Tamasha: ‘Why always the same story?’ asks Imtiaz Ali

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Imtiaz Ali is all set to paint a new story and a new vision on the silver screen this November, with Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. But before that he has one important question to ask.

He writes,

"Why always the same story…?

Vohi kahaani phir ek baar

Majnu neliye kapde phaad,

Maar tamashabeech bazaar…

Aisa hihota hai, such is the world, we are merely actors in the drama of life…

But can this actor not speak the truth? Can he not do what he truly wants? 

Am I just stuck in the story of my life? 

Or am I making my story as I live?"

- Imtiaz Ali

Shared on social media with a visually appealing and justifying image, Imtiaz asks all.

The film is prepping to release on November 27th and then we will get to know what the ‘Tamasha’ is about.

But before that! Do you have the answers to Imtiaz’s questions?


"Why always the same story…?Vohi kahaani phir ek baar…Majnu ne liye kapde phaad,Maar tamasha beech bazaar…Aisa...

Posted by Tamasha on Thursday, 17 September 2015

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Seriously, guys??
who among of you all is a “well-known” director??
Atleast Imtiaz is making films!!!!!!!

I strongly agree...Ramayana is not a love story on the lines of Romeo Juliet and all...He wouldn't have the BALLS to put Quran in there. And btw what kind of grammar is that? " Why Always the Same Story?" He couldn't find someone someone who knew English grammar before he released this ?!

well even imtiaz is scared for ranbir this time

Yes Imtiaz, why always the same story? The same urban, wanderlust, coming of age, love story? Why not something gritty, why not something about marriage and commitment? Why not something where the actors aren't young or wealthy enough to travel? This is the guy that has been selling the same kind of characters with each film. What a joke. This seems like a Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 2, I'll watch it, but I'm sure Tamasha isn't going to change my life like Imtiaz wants it to.

exactly my thoughts

Hmmm pretty sure this will also be exactly like every other bollywood film out there...

i don't mind what's the story. i just wanna see Ranbir.

Good luck to you Deepy;) p.s I like RKDP 's ON SCREEN CHEMISTRY!!! Only onscreen ;)

OMG y did he have to put the Ramayana in between all those human love stories, cmon mate its a holy book.. u wud never put the Quran there!

Because we are programmed beings and time is used on us like a loop. And we do same things over and over again.

Yes, Imtiaz, why always the same story…? Wohi sufi love story phir ek baar…Ladka-ladki milke bichhadte hai baar baar, aur coming-of-age ho jata hai film ka saar…

the only pulling factors for this movie: deepika padukone and a r rahman.
it's fun watching the heavyweight rahman let his hair down and do young, fun, breezy, airy stuff yet remaining significant.

i hope ranbir proves me wrong.

Lets see how different is urs :)

Why, always the same story?

Why IS IT always the same story?

What was the question again?

Why always the same story? What dude, grammar where gone ?

Let us not jump the gun. Patience is a virtue....enjoy what is shared and wait for the right moment to bash or to compliment...trust me folks...your time will come...now is their time...let them tell their stories....we will tell ours after we watch theirs! : )

I have a strong feeling that this movie will also have a similar story to his previous ones.

U mean confused characters

There were diffrent stories but those dint become immortal coz these r the stories that sell..

Can't Wait For Tamasha..

Aww,How Sweet

Coz From the secret Corner of our Hearts we Love to watch or hear them again again and again..as It is Impossible in Our Real Life..

Nope. We are too afraid to write our own unique story. We follow we conform. We refuse to face hurdles and choose easy path.

Very Smart Promotional Strategy!!! All The Best Tamasha 27th NOV.

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