Deepika-Ranbir's 'Agar Tum Saath Ho' is for those who have ever been in LOVE!

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That Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor share the most amazing chemistry is something that we all know about. Be it a fun track like 'Matargashti' or a heart break number like 'Agar Tum Saath Ho', Deepika and Ranbir always get it spot on!
The makers of 'Tamasha' have released the new song from the film and it is absolutely brilliant. Emotional, soothing and a soulful track which will leave you teary eyed - that is what is 'Agar Tum Saath Ho' is all about.
While Deepika looks ravishing in her no make-up avatar, we quite loved Ranbir's french beard mature look! The silent glances that the two share in the song is absolutely heartbreaking. Sung by Alka Yagnik and Arijit Singh, the song is composed by A.R. Rahman.
Deepika shared the song on twitter with the caption, "For all those who have ever been in love... … #AgarTumSaathHo
We already have the song on loop. Do tell us your thoughts on it after watching!

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am not feeling rk's pain here,am not feeling any genuine emotion,it's like he's no longer capable of emoting anymore,he's been detached on and offscreen for the past two years,like he lost the will to live or like he's just existing not really living and it's sad coz there was a time when he was so full of life and so charming,also it's hurting his career big time,i mean who would pay to watch this lifeless and detached guy,who keeps getting more and more unfortunate looking,i know i wouldn't

Ranbir is capable of showing emotions ok!
He is the best actor!

The chemistry is one-sided. Deepika is doing really well showing a lot of emotion, and Ranbir is just "there".

Have watched this song over and over since its release. Movie magic !

This song is all about Deepika
Here Toh Sad hai is all about Deepika
Matargashti had One person shinning through that was Deepika
It says a lot about Deepika. She suddenly has turned into a piece of CLAY. Her directors can mould her which ever way they want. She gives herself to the role. I attribute this to - Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She came under the his wings and blossomed. Imitate also played a very critical role in her growth. Ans also Ranveer Singh.
What happened to Ranbir is beyond my understanding - his dialogue delivery is nasal, not clear, he is in Barfi mode all the time.

hey..have u observed..there is no RK tatoo in her neck in the song !!!

yup coz in all her movies she does not show the tattoo

Wait for Bajirao mastani and you will understand what real chemsitry means. Coming to this yep Deepika is really good heads off and to Ranbir what should i say i think a lot of people agree that he still potrays barfi or its him who is acting so weird. So giving out this scene only shows that this was also the highlight of the movie. While watching the trailer it didn´t get me but just this scene in the trailer was the only thing i was impressed and it looks like its the only thing that impresses. Deepikas only chance to win best actress is still Bajirao Mastani to surpass Kanganas act.

she overshadowed ranbir in every frame,not that it's saying much,since rk's acting and emoting have been getting worse and worse,keep rocking deepu

That is not true! Ranbir's acting has not gotten worse.

seem like a very intense movie... can't wait to watch it..

This song just cemented the fact that I will be watching this movie for sure. DP is beyond amazing here. I guess this is why Irrfan said "Deepika is here for the long haul." He knew what she is capable of after working with her in Piku. Ranbir is also good here, yes there was that little second around 1:26 where he reminded me of Barfi but at 0:39-0:57 was spot on by him, so give him a break (and no I am not a fan of his, I am a die hard DP fan). I think RK is still having issues shaking Barfi's character from himself, it's getting better slowly. But this is just beautifully portrayed, loved it, they are great together eventhough I wish she wouldn't work with him (I am a RS/DP fan), I digress they are a treat on screen. Good job Imtiaz.

Do u guys think Ranbir is good in this?





i really wana know how sonam reacts to deepikas success this year!!!!!!

wish they were together

love you ranbir beautiful pair beautiful song

Oh God, what did I just see....LOL

Hello Sonam...U seem to be the only one liking urself .

it's called ACTING. Look it up in the dictionary as you won't see it in PRDP.

Some real acting

Deepika's trying too hard to act well. that's what she has been doing all this while. oh alright!

i only watch movies that dp stars in...I LOVE U DEEPIKA SO MUCH. I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN. pv please post.

DP is just knocking it out of the park. I'm really impressed!!!

Rejecting PRDP over Tamasha is such a good decision by DP. Look at her acting here , I am dead. I was thinking she will sweep away awards for BM , but now it looks Tamasha has chances too. Sonam , my darling enjoy your 2 hrs of fame with PRDP. It's a gift for you by Queen Deepika!! :) PV Post.

She didn't reject PRDP. She wasn't even offered that. Rumors are that Sultan went to Deepika or Kangana.

This song on repeat mode.

i cried with Deepika. I feel like i have been there before. it really hurts..and all i can say is be strong...grasp happiness .....

ranbir has really aged since Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. He has no business playing a student in Jagga Jasoos.

Ranbir has not aged! He is in good shape!

Ranbir is in good shaped! He has not aged

Life with Katrina has aged him!

He is not with Kat

Ranbir is not with Katrina! Stop this nonsense I mean it :'(

I feel like this song belongs to some other movie rather than Tamasha. That trailer was so disappointing, it felt like mindless fluff and didn't make much sense. And Deepika is good here, so why the overacting in Matargasthi (or whatever the name/spelling I forgot)???? Ranbir's performance seems contrived and fake nowadays. No naturalness at all.

This is called ACTING. Just like in 2013 , critics will find it tough to give her award for which movie. haters oooo ouch.

Lol to confuse chemistry wiht only deepikas great acting. Ranbir seriously lost it what does he think? that he is still Barfi?? I keep saying this since i saw the trailer Deepika is the only good thing in this movie why people will go and watch it and its definetely not for Ranbir or Imtiaz. Deepika is bang on in this scene crying and holding to the person. Really great emotions were emoted by her. Sorry but put everyother actor and you still would talk about chemistry its Deepikas makeing in the scene nothing to do with the actor being Ranbir he looks to detached to say that there is chemistry in the other scene its the same. The guy who was praised for no reason being the actor of the generation is now losing the spotlight to the girl who he thought was only a pretty face and has nothing to do with movies so she will get lost thats why he also was concentrated on Katrina because she was a bigger name now loook what happend. That girl become really a good actress maybe not the best but still on her way working towards it and crushed this item girl and the wannabee great actors dreams.

i second that! Bang on accurate...

deepika is seriously getting better and better with each movie..since cocktail, everytime i think ive seen her best performance she seriously outdoes herself..onscreen she makes you really connect with her with each character, fantastic acting--cant wait for tamasha and BM..also the chemistry between ranbir/deepika is truly amazing..whenever i watch rs/dp i think theyre the best couple then i watch rkdp and i think they have the best chemistry it keeps switching back and forth lol dont think ill ever be able to choose

never seen so much natural acting....its like i feel heartbroken seeing deepika....truly deepi giving a run for shaman azmi and konkana sen......truly actor in 100 years of indian cinema

Song is really nice but Ranbir in all the clips , song and scene look so detached with Deepika why, is this the story ?? Anyway hope so if not then this is due to Katrina , he could not give his 100 percent to this character.. All the best to Imitiaz because movie is looking superb.. Great songs.. Deepika is bang on..

Deepika is too much into character, Thoda kam kar Leti to bhi thik hota and Ranbir is just not feeling it.. Might be because of the script hope so..

I cried ! Like seroiusly !! Lol . I want to see this movie now. Every song is so poignant . Rk and dp you guys are rocking. Keep on making movies together.

People who have experienced great joy pain happiness sadness and sorrow confusion love anger and the myriad of emotions us humans deal with and endure become great actors. Deepika has experienced it all at a young age and as such it is not difficult for her to portray these emotions. Yes she would draw on her life experiences ( all actors do ) and nothing is wrong with that. A good portrayal does not mean that she is still in love with this guy it simply means that she has lived it. Wonderful scene !! Well done deepika and ranbir.!!!

Phenomenal acting by Deepika Padukone. It made me cry. Just loved the first sense.

Based on their amazing performances, I wonder if Ranbir plays a character who is suffering from a mental issue or some sort of neurological disorder. I feel there is an unexpected twist in the storyline. I can't wait to see this movie!!!

it was the other way around when they broke up,he was the one begging and making a scene out side her apartment for her to let him in,she did let him in,but refused to take him back,he did cheat on her with kat,but she was"still is"the one he truly loves that's why he didn't leave her for kat,he only got together with kat after she dumped his cheating butt that's why he seems so lost and miserable around kat and so happy and lively around dp,,but kat and her pr rewrote history to make it seem like he was the one who left her coz he loved kat oh so much"lmao i mean is that why he left kat for nargis",and unfortunately when you repeat a lie long enough it becomes the truth,anyho back to the song,dp outshines everybody and every thing,rk isn't bad here,but he's not half as good in the acting department,and the fact that he lost his charm makes it even more obvious,you rock deepika,u earned the queen of BW tag and how

enjoy the song instead of making stupid comments like you were there to witness all those.

People who have experienced great joy pain happiness sadness and sorrow onfusion love anger and the myriad of emotions us humans deal with and endure become great actors. Deepika has experienced it all at a young age and as such it is not difficult for her to portray these emotions. Yes she would draw on her life experiences ( all actors do ) and nothing is wrong with that. A good portrayal does not mean that she is still in love with this guy it simply means that she has lived it. Wonderful scene !! Well done deepika and ranbir.!!!

Deepika has grown to be a great actress. The range of emotions she shows in this 2 minute video is amazing. Her expressions are so real they are palpable.

yes. She's easily on the way of being the meryl streep of our nation.

Come on, DP's a good actress but don't be delusional. Noone in Bollywood compares to Meryl Streep. Don't give ammo to the haters.

Deepika will steal the show in the movie. she is performing so good in here. best actress 2015 goes to Deepika Padukone, go Bengaluru girl,you made us proud.First the handsome Prakash Padukone and now Deepika Padukone.

SO evident here that DP and RK are seriously, seriously GREAT actors.


She is channeling her real life feelings towards Ranbir, clinging on to him for dear life. All the OTT crying and shaking makes me cringe. If someone reacts like that in real life, I would freak out.

That means You don't live in the real world.....

Loved ur conment, u r funny but ur right..

imtiaz has used deepi for this film..same happened in yjhd ....this is just bad that they are doing the same gimmick again....exactly why he cast

could not agree more for YJHD... I think the director and producer of that movie, didn't give her enough recognition as she deserves to make that movie a super hit.

Deepika owns this Song.....

oh this song is based on deepika's real life, thats how she is after ranbir, very smart imtiaz ! ;)

Oh this song is based on rk real life that how he badly wants deepika back , his tears , his sadness said he wants her but badly stuck with kat aunty. Very smart imtiaz. Post it pinkvilla

How beautiful?

And some people still have the nerve to say that DP can't act !!!!


OMG. I just cried. :( Deepika is so genuine in her acting. It is so obvious she is born to act.

I'm in love with Ranbir

This sequence is breathtakingly beautiful. And it is fitting, because the song is also breathtakingly beautiful. A+ for team Tamasha. It's songs like this that really make you tap into your own experience.

what a song uff, deepkia steal the show, look at her expressions. its really heart breaking.

and after this if katrina still thinks she looks good with ranbir more than deepika than she is fooling herself. kat cant beat randeep hotness and magic in this lifetime

Ranbir-Deepika are pure magic onscreen and off screen. there is unsaid understanding between the two, their souls are connected. i hate katrina more now for breaking this wonderful relationship. never ever forgive that kat for this. inshAllah karma will get her soon. she can never be happy

-agar kapoor surname saath ho-.......tat should be the name of the song and caption not for those who have ever been in love deepi ;P....pv don't ignore this time.

bang on ;)....shes still brooding after sure RK will always remember deepi as the strongest contender for his name girl would hav gone the length of post plz

no katrina has cross all the limits and gone more length than deepi to get the tag lol post it

at least she doesn't hav a tattoo and nor does she say "i love you and miss you RK" even when she is currently with

Ranbir is not with her!

Ranbir is not with Katrina!

Ranbir is not with her!

They both acted extremely good in my opinion through the whole song except Ranbir's expression at 1.14, I didn't buy that persona he portrayed..sort of reminded me an image of Barfi or something similar from an old movie...Deepika was great throughout...I never liked Ranbir or his overacting on-screen persona but I somewhat believe this movie will be a blockbuster...I would like to believe it's all for Deepika...

Ranbir is a brilliant actor and he never overeacts!

Who feels their chemistry is decreasing here?

Something is missing here.. The girl's very sad and the boy isn't even half sad. Well, hope that's what the script needs and that's not overacting.

Beautiful song

Deepika is The Show Stealer of this SONG..... What a Terrific Performer she has turned out to be.. great going gal... Sooo proud of U Darling....

Amazing! Deepika exudes so much emotion and the way she cries is so realistic, just like Kareena Kapoor! Ranbir is equally as good crying like a guy should!

OMFG!! This Deepika is a Phenomenol actress omgomgomg!!!

She killed me. She killed me with a craving with those emotions of her. I actually cried.

oh my god what i am seeing, its magical, awesome chemistry between this two. God, why they broke up? they made for each other,just loved it. pv plz post it.

Such a nice song! Alka-Arjit are a good combo surprisingly! RK-DP also have great chemistry, but that's a given now. Deepika's breaking my heart with her performance. She's just getting better and better.

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