Salman enters, Ranbir-Kat exit Anil's Diwali bash

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Many of the top Bollywood celebrities had a grand Diwali bash yesterday – the Bachchan’s, Saif-Kareena, Anil Kapoor, Manish Malhotra...and the rest of them were found hopping across to all the parties.

As usual, Anil Kapoor, who held a lavish bash this Diwali, was seen dancing with the media and even lit firecrackers with them. His guest list was a star-studded one - Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput, Jacqueline Fernandez, Athiya Shetty, Asin and many others were present at his party.

But there was also some drama unfolding there. Some insiders revealed that as soon as Salman made an entry in Anil’s party, love-birds Ranbir and Katrina (who earlier dated Salman), made a hasty exit.

Last week, when Salman was busy with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo promotions at a suburban studio, Ranbir and Deepika were also present to promote Tamasha,and rumours have it that Salman was informed about Ranbir shooting in the adjacent unit which prevented them from crossing each other's path.

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why can't she break up with salman? does he own her? what is this nonsense! Deepika still works with Ranbir doesn't she? If she doesn't have any issue then Why do you guys have an issue? You are all Jealous - Its a poison stay away

I wonder who all will come for the Kat-Ranbir wedding if there will be any.
Surely Salman wont be invited nor will Deepika...Two cheaters just deserve each other. Ranbir's career got doomed just because he treated Deepika like that, Karma you know & so did Katrina's, people hate her after she left Salman.

Ranbir should have never gotten in between Salman and Katrina. They were the best couple.

This is when Rabir-Katrina decided to leave hastily.
Says the star-guest, "The pair left hastily. One could see they were very uncomfortable while Salman didn't give a damn."
Interestingly Ranbir met Katrina for the first time at Salman's house when she was almost living out of the Khans' residence.


It must be because of the comments Salman keeps making about Katrina all the time.

What all the publicity he's giving her otherwise whose talking these days?

*About her

I think that rk wants to give kk back to sk but she is not letting go of rk lol ! She is holding on for dear life .

be a little grateful to Salman Katrina.. if not for him u wouldn't be here, neither would u have met Ranbir, let alone date him.. now that your career is sinking, beg Salman to take u in Bigg Boss, best career move for u now.. oh, but the prerogative for that show is communicating in hindi, so that won't work for u as well.. PV please post, u are't posting.

I love the way PV put the headline. I can see both Rankat running from the back door;Anil kapoor tries to be a perfect host n follow them while Salman is laughing secretly . karma is a bitch indeed.till when they will be shameful like this.

Only Narcissist people would exit. Sallu doesn't give a damn to RAN-KAT existence.

Sorry but I really have no respect for Katrina. She totally used Salman to climb the ladder in Bollywood through his connections, and then went and cheated on him!! Ranbir too cheated on Deepika. These two deserve one another. I really think, Salman and Deepika should do a mega hit movie together and break all records, but Deepika is still carrying a torch for 'love rat' Ranbir and keeps doing movies with him to resurrect his career. And, Ranbit looks really silly acting like Dev Anand in the song from Tamasha, is there nothing else he knows how to do except act like a spastic?

I completely agreee with ur comment but calling only RanKat cheaters is wrong even deepika and salman have cheated in life though i love salman very much. Rankat Deepveer and salman single are all happy in their space we should respect them.

salman n deepika may left their bf/gf for others but didnt cheated. they ended it in a nice manner rather than two timing them but rkkat two-timed sk n dp for long. if rankat would ahve accepted their relationship soon after ibiza pics(leaked by them) instead of making it a relaity show n lying about it they would have got respect and forgivness but no they choose to play dirty games with media n fans which backfire them

Cant face Salman at Anils party and cant face Deepika at Bachchans party . Ranbir skipped Bachchans Diwali party even though he said he and Deepika are attending together . Looks like Kat didnt allow that , she came back to India in a hurry after seeing RK-DP making so much news . Lol

some insiders reveal ?? who anil kapoor ?? have they got shot or video of that hasty exit ?? looks like they are walking normal. and people are jumping in this news

Them running away and not facing Salman just shows that they know what the did was wrong :)

Katrina looks like Ranbirs mother there. Age is fast catching up with her.

Prem Ratan Ander Aayo Rankat Bahar Bhago xD

Expected!!!! Rat & kat got scared of the tiger.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Katrina worked with Salman after they broke up. So sadly they r on with each other.
Also they were all hopping to different diwali parties so it might HV just been a coincidence that they were done at anils when he came. Salman does have a reputation of entering late everywhere.

At that time RK and Kat were on a break of sorts. While publicly he may not say anything since both RK and Salman belong to bigwig bollywood families - clearly their personal equation was affected by what happened with Katrina.

Of course Rankat can't face salman. They know what they did was wrong . Katrina was still with salman when she started an affair with ranbir which led to their breakup

Let the musical chairs begin ! They must feel uncomfortable around Salman considering Katrina's long history & obligations to him (& his family).

Obligations to him? What do you mean?

They way rk and kk started their relationship it will always be like a sword hanging over their heads. Even after all these years they still look guilty and uncomfortable in public as if they are sneaking around.

Lol ! Real tamasha !!

I'm not wonder that this cheating jodi afraid Salman. I'm sure Sallu doesn't care about Ran-Kat, but they don't wanna crossing with him bcz they are weak persons and of course hasty exit. Love you Salman, it's good that this Jodi afraid you that's mean that RanKat have bad conscience.

Probably confidence or media spiced it up a little bit. Anyway there's definitely something going on between ranbir and salman. even though they were nice to each other when media asks about them, they haven't come face to face for years.

I like this news-:) this two cheaters afraid Salman, they deserve this-:)

Why does everything have to be so calculated? Have fun and that's that.

awkward awkward, kat be like salman is family no !! lol

lol lol lol you could continue celebrating guys salman wouldnt give a damn about you both

omg !!! how much RANKAT scare from Salman...he he he maza aagaya..Loads of love for salman

Why? It is years since they parted and he has moved on and so has she... Why not mingle and be civil? You talk about each other in public and with civility!

Cos they did him wrong.

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