Exclusive: There was a possibility of me being ‘Mastani’ if there was a certain ‘Bajirao’... - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Finally, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's historical romance, ‘Bajirao Mastani’ will see the light of the day with Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra in the lead this year end.   

But the history has it that the film has undergone several changes in its casting ever since it was conceptualised. The film was first announced in 2003. Bhansali initially wanted to cast Salman Khan and Aishwarya (his lead pair from ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’) for the titular roles, but could not cast them together after their highly publicised break-up. Later, there were reports that Bhansali had cast Salman and Kareena Kapoor as the lead pair which was finally scrapped apparently after the pair signed another film together.

Eventually, Bhansali shelved ‘Bajirao Mastani’ at that point of time and went on to direct ‘Black’ (2005), ‘Saawariya’ (2007), ‘Guzaarish’ (2010), and ‘Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela’ (2013). Bhansali’s friends had revealed that Sanjay was restless because one of his dream projects had remained unfulfilled, and throughout these 10 years or so, media speculation continued about the production and casting of ‘Bajirao Mastani’.

Several actors were rumoured to be linked to the project, including, Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif and finally, in July 2014, it was confirmed that Bhansali had revived the project with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone (the lead pair of Bhansali's ‘Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela’) playing the titular roles and Priyanka Chopra playing Bajirao's first wife, Kashibai.

Ask Aishwarya, who was meant to be the original ‘Mastani’, whether she’s seen the film’s teaser, and while evading the question, the actress says, “Sanjay and me will always smile with each other.  In between also he has met me a couple of times this year and I keep teasing him that, ‘So you have got your fix? And he would laugh and say, ‘Ya’.”

The actress continues, “It is a very close bond with Sanjay, creatively and because of that personally. My relationships with certain filmmakers have been personally so strong; it has never been only about the work. We have obviously discussed it, even before the start of the movie, there was a certain casting he was looking at and if that was to come to be...as everybody knows that there was a possibility of me being ‘Mastani’ if there was a certain ‘Bajirao’ that he was trying to cast but if that didn’t come to be... and he had openly talked about it. We both knew what the casting would be.”

And Aishwarya sums up saying, “It is natural, it is nothing to fret about and think over. Every film lives its own destiny and finds its reality the way it is meant to be.”


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#1 POST 3 days in a row.

Well seems like pink villa has exclusively got this sentence from Aish . In every other news article ,for the same interview, the " you have got your fix " thing is not mentioned , instead it states her saying : every Film has its destiny and finds the way it is meant to be. It is Not something to think over, fret over.

Ash fans get crazy mad when there's a random post on PV with Salman's name in it. Even when Salman has actually evaded the questions. Now what's this about? Let's be real, she IS commenting on a 20-year old controversy. When she could have simply said, "no comments" or "yes/no" and ended it. Please, she KNOWS this will make headlines in the entertainment section of every newspaper. And brand Salman is quite in demand these days. I must say, although I'm not a fan of Salman's media interactions, he's been a lot more tactical and gracious when faced with Ash questions.

And Ash, please leave Bairao Mastani alone. Let fans of the actors who are actually doing the movie enjoy this, w.o you dragging in your 20-year old drama into this again!

She did not take any name of that actor. It could be Ajay,SRk or Salman


I'm glad Rani is not making statements like this regarding Bajirao Mastani. I don't see anything wrong with Aishwarya's statement. But just don't comment at all next time because these fans and certain groups are like vultures.

The only thing i like about Ash is her courage and willingness to take risks. Unlike Kajol, another comeback actress of the year, Ash is gutsy enough to make her comeback in an average director like Sanjay Gupta's film (not some famous 100 cr director) without any superstars and even the role seems to be out of her comfort zone (not SLB types). Thank god she dint accept HNY


They went with a new format a few months back that eliminated user uploads.


I see nothing wrong in what ASH has said,its her way of answering.

Deepu fans can't take the fact that up until last moment SLB still wanted Ash but the male leads did not want to do a historic movie

BM has zero chance against SRKajol

Dilwale will obliterate BM

Ash's dancing would have knocked it out of the ballpark

FACT - SLB wanted Ash till the end but no bajirao would sign up for a year - hritihik or ajay

PV please post the video since seems to have given you this exclusive.

Aishwarya's comeback is going to fizzle, she is going to need the khans to get back into the game. SRK is the only khan that is going to work with her.

That certain Bajirao would have been Ajay or SRK. She was open to working with SRK again, just not Salman or an actor that's too young. Bajirao Mastani was jinxed back in 2003. Rani Mukherjee was approached for Kashibai's role as it required a powerful actress since the role is heart wrenching and one that evolves enormously from the beginning till the end of the movie. Aishwarya also had a fall out with Rani, so she would not do the movie with either the original Kashibai nor the original Bajirao. Yet, Sanjay didn't replace Aishwarya at the time as he kept saying Aishwarya is my Mastani. Deepika and Ranveer are great choices in my opinion and Priyanka has proved time and time again that she is a powerful actress and can take a role on such as that of Kashibai.

Queen of Indian cinema ROCKS!

The QUEEN is only DEEPIKA. Everyone else can take a backseat please!

Queen is back to rock. Cannot wait for Jazbaa, ADHM, Sarabjit, Mani's film and many others. Still very much in demand.

While DP remains jobless in 2016... No director has anything for DP? Tsk Tsk... The so called queen with an empty diary.

Would have loved her in it!! Would have done a 1000 times better job.

Bhansali wanted it to make ONLY with Aishwarya. But then he casted Ranveer, so Ash couldn't be cast.

Not true. Bhansali has had change of mind several time until he found Deepika and finalized her for Mastani's role.

Aishwarya is the most beautiful and amazing, versatile actress. So excited to see the Queen back!!!

Always imagined only her as mastani. Anyways, can't wait to see Ash back on screen. Looks like a scorching, amazing performance in jazbaa.

Aww..Aish would have nailed mastani, she is unbeatable in period films.

No one comes close the perfection of Aishwarya Rai. Queen!

QUeen Aishwarya. Most beautiful and extremely talented. can't wait for jazbaa!!

Will Jazba be promoted on other films that did not do but not on the Jazba's content? Last year, there was so much smoke about 6 films that were on cards, even though Jazba is the only one she was signed up for. Now all that smoke has gone bust. Now she going to her old ways of using other people's films and success to stay current and relevant. Yikes.

Deepika as Mastani and Ashwarya as her maasi may be.

So typical of DP fans to get riled up every other day for nothing. #insecure Can't wait for DP to crash, so that the fans can land back to Earth. Her time is over... no one is signing DP anymore. Expect more depression videos in 2016.

Just wait and watch , Deepika has signed movies but is smartly keeping quiet about them , knowing how some insecure actresses will claim it was offered to them . Kat fans , accept Katrina is done, she looks older than most of the actors and is on her way out

How the tide has changed! Of course Aish is burning. She was SLBs original muse, but he has now moved onto DP. And the mutual love that used to exist between Aish and DP fans is now gone cause of one insecure comment from Aish!

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong in what she said. The role was written for her by SLB and he wanted her for years. But SLB finally decided to make it but with a different cast.. and that is what she says. Ash was perfect as mastani and she would have rocked it completely. Deepika is the 2nd best choice, I am glad it is not some horrible overacting kareena or someone else.

wow, deepika is a bigger star and carried film on her shoulders and yet she is so humble when compared to all the average heroines of 90's or early 2000.
ash- that was a simple question, u shd have said yes or no. so much insecurities talking

pray tell which film has DP carried on her own shoulders?

rule1: don't talk about he movie which is no longer yours
and indeed if this film would have happened few years back with ask, iw ld not watch because I cant bear her acting and her dialogue delivery.
deepika is pretty,knows to act, can pull off fighting scene, less melodramatic. so yeah, I am so happy deepika is mastani and its her destiny for this role.

Given a choice between watching Deepika as Mastani and watching Ash as Mastani. Deepika wins by miles. She looks and justifies every bit of Mastani's character. Ash wasn't good as a warrior in her Hollywood movie that she did.

There is goes on and on and ..... always trying to act smart.

Ash needs Bhansali all the time, that is her only way of winning a best actress award. In the first season of KWK, it was Ash's suggestion that she be paired with Sanjay Bhansali so she could resolve all the issues with him.
Ash has worked with the top directors in bollywood and in the south but never manages to carry a film on her shoulders. She is good looking but that doesn't mean she is a good actress!

DP also needs SLB to win awards.... Take Ram Leela out, her "acting" career will be clear to you.

This is the reason why Aish at her peak had mixed reactions. She was lucky there was no Pinkvilla and other social networking sites she would have been annihilated for the kind of comments she use to make. In this day and age you can't afford to be arrogant and condescending. Clearly there is some insecurity as Sanjay Leela Bhansali had no plans to revive this movie without Aish and Salman that's something he himself admitted to. Then when he decided to muster up the courage Kareena and Salman go and sign a depressing movie which was a disaster at the box office.
Aish as a friend should be proud of Sanjay for going ahead and making a movie on such a large scale. This movie would have only been green lighted as he has a Ram Leela behind him and the same star cast who are hot property at the moment. Aish only shows her own insecurities by coming out with such comments. Stars need to be more humble. In this day and age you can't afford to piss off the audience. Remember Emraan Hashmi and Saif Alik Khan? they claimed they don't watch Bollywood movies even though that's there bread and butter, look what happened. Just when Aish's movie is releasing and the women seem to be warming more to Aish than ever especially with her being a mum, this was a very stupid thing and could affect the opening of her movie.

Aishwariya has never ever said anything complimentary about deepika Just like katrina. Be nice lady character is the only thing that counts when beauty fades away.All the best for your upcoming movie.

She would have been a better Mastani

Deepika ruling and Aish burning on missing out such a huge cinematic opportunity. Deepika will always be remembered as Mastani. What is with original mastani tag. The days of Aish are numbered and Deepika is flying high. Aish eve in her younger days was half of what Deepika is today.

I somewhat agree. I'll give you this, Aish has never been the number 1 actress in Bollywood in her 20s the actresses that ruled were Kajol, Rani and Preity then later went to Katrina now it's Deepika. She Never been number 1.

You sound like the one who is burning. At 41, Aishwarya stills matters enough to you to make you come and write a paragraph of insecurity about her here, hopefully 12 years from now you will still have enough steam in you to come and defend Deepika's legacy in Bollywoood.

The path that Deepika has chosen and her talent which is way above Aish will make her relevant to her fans even after 12 years so don't worry about DP fans defending her at 41 or after that. Deepika is talented and has classic Indian beauty which makes her so much more than just a pretty face. Insecurity at personal level isn't even the situation here. If someone think she was the original mastani than good luck to them and good fortune of the movie that it got a better mastani who can act, dance, look elegant and do so much more. BTW aren't you yourself very opinionated about other actors and actresses. Why are you burning in your responses now. Deepika is way better Mastani than Aish could ever be. Period!

What do you mean DP fans? Newsflash honey boo boo, I am one. I meant you, not the entire fandom. Read, homes. I'm opinionated about just about everything on this planet but I always call a spade a spade and never drag anyone down just because I'm lauding another.

There is always a recipe for hate and room for lots of it on this website. Look at what has gotten basic panties up in a bunch...

"Ask Aishwarya, who was meant to be the original ‘Mastani’, whether she’s seen the film’s teaser, and while evading the question, the actress says..."

SHE DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO ANSWER THE QUESTION. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Include yourself in the HATE........look at all the mean things you say about another particular actress.

Who Asin? I've already moved on from her. Katrina? Well, okay you got me there but aside from those two I like and applaud everyone else in Bollywood. Heck I even applauded Asin upon her engagement. I don't hate anyone. I might dislike but I don't hate. I'm probably the only person on this website who can honestly say she is a fan of Deepika, Kangana, Aishwarya, Sushmita, Kareena, Priyanka, Shraddha, Parineeti, Rani, Preity, Kajol, Karishma, Madhuri, Sridevi, Rekha, Jaya et. al.

She could've just said: 'Yes, I saw the teaser and I liked/disliked it.' She didn't have to praise anyone in the particular, but why give such a lecture ? If I was in her place, I would've just said: No, I haven't seen it yet. :) Controversy avoided. :P

Today I totally agree with u @voiceswriter

#1 Post.

Ok I am a loyal DP fan and when I first read this interview I saw nothing wrong in what Ash said. I read all these comments and now I had to re read it. I like Ash and maybe she ghumaod the question because she didn't want to directly praise DP (because of being a Bachan) and also didn't want to put the teaser down because she has a friendship with SLB (wants the film to do well for him). Regardless, she didn't say anything negative, to me she was just toying with the subject because it was probably one of those things that was discussed numerous times between her and SLB (she knows he only wanted to make it with her if Salman was Bajirao). There is no way that this movie was offered to her recently because Mastani was young and needed to be agile to be a warrior (Ash couldn't look realistic in it even if she tried now). All people trying to compare Ash with DP is silly, to me DP is today's Ash, DP is slightly better in the acting department but Ash was slightly better in the dancing department, so to me it's equal. When I look at the two of them, I see two equally beautiful women at different stages in their life. Please stop comparing the two and don't create differences where there is none, she even said that SLB got his fix, meaning he's finally happy with who his Mastani is! So please everyone stop arguing!!!PV please post!

she talks in this dreamy way. How the hell did she win Miss World? Yes! she is gorgeous and beautiful, but when she speaks, she is so boring and not that intelligent either. Sush, on the other hand, can turn on anyone with her conversation.

Offo! Let's pump brakes here. You are entitled to your opinion but how about not dragging one down to bring another up? I'll hazard if Sushmita got Aishwarya's post pageant fame and Aishwarya was the less famous one now, you'd be saying the same thing about Sush. Aishwarya actually not only won Miss World at Miss World, she won Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic as voted on by her fellow contestants, many who referred to her as bubbly, friendly and full of life. She scored high in the pre-pageant activities and aced every moment on the night of the main event. THAT IS HOW SHE WON MISS WORLD.

Did not expect this from Aishwarya. You don't have to seek attention Aish. A simple Yes or No would have been enough rather than going on about the certain bajirao or mastani :/

She is not seeking attention. All of this was actually cleared up on episode 4 of season 1 of KWK in 2004. Subtract 11 years from the age of the interviewer (correct me if I'm wrong) and you'll probably see why this has to be a topic for discussion again in 2015.

LOL .... Who asked for all that info? This comment to regain attention from the media nearing the release of Gupta's film is so stupid. Jazbaa will still disappoint even with the subtle mention of Deepika and thou shall not be named, Salman Khan.

This bajirao mastani movie better be good. I been hearing about it for the past 15 yrs. at one time madhuri was playing mastani.


I still think Ash and Madhuri 15 years younger would 've fit this bill, perfect for this movie, these new actors have no match at all, they do not look regal not they have acting skills..

ash is making a mountain out of a molehill. if she didnt see the trailer for Bajirao Mastani she could have just said that she will see it in the future because i am sure she will be invited to the premiere if SLB is such a close friend.

DP brought this to HERSELF... first AB, then SRK. whats wrong with her? No one likes that DP..

What did Mrs. Rai-Bachchan say that put Ms. Padukone down? She didn't say she 'gave Ms. Padukone the role because she rejected it.' Everyone knows Mr. SLB saw Mrs. Rai-Bachchan as Mastani for YEARS. Is she supposed to deny that fact? She didn't say that she was the only right actress for the part. She said nothing disparaging or mean spirited.

Exactly. People are always looking for a reason to tear her down because she has lasted so long in Bollywood.

A new low even for Ash! Grow up and wake up, sweetheart! There are other actresses more beautiful and talented than you!

Ajay,shark,Hrithik could not give dates to SLB that's why Ranveer Singh is doing

I really thought Aish was a LOT better than this! Who cares about what the casting "WOULD" have been. No time for "Would have been", "Should have been", "Could have been." Let's talk about the present - WHAT IS!! Unbelievable!

I am happy that she is not stucked to her no comment mode.

everyone wants to bring down Deepika.Industry is very jealous if any women becomes a superstar. after sridevi and madhuri we did not have a female superstar until Deepika came in.but i think everyone is trying to bring her down, which clearly shows Deepika is on top

Possibly the most long-winded, fluffy answer to a seemingly simple question. Classic Aishwarya.

A simple Yes or a No would suffice!!!

maybe Aish can't praise Deepika bc of her tiff with Amitabh Bachchan.............. post it pleeeeeeeeeease

That makes sense. Almost forgot about that.

Just focus on the green tinged flop Jazbaa and leave Bajirao Mastani to people who can actually pull it off . Im so glad SLB waited to do BM , Aishwarya would have ruined it with her disastrous acting

Lol the same person actually has the time to hate on dp 6 times ! Hey go look at rs dp recent vogue video and put a smile on your face. Cheerio !!

fact is this movie was offered to Ash again last year again so someone below is in denial

ЯI would not like to make a film without the two of them (Salman-Ash) Bslova SLB

This woman cannot compliment other actresses and she never answers what she is being asked . And so much jealousy in her reply . Why jealousy lady? We see in the Jazbaa trailer that you still cannot act and yet envy someone who has the prowess and grace to be Mastani. Aishwarya never thought there might be another actress who will fit into Mastani character so well . Sour grapes . Good luck on your upcoming flop Jazbaa

Well said Ash truth hurts others

deepika is the senior actress to alia and so what goes around comes around

Ash would have been the best mastani it was written for her

deepika is heading for the same fate as arrogant kangana

DP is 30 so her best years are behind her

DP has already reached her peak and is on her way down

LOL she married a dud..anyways she sounds jealous and full of herself. It was just a simple question no need for a lecture. Tbh roles like bajirao and mastani is something no actor will pass up on but most would have made an issue shaving their head. credit to ranveer for looking alright most others would have looked comical.


Muahahahahahahaha! Oh the pickle for some & the hurt of the others! Muahahaha! Love you Aishu, never change hehehe.

Guys y is everyone getting so worked up. I'm a deepika fan myself. I dint see anything wrong in what she said. She just said that to SLB like a friend who was always dreaming to make this film for many years. So u finally got ur fix, refers to getting his casting after these many years. It's ok at this stage in her career she may not b saying that she shud have been cast. She is more beautiful n a batter dancer than DP. But DP has an athletic frame n when she wields her sword it looks convincing. Personally in my opinion ash was not very convincing in fight sequences in jodhaakbar. She was using her left hand to hold support the sword while fighting, which is not at all correct. But DP looked very convincing n her tall athletic frame justifies a warrior as I presume a warrior who trains regularly will have a frame like DP. As a whole I think all films eventually get their casting right. Every film has its own destiny. Even tho I'm a DP fan I think sonam was a better choice for prdp n DP a better choice for mastani.

There is nothing in that role of Sonam in PRDP which Deepika cannot Pull off! I still think Deepika should have done that movie , idk why she rejected it but anyways DP and Sonam have no comparison in any terms so please don't.. rest of all i agree with you.

Hopefully now DP will stop praising Aish seeing as though Aish can't praise her in return

You don't praise someone to be praised back. You praise someone when they actually deserve it, not to get compliments thrown back at yourself.

Lol she is doing the same thing other actresses did when they have a movie for release. When was the last time kr kk and sk talked about the current mastani ?

Ajay Devgan could not give bulk of dates to Sanjay Leela Bhansali

I am sure she saw the trailer but she is so full of it she just could not say something nice. Nobody wants to give dp credit but they want to ride on her shoulder for publicity.

DP fans are getting so high headed..agree DP is doing well...lets see what she does when she reaches 35 and from their on..
Aish carved her own Niche ...it irks me when DP fans has to say this...

Bajirao was suppose to be Salman. Mastani was suppose to be Aish. Kashibai was suppose to be Rani. Aishwarya turned it down because of Salman. He was on his way out and Vivek was walking into her life. Sanjay Leela Bhansali then approached Kareena but she turned it down. Get over it Aish. You're done now anyhow. Jazba will be a big flop anyhow.

Oh come to reality you senior actress. Nobody cares. You have Jazbaa releasing this year , try worry for that rather then going back to 12 years and what was offered and what was bajirao and what was Mastani nonsense. DP is MASTANI , if you have a magic wand change it and be Mastani LOL.

Ajay was asked before this shoot began but could not give 1 yr to it neither could srk or hrithik. Your facts don't add up.

All the actresses , literally every single actress in the industry would kill to get a role like Mastani but you know what , it had Deepika Padukone's name written over it from the beginning or as Ash say it "Destiny". So now they have no option left but to be jealous of DP. What else is there to expect? :))

Yeah so what? Hate it when actors talk about films they were offered and how they turned it down. Unfortunately , Ash is falling into the shoes of Pataudi Queen who is a pro in rejecting Good films. And i am actually shocked she is giving importance to what happened back in 2003??!? It's not like Sanjay Sir offered her BM last year or she really thinks that he would have offered the role all over again. After Ramleela , he had all eyes on Deepika and hence she was casted for the role and she will do complete justice to it. Aishwarya should focus on Jazbaa. Didn't she had it enough by playing Sanjay Leela Bhansali's heroine thrice?? The role is mean't to be done by a Top actress of today not by someone who is on her comeback spree (Yeah what comeback , she have had imaginary releases according to her) PV post please thanks.

the question was straight forward and, i see so much jealously in her answer. deepika is the superstar now and aish could not reach that place ever neither in her 20's or 30's. deepika is right choice, i can see her as a warrier, dancer , she has a aura in her and plus most of all deepika can act and her voice modulation is so much better than aish

thank god, she would not at all fit into an warrior lady. and also ask cant act . deepika is perfect. and like deepika said why talk about the movie role which you did not do????

I think that this is a very condescending remark towards Deepika, Ranveer and Priyanka. "‘So you have got your fix? And he would laugh and say, ‘Ya’" It was a personal conversation she had to Sanjay, no need to drag it in public. Instead being happy for the actors involved, the movie, director and the whole cast, she does not need to make it sound like he found something to patch up his movie with. Sanjay is working with hard-working and ambitious actors, just like when she was in her prime. At least respect that - Aishwarya Rai and please let go - let go that you were the original choice. Unfortunately, only those actors will be remembered for the films they have done or do....not the ones who were the first choices and never got to do it.

maybe Aish can't praise Deepika bc of her tiff with Amitabh Bachchan.............. post it pleeeeeeeeeease..

does she mean to say that she would have done the film if the certain Bajirao was Abhishek? I think the certain Bajirao she wanted to be cast is Abhishek only. she still looks after Abhishek. thank God that didn't finalize. Abhishek can't act & so can't she.

That certain Bajirao would have been Ajay or SRK. She was open to working with SRK again, just not Salman or an actor that's too young. Bajirao Mastani was jinxed back in 2003. Rani Mukherjee was approached for Kashibai's role as it required a powerful actress since the role is heart wrenching and one that evolves enormously from the beginning till the end of the movie. Aishwarya also had a fall out with Rani, so she would not do the movie with either the original Kashibai nor the original Bajirao. Yet, Sanjay didn't replace Aishwarya at the time as he kept saying Aishwarya is my Mastani. Deepika and Ranveer are great choices in my opinion and Priyanka has proved time and time again that she is a powerful actress and can take a role on such as that of Kashibai.

Stop the slick talk LOL. You need to stop trying to convince people that the supporting role sounds better than the main lead using words like powerful, heart wrenching and whatever you want to justify it with just because Priyanka is doing that role. Whether its Rani or PC that's the secondary role BEHIND Mastani. Aish was supposed to be the lead and now its Deepika point blank. So Time and time again Deepika is proving that she's capable of carrying a film as the main actress because not only can she act, she is the most dependable one in the entire cast at the box office.

no he himself said that he wanted to make kareena the lead actress because ash didn't want to work with salman

Kareena was told to wait for the pre-production of the movie to finish but she signed a movie with Salman, something Sanjay didn't want. That movie was Kyon Ki and it as a huge flop unfortunately for them, and Sanjay felt the couple wouldn't be right for such a romantic movie when they just recently had a massive flop behind their back.

KAREENA was chosen to play Mastani but she rejected it because Ranveer would not stop coming on to her and made her uncomfortable.

kareena you are not the best! there are powerful actors like priyanka around stop hating on ranveer!!

let it go.. accept and move on - your time is UP.

Wow..have it been AISH & Salman , it would have reached heights & Mega blockbuster
Have it been Hrithik & Kareeena, it would have reached heights & Mega blockbuster
Have it been Kareena & Salman,it would have reached heights & Mega blockbuster

It has Deepika, Ranveer & PC and if movie is good..it won't make any difference...Just that box office figures with Salman would have been awesome.

I thought Kareena is only blunt and keep boasting about movies she gave up and with AISH interview here i see a kareena vibe..but then its ok as kareena is talented & gorgeous while aish is pride of nation... :)
Pv please post this

ditto my opinion.

typical Aishwarya answer in form of a long verbose lecture on her relationship with the director... The answer as to whether she had watched the trailer should have been a simple 'yes, and Deepika is phenomenal in it'. is that so hard ??

She really has her head on straight. Good to see fame and beauty has never changed her.

Lady..over 20 years in the business,and still you act childishly.
I have often noticed she is asked something,she replied something else..

Very true..theres never a straight to the point answer from her. Always beating around the bush!

Finally a question that hasn't be asked or answered before. Media, now turn it into a tamasha for the trolls to lap up and eat.

I think there was no need for the last sentence "We know in out heart what the casting would be" sounds jealous and as if, there wa son option other than her. If that was the case then SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN MASTANI. PERIOD.
As for people comparing the two,
Ash = Beautiful than Deepika in certain ways
Deepika = Better than Ash in acting, fighting scenes and drama

For me Ash would have suited the role of KashiBai rather than Mastani. Mistune has a spark which Deepika has an actor and physical appearance and Ash is lacking it.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali openly said many times that he wanted Aishwarya and Salman for Bajirao Mastani and this project has been up on his mind for years, I mean I saw him say this on KWK 10 years back in 2004 and even then he had been thinking about the movie for years. They both wouldn't work together so it wouldn't work out and he has realized that and he now knows the worth of both Deepika and Ranveer, they are doing really good right now and I'm sure their movie will be fine. I can't really stand SLB movies much anyway, HDDCS was realistic but I watched it more for Salman, other than that Khamoshi was his only movie that was actually good.

And the question was how she felt about the teaser.....insecurity at its best....

i thought she did not want to work with bajirao. she never sells old gossip. just snide comments here and there. after all she is sati savitri.

nothing had make me sad before then when ash turn down Bajirao Mastani .. yes i think ranveer and deepika good choice but still i prefer salman or srk to play this role and ash be in it too

Blah blah blah why is she such a bore

First choice of this film were Salman and Aish. It was SLBs dream film. But they broke up with scandals. I like Aish but I don't like what she talk. What she mean? Which Bajrao she want? If the first choice always was Salman. What she mean? She want in Bajirao her flop husband? Im not Salmans blind fan and I like Aish too but this woman how much is beautiful so much she is an arrogant and fake:( she wanna be ideal, she wanna that ppl think that she is perfect, her husband is perfect and everything what has Aish is perfect. But it is sad illusion. This interview watch it again. Who care which Bajirao she want? She was with Salman, they were dating, love each other. Ok, they broke up with very dirty scandals but why sometimes she talk so arrogant things, have e little respect to your past darling. You was dating with him and now shut up!!!! Now in this film are Ranveer, Deep and Priyanka. They are amazing and I think that they will be perfect in this film. Aish must be more good and nature persona. Good luck SLB and my fav trio!!!

Ha ha ha ha I am speechless!

blah blah blah blah... can she ever just answer a question?

She actually answered, read again.

Who is he the certain bajirao .. Come on I don't get anything

A certain Bajirao is anyone but Salman Khan. SLB refused to cast another actor in Salman's role of Bajirao but Aishwarya had already vowed never to work with Salman again so the film could not commence. SLB tried to replace Aishwarya with Kareena but Kareena and Salman signed a film together after he expressly told them NOT to be seen as a couple before his film so the film got shelved until last year when SLB recast both leads.


hehehehe NO

I will always feel sad she could not do this movie

So rightly said...

Ash , you have lost out on the time and chance to do this film. Deepika is the only actress that can do justice to this movie. You have already passed your prime. Good luck on Jazaa.

Aishwarya was 29 in DEVDAS and is 41 now. Deepika is 29 now and hopefully you will care enough for her when she is 41 and some anonymous fan of a 29-year-old actress is saying the same thing about her. Good luck on... Your life.

Deepika is a legend! Look at her career graph and her growth within 4 years and look at Aishwarya Rai's growth in the past 20 years.(lets compare their last movies, shall we?? Piku vs Robot) Is there even a comparison??

Deepika is a legend? Okay baby, no point arguing with you. Bye.

ok deepika is not legend......but aish is also not legend....

For the first time I agree with Voicewriter this is one of the best replies I have ever seen on this forum. Splendid and spot on I have laughed my head off you are one genius.

PV please post.

Why does she have to be so evasive in her interviews. She is so boring and fake. She never even ever says anything nice about another actress. All credit goes to Deepika and Ranveer and she does not even acknowledge them. A case of sour grapes. She needs to stop giving interviews if she cannot provide a straight answer. Her interviews are so grueling.

katrina does the same. Very guarded, tries to be politically correct, takes Deepika's name only for promotions, ghumao questions. katrina is a pro at that and she was like that from the begining because she has a dubious past. Aish learned it the hard way. Deepika also should learn from Aishwarya.

Judging by the comments on this post, a lot of the people here are children. They've forgotten that Aishwarya was once 29 too and she survived in a world without social media, uber crores club, rabid fandoms or any accountability for salacious content in the industry. If they would just go and watch her old interviews to see that there was a time when she thought the media was on her side only to find out the hard way which made her the way she is now.

Go and watch her old interviews, at the start of her career she used to gush out answers thinking the media was her friend, giggling with them and pouring out her heart to them, this is the same woman who used to say Salman had the best body in all of India (not just Bollywood) and named Milind who she found sexy at the time as her ideal man. Hrithik has gorgeous eyes and is a great dancer. Obviously, something happened along the way that made her more guarded in interviews now. Pray the same does not happen to Deepika after she has walked a mile in her shoes. As for praising other actresses, go and ask Anushka, Vidya, and Priya for recent copies of the praises/encouragement they've received from Aishwarya and consult the archives for the praised Rani, Kajol, Preity, Divya, Nandita etc. have received in the past.

To be real we must praise even lie?

Everybody must always praise Deepika and then they will be real..#weirdLogic

I think she congratulates behind the camera.
I remember Anushka said Aishwarya congratulated her on her performance in RNBDJ and also gave advice, which at that time did not understand, but now understands.

It's upto her to refuse a movie if she's not happy for whatever reason. And Salman was acting like a childish brat refusing to let up on her...like the Chalte Chalte & Dhai Akshar prem ke fiasco . Still , there is no reason to talk about it in a sort of boastful " All the best movies are rejected by me". Lots of luck to Deepy & Ranvir & Ms Quantico.

I'm a fan of Aishwarya and Deepika, personally I see nothing wrong with what she said.

Ranveer is the best Bajirao Sanjay could have wished for.Aish would have been a better Mastani,though.Not to throw some shade at DP but Aish is truly unmatchable :)

I disagree. Ash is only unmatchable in beauty, but Deepika's the better actress. Just compare Ash's acting in the Jazbaa trailer to DP's acting in BM!

Deepika's the better actress? LOL.

Yes Deepika is a Better actress and people who talk sense will agree. Ash's popularity comes with her Beauty , her beauty comes first to her acting skills. Not saying that she is a bad actress. But Deepika has shown amazing growth as an actress and her work from past 3 years has been outstanding and she holds popularity on the basis of her Good Roles elsewhere she was considered beautiful in her very first movie. Ash I believe never went on to give a next level performance after Devdas. Even in her top phase , her contemporaries Rani and Preity were doing more substational roles (KHNH , Veer Zara , Black , Kabhi Alvida na Kehna etc) .. she delivered last good performances in Guru and Jodha Akbar that too by the end of her career.

Agree..Ash is more beautiful no doubt...but if the movie requires acting chops from Mastani, which Im guessing it does, then DP is the better choice hands down...she is the best balance of beauty and acting skills

delusional much

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