'I wish I could cast Kareena opposite Saif & Shahid in Rangoon' - Vishal Bhardwaj

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When Vishal Bhardwaj announced the cast of his next film, 'Rangoon', he took everyone by surprise. Vishal managed to bring in Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor together in this period drama, along with Kangana Ranaut

Those who have closely followed Bollywood, will know the connection between Saif and Shahid. Kareena Kapoor tied the knot with Saif after dating Shahid for about three years.

During an interview with Vishal, when the media quizzed him as to how he managed to convince Shahid and Saif to star in the same movie, and the director revealed, "Mera bas chalta toh main Kareena ko bhi cast karta (If things were in my hands, I would have cast Kareena, too). But no, this is not the thing. The role was only written for Kangana. Saif and Shahid are amazing actors."

Well, we quite agree with Vishal!

On second thoughts, had things worked out that way, it would have indeed been a casting coup of sorts!

What say?

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Kangana is WAY better than blink-and-you-will-miss-item-miss-in-khan-movies. So all is well.

i think he wanted Kareena but had to settle for Kangana! I wonder how the queen!!! feels about that

People in the west seems to really love her.

He's trying to create controversy even before the making of the movie.
Why give conflicting statements.."If it was in my power, I'd cast Kareena too "(as what, the main female character???) and then "The role was written for Kangana".
Wth is that supposed to mean?
Let the movie do the talking...too much unwanted noise about this movie already .

I guess u know very little about Vishal.. Actors die to be a part of his film..and when i say actors here i mean actors like Nasiruddin shah, Ompuri, Manoj Bajpayee.. He does't have to create any controversy to attract audience. His movies do it themselves.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - Vishal & Kangana. Match made in heaven! Can't control my Khushi Ke Aasoon.

I liked Kangana's chameleon like way of transforming into the character but I find it hard to watch her because of her voice. its too high pitched and shrill. She needs to get a voice coach. I think Madhuri has a good voice. Rekha has the best voice for an actress. Cannot stand Hema Malini's voice for that matter. For Rangoon i would love to see Vidya! Kareena is a very good actress too.

Please skip Rangoon as your dream will remain unfulfilled. Vishal is the best judge of who suits the role and he wanted her, only her. He has worked with the likes of Tabu, Vidya, Kareena, PC and Anu before. He would've called them if he they suited but nah...

QUITE A TREAT AND READY MADE HIT that would have been but alas, we will never see Bebo and Shahid do a romantic role together. Bebo is an awesome actress and Visual brings out the best in his actors....hope he can do something with Kangana's dialog delivery.

everybody in pinkvilla hates kangana or their are 1 or 2 fans of kangana left here??

People in the west really love her i.e. aus.

I'm sure there are. For every anti note, there is a pro note. It has to be from folks who care for Kangana. Or perhaps closeted Kangy fans hiding in the DP Fan Club. PV please post this!

I see it as Kangana having the audacity to speak even on the difficult subjects.

So delighted to know he wrote this role only for Kangana. He wanted to work with her for a long time. All the best for their collaboration. Rock 2016!

off course vishal it seem you love to put yourself in a trouble

Yes..the role was only written for Kangana! Love this man!

Big mistake in the cast is Kangana....all blah blah blah and no substance... Has a diction issue

"no substance"??ok hater u keep wishing for her downfall and she will rise more and more....

Wish it's kareena, can't wait to see this kangaroo goes down the drain cause of her stinky character

nobody goes down to drain in bw with due to character..its because of lack of movies and bad choices.....that is it....every director producer knows what she says in media but they dont care...if they cared about that she would have been kicked out of rangoon..simran etc...haters dont understand this simple thing...parineeti have great character but have no movies..y???tell me..

u wish hater...

Kangna has this weird dialog delivery and Bebo has stock of 3 expressions. so its not that matters who is the heroine.

do some nice movie with Hrithik please.

saif..shahid...kareena have their best acts of their career in vishal movies...

Not Kareena , her best is still Jab we met with Imtiaz

no kareena best role is bajrangi bhaijaan...she was epic

the hero and heroine of Bajrangi was that small girl who carried the movie on her tiny shoulders.

do some nice movie with bebo please

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