell

Frieda speaks no nice about Priyanka. Priyanka otherwise mentioned not only one time Frieda at her overrated Twitter session about "Girl

upps correction "Frieda speaks so nice ......" pls PV

meanwhile ms pinto's 15 mins of fame is up n been struggling with b grade hollymovies.

Why she need Frieda when she has SRK?

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