Priyanka Chopra hosted Thank You lunch for Team Bajirao Mastani!

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Priyanka Chopra just wrapped up Bajirao Mastani’s shoot on Monday. For the past few months, PeeCee was balancing between Quantico and BM. She used to fly back and forth for the shooting.

So as a Thank You gesture, PeeCee hosted a lavish lunch on the last day, after wrap up. A source told Mid Day, “Priyanka landed in the city on Friday for a three-day schedule. She shot her last scene on Monday and once it was time to pack up, she thanked the crew for adjusting to her crazy schedule by treating them to lunch.”

“Since Priyanka was shooting in Wai in Satara district, she entrusted her brother Siddharth, a restaurateur, with the responsibility of arranging lunch on the set for 200-odd people. The menu comprised Italian food, authentic Indian dishes and some barbequed snacks on the side,” the source added.

Well! That’s really sweet of her. Isn’t it?


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Guys .she is just being reminded that she if 15 years in the industry. What else do excepect?totally normal. She is running out of time.

Priyanka Chopra is a wonderful actor and a warm human being. She deserves her great success.

What is wrong in being ambitious?? A lot of popular actors, both male and female would give anything to be in her shoes....working in super scripts in Bollywood and in hollywood with so much visibility all over...its not easy for any asian to get lead roles in western movies/serials......and Im no great fan of PC, but she should get her due.

What is so wrong or bad about announcing a GOOD dead?! I don't get why people are so miffed about someone wanting to share something good they did. I do not see anything wrong or any thing harmful in it. Everything is either wrong, bad or pr for people these days. Why can't the news just be read and let it be the way it is. SMH!

Proud of my PeeCee

Hey Shak, Where did you PC nominated for PCA go?

It's there. Find it on the website :)

Rolls My Eyes... I would be so happy if this would have been not leaked. But knowing PC, every goodwill has to be announced to the world. Working completely against the Law of Dharma. Karam Kar, Phal Ki Iccha Mat Kar. What's the point of : "Hello World, Here is what I did for my unit". SMH... Source close to her is as good as coming from her own mouth. #FakeQueen

Priyanka did not announce it. The actors and crew have also access to the internet and shared pictures on Twitter and were praising Priyanka. She did not tweet it also.

LOL...Surprised? What else do you expect from her? She is the most ambitious and desperate lady out there.

Priyanka is a real professional at heart and has a big heart. It's her good upbringing which is why everyone gets along with her. It's nice to see that she is recognising the hard work of the unit. Very often only the actors and director get praise for a movie while the unit is ignored. It's a nice and sweet gesture. I'm sure Bajirao Mastani will do wonders.

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