EXCLUSIVE: Guess what Deepika Padukone plans to gift Ranbir Kapoor?

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Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor are all set to sizzle on-screen together almost after two years in 'Tamasha' which releases in November. And while the film's star cast is prepping up for the trailer launch, Deepika is planning to gift something special to her ex-beau Ranbir Kapoor.
Yes you read that right! Deepika and 'Tamasha' director Imtiaz Ali are planning to gift Ranbir a candid picture of his, which recently took the internet by storm, before the film releases.
The picture where Ranbir is posing and Deepika is clicking has gone viral and people have loved it. Incidentally, it is Ranbir's favourite picture too! And as soon as Deepika learnt about it, she decided to frame the image and gift it to RK!
We wonder what Kapoor lad has to react!
'Tamasha' releases on November 27, 2015.

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lmao I can print out that pic and gift it too him too! WHat a gift!!

#1 Post.

Candid my FOOT!!
bETTER BE this film be good...m so done with RAN-KAT-RANV-DEEP SAGA...AHH..ENOUGH..they think audience are fool...these silly gimmicks won't be entertained.ANY FURTHER..we are here to see good movies not this utterly love crap nonsense...and m no fan of any of these actors...all i want is good movie when i spent my money!!!!
PV post this ....

All these effing haters really need a life. Hating on dp is not going to make your fave more popular.

Uff ye 3rd grade drama ye dono ka

Haha! All the insects crawl out of the woodwork as soon as they hear dp's name. Some of y'all really need a life.

She shouldnt have, she's gifting him a career for god's sake! Ranbutt better not take any credit for this movie being a hit..

Guess what Deepika Padukone plans to gift Ranbir Kapoor? -----> Hmmmmm.... Herself?

LOL.You are amazing,Gohar!!

completely photoshoped wtf is wrong man.

Tamasha PR attempting to stoke up controversy pre-movie release!
Pretty sure Imtiaz, Ranbir and Deepika, all gave the go ahead... Win-win for all associated with the movie, except for Deepika. It does tend to diminish her image a little bit, as the love-struck, slightly obsessed ex-lover who can't get over Ranbir, but I guess she's fine with it as long as it gets people talking about the movie. Kind of feel bad for her, that she lets herself be used this way. Who knows, maybe she it was her strategy to begin with.
She's reached a place of success where she can do without this kind of negative publicity..atleast think of your family, your bf (if he really is) and your self respect, before agreeing to be part of such things.

This is PR bull. She's actually granting him a career revival.

Imtiaz and Deepika are planning to gift a picture to him.......

i hate this girl................. she's not over the break up yet! she just want him back!
her #Mychoice was Shit! and it was the innere thoughts of deepika herself which were shown through the shit video!
Rani ,Kareena and much better than her! though rani is the best but in this situation kareena is good too!

you are green with envy and very mean my dear.

anything for publicity

haha she has come to her calendar girl type behaviour.

Deepika is in a good space and she is really having fun and I don't think it has anything to do with a man. Good for her.She has paid her dues.

I disagree. If you credit the majority of success of Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani (hopefully) to Deepika then I think credit should be given to her man, family and all those who are making her happy in her real life. Credit should be given where it is due.

According to to her own admission Deepika was not in a happy space 2-3 years ago.So what changed? If you think it has nothing to do with a man then you are fooling yourself.PV post.

Cat will throw it in the trash ? Know this you can tear up a photo but you can't tear up what is person's heart.

Im feeling like the media needs Ranbir more than he needs the media. Or else why arent they publishing news on Irfan, Nawaz,Rajkumar? SO ppl stop blaming Ranbir and make up this PR excuse

You r absolutely right!

I like how in the article it states that it's from Imtiaz and DP, meaning it's just a gesture two friends might have done for anyone but the article only chose to highlight DP's name. Really? People just read the article, it also says Imtiaz is gifting it, so is he also pining for RK?

Whatever... Kingfisher calender dede..


Please every one ,please note these are promotions for Tamasha and not BM. anything Deepika talks about Ranbir is for movie promotion and strictly professional .please do not attribute this as personal relationship between them. Deepika and Ranveer are very much together and very much in love with each other. They are very very busy shooting day and night for BM. Take all these promotion gimmicks for Tamasha with a grain of salt. Thank you.

candid pic? look at her pose ...all paid news

Haha! Real tamasha. Wonder how the cat will react. What goes around comes around.
Love love it !!!

So the PR has started for this movie. smh

Katrina will throw it in the trash.

DP, he has moved on. Can you too please?

wonder what katrina will have to say, considering deepika is more prominent in the photo than ranbir :)

Just promote BM with even half as much enthusiasm as Tamasha and YJHD and throw in some lovely one line headliners for Priyanka and Ranveer like you are doing for your ex and it will be all good :/

Beautiful pose! Fantastic photograph! Drop dead body! Breathtaking scenery! Adorable irreplaceable couple! Love it.

Offff Ranbir her co star , they're friends now... Leave them alone yarrr uff


this is supposed to be candid?

she is is so kind than others

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