Abhishek Bachchan replies to a harsh comment on Twitter; starts trending

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This time it is Abhishek Bachchan who is caught in a Twitter crossfire after being on the receiving end of a harsh comment. A Twitter user made a nasty comment about Junior Bachchan saying, "@juniorbachchan my gratitude for this undeserved notoriety will never die. Until I see Hera Pheri 3 and witness you ruin another franchise."

To this Abhishek replied, "@BollywoodGandu aww. That’s sweet thank you! Know what? You gained a few followers. Guess that means I made you a bit more famous! Congrats."

Well, that was a fitting reply to a mean comment, don't you think? Well, the Twitter community apparently thinks so as junior Bachchan has started trending since his reply. 

Abhishek will next be seen in Housefull 3 along with Akshay Kumar,  Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri, and Lisa Haydon. 


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I am sure that Abhi knows that Twitter is public, so of course he has to handle himself with grace and dignity and take it in stride ... If a big star like Jr. Bachchan says something mean back, the media would have a field day .....

Well done, Abhi!! Like most, I too stand with Abhi... Bullying is bad and cyber bullying is ugly...


ugh.. i wish he wouldn't respond to this BS.. his insecurity is very evident from these tweets..

Read the post again. It actually comes across as Abhishek being a bit too high handed. "Gave you a few followers, became famous". It's the audience that has given them this privilege and money by watching their movies. Take it into the stride if a negative thing comes along. There will be people commenting on it obviously. He is after all nepotism's biggest example.

Abishek and Shahid have together given Rs500+ cr losses to prodcers and they still get movies. I dont know what producers see in these guys. They are the two MOST LUCKIEST people in the world. Life gives them chance after chance.

Even talentless Kareena was given chance after chance....

Bravo. Best performance of Abhishek so far.

Proud of the way A handles himself

well done aB

Love Abhi

Abhishek should be the bigger person and just ignore.

he is the only actor who fights with the trolls, that shows how much busy he is in his professional life ;D

Lol abhishek has to much time on his hands always replying to trolls

Lol abhishek has to much time on his hands always replying to trolls

That person has spoken the truth.....Abhishek is only getting movies b/c of his famous father and is still in the limelight b/c of his famous wife......It's a fact and nobody can deny that......He is not giving hits like Salman Khan or Aamir Khan or SRK nor he is young but still getting movie offers just b/c he is Amitabh Bachchan's son.....If he hadn't been Amitabh's son , he would have thrown out of the industry long time ago........

hahaha! Abhischek OWNED that troll! Well done hehe.

Number 1 post.

Well Abhishek has always done such boring work. when he can get all the attention from his fans he should be a sport to face criticism from haters also. and correction Abhi you are famous coz of these public we don't needs followers from you. we are self made people unlike u who was born with a golden spoon!!!! married a famous women dumping your ten months model girl friend Dipanita Sharma

If he don't need followers from Abhi, why did he tag him?

anonymous ...self made people lol

WHO Is this k talvar Is he famous?

hehe Lulz at bollywoodgandu :P :P when u troll never tag and if u get owned shut up

He is famous for his wife and his wife is famous for salman khan. Winner is salmon Khan whose work speaks for him.

salman is famous for his driving skills , black bucks & treating all women equally

Abhishek.. I love you. IGNORE these people. They have minds way too narrow and convoluted.

B-Gandu's first tweet was pretty harmless and didnt deserve the reply AB gave. He just said "why am I still following AB" which is a pretty genuine Q. AB went all rage and insulted his skill and pay. He's such a snob and is playing the victim card unnecessarily. Please post PV. There are two sides to the story.

Anybody would be offended if they tag their name... Why tag Abhi's name?

The troll said Abhishek is famous for his wife. Made some other nasty comments. Good job Abhi

But how is that lie?

He's famous because of his dad not his wife.

How is that the truth? Abhishek Bachchan is a star on his own, flop or no flop. So what was the troll thinking? You come for celebs, they will handle you as they see fit. Simple

Hi Jaya! ssup?

This article doesn't show the complete picture. B-gandu's first tweet was pretty harmless and innocuous. He just said "why am I still following AB". Which is a perfectly normal thing to ponder on. AB got really nasty in his first reply and explicitly commented on he earns way more for his skill and he's irrelevant etc. AB's response was unnecessary. B-Gandu is a self made guy who started SnG comedy on his own without any godfather. Comedy is what they do! Even AIB takes diggs at people on a regular basis. You don't see other celebrities firing back insults! AB needs to grow a pair because his insecurities really show.

Good reply Abhishek. I am not why they are attacking you. But do not worry, there lot of street dogs in this world, they bark for nothing.

Good that Abhishek is giving back to trolls.

If only Abhishek's movies and acting skills were as depthful & interesting as his comments in Twitter..

Whatever Abhishek said has since been deleted from his timeline I believe (I checked and couldn't find it) but the Bollywood Gandu guy's tweets are still there and boy are they plenty. Celebs need to understand that they are constantly under scrutiny and will constantly be trolled for a rise. Abhishek should NOT have responded. If you go and read B-Gandu's timeline he not only insulted Abhishek, he took it to Big and Aishwarya as well, he is also calling a protest for Abhi to return his awards for entertainer of the year (I didn't even know Abhi won those) and claims Abhi ruins franchises (Abhishek who was a part of DHOOM before it even became everyone who is anyone's dream franchise to be a part of, DOSTANA & SARKAR before they even became a promising enough concept for sequels to be announced) Like I said, Abhi was properly trolled by this guy and the best response would have been to ignore him because no matter what and no matter how you slice it, in an argy-bargy the more famous person ALWAYS gets thrown under the bus.

Twitter is terrible, there is so much negativity, I have no idea what ppl get talking mean, Abhi should just ignore such people.

Abhishek should know better than to feed the trolls.

Abhishek also pompously said that he is proud that he got everything because of his papa: ''@BollywoodGandu and unlike you…. Whatever I am today is because of my family. And am very proud of that.''

Pompous? Should he disown his family? Why? We all take advantage of possibilities we have, Abhi is no different. The jealousy because he is son to a superstar family gotta stop.

Karan Talwar has become a bigger star than Abhi Jr.

look if he is good his movie will work and if isn't it will not. what is the point trashing him? everyone has to earn a living. its up to you if you want to watch the movie or not.

Karan T:Life is not about answers but questions.
Where is my career going?
Am I making enough money?
Why am I still following @juniorbachchan?

Abhishek B:here are the answers: 1. Nowhere 2. For your skill set? Hell yeah! 3. I don’t know. I unfollowed you years ago.

Karan T:looks like you and I have a lot in common. Except whatever little I've made of myself - it's without my papas help.

Abhishek B:wow!!! Great come back buddy. Never heard that before. Ouch!

Karan T:what to do, this is why the career has gone nowhere.

Abhishek B:and unlike you…. Whatever I am today is because if my family. And am very proud of that.

Karan T:Sorry guys. I shouldn't have said @juniorbachchan is famous because of his father. It's actually his wife.

Kamal R Khan LOL : According to my news @juniorbachchan is going to start best n biggest film of his career soon. And I can say tat it's the right decision.

Abhishek B:@kamaalrkhan thank you bhaijaan

When you start being grateful for KRK "bhaijaan", it's time to stop.

I believe he handled that troll of an account's nasty comments pretty well. And this artice doesn't even reveal half of those mean comments he wrote on Abhishek. Despite the factthat he has a very bad sense of script selection, he has a very giid head on his shoulders and he givs it back to these trolls perfectly everytime they bring in his dad's name to humiliate him.


This isn't even the whole conversation haha the comebacks were amazing! LOL someone add the rest of the conversation

that reply from abhishek was more than appropriate, but abhi shudnt have given any importance to it. . . . .

That's a really bad comment from Abhishek

LOL! Good for Abhishek. He always has the best replies to mean comments.

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