The BIG bash: B-Town celebrates Diwali with the Bachchan's!

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After all, it’s Amitabh Bachchan’s Diwali party, and who’s who of Bollywood marked their attendance at Prateeksha. Big B’s annual Diwali bashes have always been the talk of the town, for the A-lister guest list, its unmatched glamour and grandeur. And this year was no different either. With the multitude of celebs spotted at the Bachchan’s household, this Diwali was nothing less than a star-studded affair in every right.


But the highlight of the party was the bahurani, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Aishwarya has been clicked with many of her guests, and many such pictures have emerged on the social networking site, where she can be seen in the role of a perfect hostess.

Graced with stars like Shilpa Shetty, Hrithik Roshan, Amrita Singh, Sonakshi Sinha, TabuPriety Zinta, Manish Malhotra, designer duo Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Neeta Lulla with her daughter, Simi Garewal and Big B himself, the party looks every bit impressive and a fun-filled affair. Here, have a look at a few pictures which the celebs shared on their social networking accounts, till we get you some more..


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Good to bring actors together but why are actors like Nawazuddin, Irfan missing. Festivities should be celebrated together with all kind of people. That is real celebration! As one nation!

Sonakshi and Hrithik: I love you two, BUT- holloween was last month! Please at least wear color on Diwali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 1st picture was so nice..Sonakshi kills it with the devlil's horn sign..whats with people that that stupid pose... its a beautiful occasion don't spoil it with immaturity..

Who is that old looking white guy at the back? Please do not say Hrithik!!!

Neil Nitin

mmmmuahhh love you all

I love how Sonakshi is always herself and always having fun. All you judgemental twats can take a hike, she's way ahead in her happy life than you losers will ever be!!! Let a girl have some fun!

best : aishwarya's face
drool :rahul khanna
hideous outfits : bachchan males..abhishek is almost lookin lik gay with tat dirty yellow and shimmering sandals..yukkkk

I couldnt have imagined Aishwarya posing for so many pics. There's one with Kriti in the same pic. Looks like she knows its better to pose with the younger crowd than remain at a distance from them.

I don't get why Abhishek is wearing matching outfits with his dad all the time in these horrendous colours. Aishwarya did better this year and I was happy she didn't wear Abu Jani Sandeep K. But the colours are tacky. Amitabh in his patakha red, Abhishek in his canary yellow, and I love Aishwarya but that chewing gum pink is not flattering. Preity Zinta gained weight, Sonakshi looks lost, Hrithik is hot, Shilpa looks best.

RAHUL KHANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shilpa looks gorgeous and prettiest of all. she stands out

Shilpa looks damn gorgeous and stands out in the first picture

Wheres Jaya ji....theres never a cute pic of Jaya ji and Aishwarya..

#1 Post.

These pics are really great! Especially the one with PZ, shilpa, Ash, HR and Sonakshi photobombing. This was the party to be at, looks like. Happy Diwali!

What is wrong with Sonakshi?

She's having fun. What's wrong with that?

Aww! Priety and Aish holding hands.

Sonakshi's expression not suited to the occasion . rest everyone looks nice

Sonakshi and Hrithik spoilt the first pic. Sonakshi looks like she's trying too hard to be a rebel.

Preity-Aishwarya- friends forever! I love how simple and gorgeous Ash is looking, she is a stunner.

Uff Aishwarya! *__*

Aishwarya has such beautiful deep set almond eyes. Could not recognize preity but glad to see her after so long. Her and DP have the best dimples of BW. Sonakshi looks silly.

Sonakshi's the youngest of the crowd, she'll obviously be more chirpy than the others...Poor girl, stuck with oldies.

She looks older than everyone out there.

Oldies? What rubbish. Her age mates Sonam, Deepika, Kangana, Tiger, Varun et. el. Were also there if she felt stuck with the "oldies" she could have gone to hang out with them and done this pose there. That too and there were other parties around town but she chose to attend this one because she knew this one would get her the most buzz. Would a picture of just Sonakshi at Diwali make it to the #1 post? Answer: NO. If she did this pose with a bunch of no-name people at some random party, would you be talking about it? ANSWER: BIG FAT NO.

you have no idea what deep set eyes are do you. shraddha and parineeti have deep set eyes. aishwarya does not.

She has more prominent brows which is why I have said she has deep set almond eyes. Her eyes aren't literally deep set, but they go pretty deep. I know about eye shapes pretty well :) So I DO know what I WAS TALKING about :)

by your logic everyone in these photos has deep set eyes

Well not everyone's deep set or almond eyes look beautiful.. hers does. Arrey yaar, that was just a compliment from my side.. lets not argue about eyeshapes :/ so annoying..

Hrithik and Sonakshi that's enough booze for you two.

Farah ali khan's husband looks like Jason Kennedy from E news

Shilpa looks like a dream! Her sari and jewelry are so retro elegant. The best dressed and best looking in this crowd!

Saifeena not invited to the bachchan bash????

LOVE you Aish, Priety Shilpa Tabu Amrita *__*

Happy Dipawali & Happy New Year :'D

OMG!! Ash and Hrithik in one pic!!

No need. I don't believe this party is hosted to generate news about prospective future films.

Aishu, my love.

Wow! I like the way Preity is holding Ash's hand...

omg Rahul Khanna was there! *dreamy eyes*

i dont know about perfect hostess she looks bored. like shes posing with fans instead of friends. and is that man in the green kurta shweta's husband??

At least fans can rest easy seeing as she gives this face and pose with famous people as well. =)

Ash looks very pretty...But, what happened to Preity Zinta? Preity and Sonakshi have gained lots of weight!

Finally. The biggest Diwali bash. omg, Amrita Singh with Big B. Apparently, he was wooing her pretty aggressively at one time and even broke up her relationship with Vinod Khanna or something. So they've made up .

Big B wooing Amrita Singh?? are your out of your mind. Big B was married to Jaya even before amrita came into movies. This news is just bizzare.

he probably has something going on the side!!! to stroke his star ego!

Always Bachchans Diwali bash is Huge ... And Aish looking so Beautiful ! For sure this is Aish's best look at Diwali since last 5 years !

Basically wonders happens when she ditches Abu Jhani whatever....ash is a natural beauty but ABJ is just urghhhh

Always Bachchans Diwali bash is Huge ... And Aish looking so Beautiful ! For sure this is Aish's best look at Diwali since last 5 years !

What is with Sonakshi? Learn to be classy like Ash and that black dress and styling is also hideous

She looks like a misfit almost everywhere. Always a wannabe. Seems to have a lack of sense of occasion.

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