It is not wifey Mira but co-star Alia who 'recharges' Shahid Kapoor!

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#Shaalia, as they have hashtagged themselves on the social media, Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt chemistry is hitting all the right notes. The duo looks like to be on a fun ride whenever they are interacting with the media. Ask the couple any question, and bwoy, their answers will make you split with laughter. They are quirky, chirpy and full on entertainment! Off late, with the number of media interactions they both are having, each time they come up with a new statement. This makes one wonder, what good camaraderie they share on and off the screen.

Recently at an event, the team of film Shaandaar, unveiled the new song, ‘Raita Phail Gaya.’ Now as unusual the song sounds, the statement which the actor gave during the media session was nothing less than that. One such statement came from the suave and cool, Sasha. The actor said, “Alia is my charger. She recharges me.” Well, it looks like the answer came from the question, as to who charges Sasha… Well, it ain't his wife Mira! Whatever it maybe, we have to admit, this one was surely funny in its own right. And when the super cute couple comes up with such witty ones, it makes it more enjoyable to witness their interactions.

With Shaandaar releasing on 0ct 22, we are very excited to be a part of this fun, romantic adventure… Are you?


When is this film going to be released? Can't wait for these two to be off this site for awhile.

I am not surprised considering they are doing it :)

Who srk-pc?

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