Spotted: Aryan Khan and Navya Naveli hanging out

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Shah Rukh Khan’s son and Amitabh Bachchan’s grand-daughter have often been seen together. Recently, buddies Aryan Khan and Navya Naveli were seen hanging out together.

The youngies who go to the same school in London, often put up fun and trendy posts. In this particular picture uploaded by Aryan, Navya looks really pretty. But our eyes are fixed on chota SRK. As Aryan is growing up, he resemblance with his father is becoming more and more prominent. Even in this picture, we can see the handsome Khan as a splitting image of his father. Don’t you? 

A few weeks back Aryan was seen partying with Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan who put up a photo on his instagram.

These young ones love to party and are quite active on social media. 

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Wow Aryan is so hansome....want to marry him:-)muah:-):-):-):-)

finally he's learnt to smile...


He started to look so much like his dad. His eyes are too small though.

With all the money their parents can afford, why do none of these star kids make it in any other profession.
I have no problems with any of this, but just seems like a waste of money if you are not intending of using the education you receive wisely

Navya has beautiful hair and Aryan has his Dad's Charisma.

Their 1st #1 Post, mark it.

The bestest pair that people can have in B town the kids of megastars

How many want to bet that they have hooked up??

SRK , Gauri n Shweta have already decided to launch them together i think.... i had this feeling right from the tym shweta has started hanging out with Gauri... that's the main reason i think shweta n bachchan's have got close to SRK... long tym planning goes behind these star kids launching.... Navya has diva like features....which the current crop of heroines after DP is lacking...we have to see about the acting though! i feel these 2 r dating may be?

I think most of the bollywood star kids have look for modelling than acting, be it athiya or this navya naveli person. These kids have this huge background so why not go for international modelling. It's like acting is the only courier they know.

you mean "Career"

Both are quite good looking

why does he have partly closed eyes in all his pics? too much glare from the nearest superstar?

He's handsome and very good looking don't see why people can't see past their hatred to admit this.

If he's talented why shouldn't he be an actor? The issue is nearly all these star kids don't have an iota of talent!

She seems to really like and look upto him. He seems like a charming guy.

They're young but are 17 going on 18 if they're dating it's fine.

in real life he doesnt smile, only for selfies he does i guess

damn handsome. My SRK is back !!!!!

even they study in same collage in future they will marry 4 sure ....................

Cute selfie:)

Are they dating?

He, Navya, and SriDevi's youngest daughter Khushi are the best looking star kids that I have seen so far.

I wouldn't be surprised if they get launched together. That seems to be the trend in Bollywood these days...

Hot pair.


In 3 years, they'll probably be launched opposite each other.

Navya is so pretty. She can do well in Bollywood.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement