Shaandaar Selfie: Shahid poses with wifey Mira and Alia Bhatt!

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With only one day to go for Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's' Shaandaar' to release, the actors are leaving no stone unturned in promoting the film. From city tours to playing garba with Falguni Pathak, Sasha and Alia have been doing it all.
Both Shahid and Alia have come up with innovative ways to capture the countdown to the release of the film. In the picture shared by them on the social media page, Shahid and Alia are seen posing with former's wife Mira Rajput, a day before the release of the film.
While the ladies - Alia and Mira are all smiles for the camera, Shahid has been killing it with his intense eyes!
We loved all three in the photo, you guys tell us who is your favourite in this 'Shaandaar' selfie!


Mira is a superstar.

I can imagine Alia and Mira becoming friends, as they near same age

hope meera is happy with the size :-)


Alia's fake smile tells it all. it would be more believable if it wasnt posted now.

They look like cousins

They look like cousins

Alia has her mother's smile.

all the rumors put to rest !!!

That's vikas bahls finger..haha..#ShaandaarOutTomorrow

Mira is so cute!

Mira is so cute!

The realisation that Mira is even younger than Alia Bhatt. What was shahid thinking? Let the girl live her life first

tum apni zindagi jee lo and let other live theirs.

Shahid didn't force her to marry him? As far as I know, it's mutual decision. So no one should be bothered and make it an issue.

the girl was not forced into this. i am sure of it.

picture would have been better without alia

There are 4 people in that picture. Wonder who's the guy showing his index finger.

lol meeras hand looks funny! this couple is such an attention seeker

And that Finger belongs to Vikas so don't get confused.

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