Whenever Ishaan will say yes to a film, the world will know: Shahid Kapoor

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Shahid Kapoor’s baby bro, Ishan Khattar is currently being eyed as the newest entrant in tinselville. He is getting a lot of offers but hasn’t signed a film yet.

Speaking about Ishaan, Sasha told Hindustan Times, “People see Ishaan accompany me to various occasions. Plus, they know that he is a good dancer and a good-looking boy. He is very talented. So, yes, film opportunities are coming his way. But, right now, he is just 19, so I don't know... But he is old enough to take his own decisions."

"Whenever he says yes to a film, we will tell the world about it. Right now, offers are coming in, and he is gauging whether he is ready. And, when he feels he likes something, he will talk to me about it. If I feel like he should do that particular film, I will tell him, ‘Kar le (do it)'. And if I don't feel that way, I will tell him, ‘Beta, ruk jaa ek-do saal (Wait for a year or two)'. If he says, ‘Okay bro, since you are experienced, I will listen to you', it's great. But if he tells me, ‘Bro, I am going to do the film anyway,' then I will say, ‘Okay, best of luck,' (smiles)," revealed the Shaandaar actor.

Ishaan does have the potential. Let’s see when he plans on to green-signal his Bollywood debut!

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There is a very sweet relationship between the two! I also like how simple & grounded Ishaan seems to be.

Shahid seems like a protective brother and really a family guy...grounded...hope Shandaar becomes a huge success :)

People can say what they like about Shahid, but hats off for being a great step brother he calls Ishaan 'beta' as well. Their relationship is so sweet and you call tell how protective he is for his kid brother. Ishaan is a very lucky boy.

He is not his step-brother but half-brother.

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