'Was little scared of referring Kareena for Udta Punjab' - Shahid Kapoor

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Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan have had a past, but things seem to be normal now between the two. Though the actors, who once dated each other, didn't work together, now they have let bygones be bygones and are working together in Abhishek Chaubey's upcoming film.
While many were surprised with this casting, not many are aware that it was Sasha who suggested Kareena's name to the director. In an interview, when we asked Shahid about it he said, " The role that Kareena plays, I felt it was perfect for her. In fact, I was a little scared of referring Kareena as I did not know how it would be perceived."
He continues, "Lot of people were not ready to take up a film like this. It needs lot of confidence as an actor and as a star. As a star you do things that are surprising for people to watch you and you don't know how they will react and as an actor all the roles are very challenging. Maybe I have just learnt to take risks and am known to be a little more fearless. I think all of us are actors and have our reservations and we need to think hard before doing a film."
Not just Kareena, but Shahid also had a major hand in convincing Alia to take up a role like this. "When I told Alia about it, I felt instinctively that she is as good an actor as she is a star and therefore she would understand what potential the content has. And she did. Actually, I thought of Kareena even before I thought of Alia. But with Kareena, things got delayed. Then I told Alia that there is this role which is yet not cast and if she would like to do this role. Then in the same month Kareena also heard it and agreed to do the film. So it just happened. And I felt very happy when it happened for I feel it is a very special film."
Sweet now this is!

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Didn't know it was Shahid who recommended Kareena for this role! Anyway, this seems exciting, kind of sad Shahid and Kareena aren't together, it seems like they were/are meant to be..:(

after shaandar, kk should be scared she took your advice.

can't wait to see this movie:but have to!grrrrr!

For all her apparent immaturity and girlish antics her critics call her out on, she is one of the most mature actresses and people around. I don't know any married actress who would be willing to work in a movie starring her ex, let alone being recommended by him. It shows how she conducts herself in real life. Hers and Shahids relationship was a very close and long lasting one. It was not a time pass fling or a rumor created to sell movies.

This is so true. I found that out of all the heroines, Kareena is the only real one who genuinely has a heart of gold. She is completely gimmick-free and only herself. Everyone else is trying to create some illusion of being this or that. Bebo still has a soft spot for Shahid in her heart and always will.. she has even come out and said this. This is clear when she takes up a movie upon his request.

Couldn't have said it better!

i hope this works for kareena like how everyone praised her after watching talaash she was the most praised

Promotions for this film will be very interesting. I hope the two of them announce from the beginning that they will not answer questions on their relationship as it has passed and they are both in happy spaces in their marriages now. It will make them come off as friends, and not like the producers are playing to their past chemistry, as is the norm in this industry. I think it would make everyone more aware for the dumb proceedings of the media. I can dream though.

I honestly cannot see them two doing the promotions together... I actually see Kareena avoiding promotion for this altogether. Haha

show some humility shahid! he is saying that because he knows they will get addulation and he wants credit for it.

I think Shahid is one of the most humble guys around in the industry. He just answered a question. If he hadn't then you would still have a negative comment about him. Damn if he does and damn if he doesn't!

How is this fair that someone like Shahid gets to recommend people to do these roles? Does the casting director not have any say? Does the Director not know who he wants in these roles? Why do the male starts always get chosen and then the super stars say stuff like "Oh I don't get involved in the casting of the film", what utter nonsense. It's clear that they do! Just like Ajay did with Raveena if they don't like the co-star they just say that they won't do the film and then the directors and producers go crazy. I can't wait for a day when actors and actresses are picked on their merit and not who they know.

I want this to work for Bebo, hopefully she will walk away with a lot a lot of appreciation!

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