Honeymoon diaries: Shahid Kapoor holidaying on an undisclosed location!

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Looks like the debacle of Shaandaar has caused a lot of heartache to the lead actors of the film, Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. Ms Bhatt recently returned from UAE where she was holidaying solo, to bounce back from her first ever flop. And now, its Sasha who is currently vacationing at an unknown destination. Shahid has been posting a couple of pictures on his Instagram account, and bwoy, the locations look wow. Set against the backdrop of infinite sea, Sasha looks all hunk and grungy in the shots. Hash-tagged as #holidayvibes, looks like #Shamira, Sasha and wifey Mira have finally made it to their honeymoon.

Shahid, who has been running super busy since he has tied the knot this year, will soon be resuming the shoot for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon. So before the film hits the floor, Shahid is doing his best to unwind himself from his last flop and gear up fresh for his next. However, we couldn’t spot wifey in the pics, but we bet, as the two love birds are inseparable, she too must have been on the vacation.

So now we can say, Happy late-honeymoon-ing #Shamira!




A photo posted by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on


My swimming pool Atm.

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Sending love from the middle of no where

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Four seasons Maldives.

i always wonder if shahid lied about his age when he entered the industry. he looks like he's in his 40s when he is supposed to be in his early 30s. considering that he is religious and on a strict diet and no alcohol no smoking he should be looking young for his age.

He looks like a homeless man with that hair and beard like that.

Nothing spells turn off like Shahid's self-obsessed selfies.

Stop trying to make fetch happen

he is in maldives? but theres so much political unrest there

its not colombo, he is in MALDIVES.

happy because he's happy.

Undisclosed. LOL

Sick of the beard when is he gonna shave it

after Rangoon... can you let an actor be an actor?

Shahid is growing his beard for his next film, Rangoon.

This guy is so full of himself. If you are that happy, why do you post your freaking honeymoon pictures!!!!

He is honeymooning with his wife and he is busy taking selfies and posting them ??????... Man it must be a boring honeymoon ;) SMH

OMG... so, he should only have pictures with Mira now when he is with her??? I am sure in that case you would have been the first one to say "he is showing off his wife". He has an instagram account - he is in showbiz... he has followers AND he has every right to post ANY pic of his - just like you do.

Agreed!...all celebs post pics of themselves or locations they visit. Shahid has a very loyal fan following and they like seeing his photos. CHeck out the number of likes he gets on FB & Insta for this pics. His pics are very popular.

"unknown destination" he still wants attention and posts the pictures anyways. Kinda needs to grow up. Makes sense now why it really worked out with the girl who was much much younger than her.

Can u please shave Shahid. You look hideous!

He's starting to look so skeevy especially when he takes shirtless pictures. Reminds me of those old men you see with much younger girlfriends/wives.
Shahid - put a damn shirt on and shave!

his beard is for rangoon movie otherwise he knows he looks wierd in the beard

He is so in love with himself - maybe he had a Shahid/Sasha honeymoon.

Shahid still think he's 22.

It's colombo

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