Abhishek Bachchan replaces John Abraham, signs Sanjay Gupta's Ek Tha Gangster?

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After directing Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's comeback vehicle Jazbaa, director Sanjay Gupta is all set to direct Abhishek Bachchan in his next gritty gangster drama Ek Tha Gangster, which was earlier titled Mumbai Saga.
Reportedly, the film was earlier said to be starring John Abraham and Huma Qureshi in the lead but now things seem to have changed.
According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Gupta's racy thriller is based on S. Hussain Zaidi's 2014 bestseller, Byculla to Bangkok, a sequel to his 2012 novel, Dongri to Dubai. 
The film will trace how youngsters were recruited and went on to become local goon Arun Gawli, wheelchairbound Ashwin Naik, a former engineer and Chhota Rajan, former deputy and friend-turned-foe of Dawood Ibrahim, who was arrested in Bali last week. 
Source close to the film informed Mirror, "The film won't focus on Chhota Rajan, but will follow the colourful lives of the cops and politicians. There will be songs and dances as well."
However, official announcement is yet to happen!

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Jr. Bachchan ek din sabka bapp banega....real star

Great news! Another Yuva in making. Really excited

Agreed but Abhi shud tone up his body big time. Gud luck Abhi.

It is a huge hit of abhishek bachchan film

It is a huge hit of Abhishek bachchan film...

The fact that Abhishek is still getting movies is news in itself!

Replacing one non-acting actor with another non-acting actor. Brilliant.

This is one film i'm really looking forward to, he was really good as Lallan Singh in Yuva and I'm sure he'll be even better in this!

Abhishek needs to reinvent himself & change his image. He desperately needs to lose weight & get physically fit so he can look convincing as a lead hero. Enough of same look (the jeans & vests in every movie) to hide his shape. All of his friends are in amazing shape except him & he's married to Aishwarya. Abhishek could at least make an effort to try to impress whatever few fans he has left.

What is wrong if he gets help from his wife?...just shows how secure he is even when he knows his wife is a bigger star...sohail & arbaaz live on their brother's money, nobody complains about it... PV post it, for god's sake...

good...but I don't think it would be better than Jazbaa...

Ain't nobody want to see AB jr. anymore... why do the directors and producers want to lose money on the film?

This is part of planning a film to be successful. Get your husband to do the director's next film for free (Maybe even pay him for casting you) so you break even on losses from the prior film.

Dude go get a life. Dont be faceless just face it....you will feel much relaxed.

The prior film has recovered its budget and earned profit...abhi is getting help from wife, so what?..sohail & arbaaz live on their brother's money...

Sure it did...There isn't one box office site reporting final figures for that film. All numbers come from the cast and team LOL. So unusual to shut the trade down like that. And yes Sohail and Arbaaz produce films with their Brother to earn a living that is also as stupid as having your wife and father get you films too.

blah blah blah blah...how gibberish...lol

And Abhishek convinced Aishwarya to do a Sanjay Gupta film. I knew he wanted to get a movie offer from him. Its kind of a deal.

It seems Ash got Abhi this movie, sadly Abhi's career is not going anywhere, I just do not get why he does not do something else, he is a good man, and a pretty good actor too, Guru, Youva, he has so much potential, but unfortunately he is not considered a bankable star, always bad choice of movies. He needs to reinvent his career, or just quit and do something else, its not a big deal, not everyone can make it..I feel sorry for him..

Hit h bachchan sarkar

Lmao , Abhishek Bachchan as a gangster

may be its a comedy genre.

sanjay gupta's aag

Abhishe just ba chan is yet to find a role that required him to lose weight....

aishwarya bachan got him the movie

vivek would have done better job

It seems sanjay is happy wirking with Bachchans :)) bring another good movie just like Jazbaa ! Loved that movie so much ... hope this movie will release in my country :/

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement