HOTNESS ALERT! Watch Daisy-Karan's bold make out in Tu Isaq Mera

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After releasing Tumhe Apna Banane Ka, the first song of Hate Story 3, T-Series has released the second romantic track from the film titled Tu Isaq Mera featuring Daisy Shah and Karan Singh Grover. 
If you thought the first song featuring Sharman Joshi and Zareen Khan was hot, then you better watch this new romantic track. It is hotter, bolder and more sensuous than the first one. Daisy and KSG stun you with their passionate romance and bold make out scenes. From exposing her bare back to posing in a bikini and stripping down her bathrobe, Daisy has done it all. KSG on the other hand flaunts his chiseled body and is intense with his romance.
The song is composed by Meet Bros and sung by Neha Kakkar, who adds the much needed sexiness to the song.
Watch it to believe it! And don't forget to tell us which song did you find hotter - Tumhe Apna Banane Ko or Tu Isaq Mera!


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Why KSG, why?

KSG has officially ruined his career.

This kind of films spoil the mind of low people and they commit crimes shame on bollywood

Woah... The first few second I thought I was listening to shaggy. Music is catchy but it sounds borrowed from multiple american pop chartbuster

This is not romantic and it is not sensual, the music is not catchy, this is soft porn, the entire Hate Story series of films is soft porn with dumb story lines. As for the actors who do these films its just desperation, they are no star kid and this is sadly the state of affairs in today's Bollywood. Shame on Salman Khan for suggesting to Daisy and Zarine that they do this film but then what can you expect from that guy. He wouldn't dare suggest this to Sonam, Athiya or Sonakshi. I guess the censor board wont take note unless a cow is harmed during the making of the film, no one cares about the desperate actor and actress having to succumb to this to make a living. Its perhaps a new low for Bollywood but Indian cinema in all its forms will live on in the shape of other films in all the languages that make up this wonderful country. Hate Story 3 will not be remembered. I feel bad for Daisy and Zarine. They will probably be rescued by someone rich in the Middle East where someone called Salman Khan is by the way The God Father of Bollywood.

Why is KSG doing such roles? He is such a brilliant actor, his acting style as compared to shahrukh and salman, why does he choose roles that will later define him to be a c grade movie actor?? As much as i would love to see KSG's body on screen but it's definitely not like this or in such movies! I'm so upset as a fan of his.

why did salman refer zarin and daisy to do this fillum hahahahaahahahaha

Why is our real life not so exciting like this?

Buddy there is difference between real and REEL life. Yeah wish my gf was like that

won't be watching this movie with the hope the movie also has a story line....both these actresses are now doomed...they will both have very short career spans

Dare I say... I actually like the tunes so far.

shoo, wont look at Daisy the same way.

that wasnt romantic on any level. that man has the face of a weasel so i actually felt sorry for her. both zarine and daisy are really voluptuous but that doesnt automatically make this sexy.

from salman khan to doing these nasty scenes!! she should be banned from Bollywood, salman launched her so instead of looking for good movies and great roles she chose this!!!

Where have you been ?? Salman himself, advised her to do this film !!

Lol. Instead of looking for good roles she chose this? Like anyone with a choice would pick this kind of movie over a more wholesome movie. You act like she had a choice. She ISN'T a star kid and doesn't have those connections, so she has to do movies like this. Let's not mock her helplessness. Not everyone is lucky enough to be connected and get good roles.

A fresh low for Bollywood. :D

Karan looks hot...never liked that man women...daisy

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