Woah: The love advice Ranbir Kapoor follows is just epic!

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Ranbir Kapoor who is creating a lot of ‘Tamasha’ in tinselville, is awaiting the November release of his film. But presently the actor is shooting for Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in Europe.

With Women’s Health, Ranbir shared the ultimate love advice he got. RK chirped, “Follow your heart and your mind and if there’s marriage between them, nothing else matters.”

Given that there have been innumerable rumors and speculations about his marriage with alleged girlfriend, Katrina Kaif and his dating life has been under the hawking public-eye, it becomes clear that he follows this love advice to the T.

Time and again, Ranbir-Katrina have quashed marriage rumors and never confirmed that they are dating. Now when their minds and hearts are married, it makes perfect sense that nothing else matters!

What say?



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These two and his ex are a joke.

Birds of a feather flock together. Rk and kk suit each other..Sneaky personalities.

You are wrong, they don't suit each other at all!

Gosh this guy play so many games he is such a liar he claimed kat was a friend up until ibiza pics then he denied moving out, then denied saying he is not ready for marriage because of all the crap he comes out with he has lost a huge chunk of fans who would rather follow sincere actors

Please get your facts right! Ranbir lives by himself, he doesn't live with Katrina!
He is not a liar. He speaks the truth!

It does not make any sense.

Woah! Awwwww! Ooops! Your headlines suck and so do your "articles".

Shut up

Poor RK, negativity everywhere , starting from within him.

I know
I hope I get married to him, then hopefully haters will stop their nonsense.

Just shut up. you are looking haggard with your mom's weird face and Katrina's botox face and lips, you both make a great couple. Good luck.


Stop this nonsense! Ranbir is not dating Katrina.
His mom is beautiful and Ranbir is very handsome.
Katrina doesn't deserve him at all!

Your uncles Shashi and Shammi were the real superstars and your grand father.Please do not preach, your nasty ways is enough record. You will get what is coming to you.

Ranbir is not nasty!

LoL Ranbir seriously every word that comes out from your mouth is a Lie you are a better actor offscreen than onscreen. You fans are truly right your the best actor so fake you are

Will you stop being immature it's not funny! Ranbir is handsome and his mom is beautiful!
Katrina doesn't fit in at all and Ranbir is not dating her!

I thought he followed a completely different organ of his, especially with all the past cheating rumors.

There are NO cheating rumors only the ones people like you make up. He's been faithful to Kat all the time he's been with her...5 yrs? I hear Deepika's got a great guy so stop being sore that Ranbir let her go after only 8 months....it's NOT called cheating, it's called ending, he was not married to her and Deepika and her fans should stop being childish and tarnishing him. That just shows that you people still want him to date her.

I agree with you. But Ranbir is not dating Katrina.
Katrina cheated on Deepika not Ranbir

Just because Katrina does not say or have the strength to walk out does not mean he is not cheating. She was a doormat with Salman and she is the same with Ranbir. She is like Zarina Wahab who lets her man have affairs and is happy that she is married to him

Ranbir will never marry Kat! No he is not cheating on her.
He is not even dating her.

What does that mean b/w your heart & mind.......does he mean marriage is in your throat....choking you.....That's why nothing else matters cos you'd be dead by then....?

If a man truly loves a woman, he will do anything to be with that woman including marrying her. He does not love Katrina. This is just a fling.He will get back to his senses soon.

Of course, Ranbir deserves better and yes he doesn't love Katrina!

Ohh god, what has happened to this world! a guy who dsnt accept his relationship in public, isnt acknowledging his own gf is giving love advice ! Who cheated on women and openly accepted it, who is doing nothing but behaving badly with media .. is giving advice !

Ranbir is not dating Katrina!
The media has behaved so badly with him
Shame on you for supporting the media

He is done with his career I think so..

You think wrong! He is not done with his career.

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