I don’t see anything wrong with being able to express myself: Krishna Shroff

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Krishna Shroff who came into limelight when she posted a few "topless" pictures of herself on her social media account has since explained that it was an experimental shoot with a long time friend and was done aesthetically. Now in a recent interview with a leading daily, the young daughter of Jackie Shroff opens up in more detail about her photoshoot among other topics.

Talking about the "topless" photoshoot, Krishna clarified once again that it was just an experimental shoot that she did with her best friend Divina Rikhye, a photographer. She stated that Divina is extremely artistic in her approach and that the photoshoot was very natural and was done extremely aesthetically and that she love putting up beautiful pictures on her social media account. She stated that she sees nothing wrong in being able to express herself on her own page and that she was not expecting people to post those pictures all over the internet,

"My best friend Divina Rikhye is a photographer and many a times, she just picks up the camera and we experiment. She is the only one I’m comfortable with. So one day, I was in bed and she said I want to click you like this. So a few weeks later, we tried it out. Her kind of photography is very different, she is very artistic in her approach, she studied photography in New York. I really like her style as opposed to the usual studio setting or overly photoshopped. This was just more natural and it was very aesthetically done. I love having beautiful pictures to put up on my Instagram. I don’t see anything wrong with being able to express myself on my own page. I wasn’t expecting people to go on my account and pick up all these pictures and then release them on like every website possible, I wasn’t expecting that at all."

Krishna also shared her parents' and brother Tiger's reaction to the pictures and said that she had showed it to her mother (Ayesha Shroff) before uploading them and that she had loved them. Same with Tiger who actually, Krishna revealed, uploaded one of the pictures from the series of photographs taken on his own social media account before even she shared them. As far as dad Jackie Shroff is concerned, Krishan said that he has given her brother and her freedom to do what they want as long as they dont cross any limit,

"I showed mom the pictures before I uploaded them on Instagram, not to get her approval or anything but just because I share all my photos with her and she loved it! She thought it was beautifully done and she thought I looked really pretty. I showed Tiger all the shots, he loved it as well. He wanted to upload one of them. So he actually uploaded one from the series before I did on his Instagram. And my dad, you guys know he’s super bindaas, he gives my brother and me our freedom. He trusts us to do what we want as long as we don’t cross any limit. We never want to break their trust because of the amount of freedom they’ve given us."

Talking about the public's reaction to her picture, the youngster said that earlier she had 7000 followers on her social media but now its close to a hundred thousand followers and though some are creepy, most are supportive,

"There were definitely some creepy comments. Otherwise, everyone was being surprisingly nice and supportive because I would have thought that a lot of people today are pretty close-minded and judgemental when it comes to such things. But I didn’t receive any negativity."

Krishna was also clear on why her pictures shouldnt be labelled 'topless',

"The only thing I really had a problem with was the fact that people have used the word “topless” because, and I have said this before, being topless means you have to show nipple. The word just wasn’t right for the picture."

On being asked whether she thinks Indian cinema is more judgemental about nudity as compared to Hollywood, Krishna stated that there was a very fine line between good taste and bad taste,

"I can’t really speak for everyone but for myself I understand that that is the situation today in our country but I am a very free soul so I don’t really let it affect me. In my opinion, there is a very fine line between good taste and bad taste, if you know what I mean. Something could be pulled off well, artistically done whereas something else comes across as vulgar. So yeah there is a very fine line but if you stay within that line... Go for it. I am all for it."

Krishna also discussed what would her response be if someone was to make a personal attack on her stating that she was "going against the Indian culture" or "acting indecently",

"You can’t change everyone’s opinion. There is always going to be some kind of judgement in the world no matter what you do. I am just a strong believer of letting people live their lives. That’s how my parents have raised me. Why should people be afraid of feeling good about them? And more than that just leave them alone, let them live their lives. They are doing something or making something for themselves so people should start minding their own business and live their own life. If some random person just came up to me and said that, I would ignore it but if I had to say something I would just explain my intention and make them understand that there is a fine line and I don’t think I crossed it in any way."

After this long conversation, Krishna revealed that she has no plans of making a Bollywood debut although she has recently produced a feature length documentary,

"I am not going to be making a Bollywood debut. I just recently produced a feature-length documentary and I think that was it for me. I am not really as passionate about films as I used to be. I’ve actually taken a whole different direction. I am into sports and athletics right now so I am actually coaching high school girls and boys basketball teams at the moment. I love it because it’s my passion, it makes me happy and I feel healthy and fit doing it."

She also discussed her brother Tiger and declined that he was an influence on her 'sporty' ways,

"While we were in school both of us played on every sports team. I was the varsity captain of my volleyball, football and basketball team. I have loved sports ever since the fifth grade. Unfortunately, there is not enough scope for sports in India. If there was, I would have been in this field a long time ago."

Krishan signed off from the interview with a message to girls who struggle with body image issues and said that 'glamorous' life was great but it involved a lot of hard work and that if that does not work out, there are a lot of other things to do,

"I just want girls to understand that the whole “glamorous” life is all great and everything but it’s hard work. If that doesn’t work out for some people there are always other things to do. Like the glamour world, acting, modelling shouldn’t be the end of the world. There are lots of other options out there. Every woman should have the right to feel beautiful and do whatever makes them feel beautiful. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a motive behind it. I feel every woman should have the right to do exactly what they want, what makes them happy and what makes them feel good."

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Both Shroff kids seem really decent. The parents have done an amazing job.

I love the documentary she did. Good for her looking out side the box.

shes got a great head on her shoulders. shes choosing to see everything with positivity when the interviewer was suggesting that her pictures were considered "going against indian culture" and "acting indecently". both the shroff kids are great role models. kudos to jackie and ayesha shroff.

I love this kid. Really sorted. Kudos to her parents.

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