B-town Lends Out Support to Aamir Over his 'Intolerance' Remark!

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Aamir Khan's recent statement on "growing intolerance" in India has raised many eyebrows. Aamir was heard saying that the rising intolerance in India has made his wife Kiran Rao fear for her child and has prompted her to consider leaving India. The statement triggered a controversy from all corners. With Police complaint being filed against the actor, people from the industry are lending their support to Aamir, in latter's need of the hour. They took to twitter and various other public platforms to voice their opinions.
Sanjay Gupta: We are definitely not living in an ideal time. Atleast one superstar has the balls to speak his mind. He should be lauded and not hounded. He further tweeted, "THOSE ACCUSING AAMIR KHAN OF BEING INTOLERANT PL HAVE DA TOLERANCE TO WATCH DA WHOLE INTERVIEW."
Sonam Kapoor also gave her nod to the actor by sharing a post supporting the actor.
Saeed Mirza: "Look, you have points of view. Let them be heard. I heard about the statement of Aamir Khan this morning. In fact, I read about it. He has a point of view, let it be heard. We can debate it."
Anurag Kashyap: “Intolerance has always been there. We don’t have freedom of expression. It is something we have to live with, do our own bit and fight and refuse to participate. I hope it silences."
Pakistani filmmaker Jamshed Mahmood Raza:  "What Aamir Khan is saying about intolerance and if there is a backlash, then one has to think that maybe he is right. It is Aamir Khan who is saying this. He is one of your best. He is one of your best actors and activists and he is a hard core Indian and it is in his blood..."

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If you want to learn about intolerance in India, depict something that Muslims find offensive. Then you will see what is intolerance and who will have their freedom of expression curbed. Because of Muslim sentiments, books have been banned, authors have been restricted from coming to India, on and on. When these "courageous" celebrities are decrying their lack of freedom of expression, what are they talking about? Is it just the just the Shiv Sena? Who are a bunch of crazies but how about the crazies of the Muslim persuasion. Include all the the fools in your complaints...not the just the Hindu fools. Also, I am curious to know in what way Anurag Kahyap's freedom of expression has been curbed? I don't see any type of restraint in his movies.

You can't solve India's problems by always pointing out the failings of one group, and ignoring or excusing the foul deeds of other groups.

And here is where the problem is. Aamir Khan made a comment about how he feels that there is intolerance in India. He didn't specify it for a particular religious group. He never said that Hindus are intolerant or Muslims are intolerant. India is a pluralist country and according to our constitution, all are allowed to follow their religions without discrimination. That is our new India. Aamir as a celebrity has done far more for our country, than you ever have. Many I know the things you have done to make this country better? Stop hating on your fellow citizen and questioning his patriotism because he is a Muslim. Stop assuming that India is only for the Hindus and stop spreading hate. And stop assuming that Muslims don't love India. India is a country for all faiths. But you and most other people have made this a religious issue. Just because this statement was made by a Muslim you guys are going bonkers. And this is probably the kind of intolerance he is talking about. You and many others like you have proved that India is actually intolerant towards the minority. What an irony

why are one person's words being given so much importance?? something was said, just let it go! he's just an actor, not any kind of real authority! he's not the prime minister of the country!

I honestly think it's hard to live in India after living 7 years in US.

Good, please continue staying in US and stop commenting about India.

People please google search "A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries"... you will get a good idea of what the most intolerant country is

i just did it. india and jordan were the most racially intolerant countries out of all that was researched.

I also like Fiza disagree with Aamir about leaving the country, etc but the jist of what he said is true. When the current government was elected there was tension in all the minds of the minorities I know live in India. It is not the ideal time for minorities but we (my family in India) have been through worse in India. I am not a Muslim but just visit Punjab to feel the tension, Air has been shooting there for a while and he sees it first hand (I don't think he's just talking about one minority here or just himself) but his way of saying it was not great. All the Government needs to do is deal with situations in a fast, effective manner otherwise you will be questioned especially when you have a majority. George Bush waited too long to respond to hurricane Katrina victims and he got a lot of flak for it as well.

Aamir Khan has a right to express his opinion as a citizen of a democratic state and bullying him proves his point even further that there is intolerance, if ppl had tolerance then they should have shown concern and asked him why he feels this way, what can be done to improve the situation, if he feels this way in a land of 1.2 billion I'm sure there are others who feel this way as well and it might not even be due to religion, it might be due to other things happening in India.. Everyone has the right to express their opinion in a non-violent way, it is a constitutional right, if others feel that India is tolerant they also have the right to express that in a non-violent way as well, no one can bully people ...

Proven fact that by using Western technology one can't become civilized. Its a process of years. In West, nothing is sacred. They believe in continuous reformation. Third world countries have jumped to technology but are 1000 years behind the West.

Intolerance exists all over the world. There is racism in US and Europe. Muslim countries do not treat non muslims well. Even France and UK are quite intolerant towards muslims. It is nothing new. It is basic Darwinian principle. People form groups and fight for survival of their ideology.

Groups like Shiva Sena are the root problem. They are the one who want to create unnecessary friction, instead of being rationale they want to always prove their power. Why do they have to protest outside Aamir's house, he gave his sentiments to the matter and in a democratic country he has a right too!!! Govt. should have zero tolerance approach for any anti-Muslim or any race it only takes a jingari to create a huge flame. Also by protesting outside AK's house they are proving him right.

Some ppl not happy with Bjp getting full majority and should respect the mandate. If you can't digest this please leave the country

Bjp is not all of india. All of India is not bjp. If you cant digest that, here's something for you to think about! When you live your life by all or none rule (your example of telling people to leave india) and force others to live by the same rule, youre not talking about a democracy anymore. Also when people raise awareness on things that need improvement, that doesn't make someone anti-nationalistic! Blind patriotism doesn't do anyone good, least of all the country in concern!

Sonam will support anyone who can extend her dying career , whether they are right or wrong doesnt matter

This is why i luv sonam to the moon and back, she is the only girl in bollywood who always stands up for the right things & always speaks her mind when others cant even say a word, She is the most positive, honest & fearless girl in bwood unlike all these fake plastic women who only know about their surgeries, how to use PR to snatch films & men from other women.

Police complaints, hindu sena's protest outside Aamir's house, taking a dig at his religion, what not. Yes, he made a point. Whether or not we agree with the point is a matter of debate and discussion but not by crossing the limits. I myself disagree with some of things he mentioned. I would have never said what Aamir said because it is our country ---- but people's reactions to Aamir's statement were only proving his point. Rahul Gandhi tweeted "Instead of branding all those who question the Govt & Modiji- as unpatriotic, anti national or 'motivated', the Govt would do better to reach out to people to understand what's disturbing them. That's the way to solve problems in India- not by bullying, threatening & abusing!" exactly. It was just a SIMPLE statement. And before anyone begins ranting at me, please reply politely.. :)

As you are a national icon...you should know what to speak where...... One side you are telling incredible India and other de you are defaming it.......Who all are supporting him.......Tell honestly have you all stopped moving in or doing your job due to fear.......Get a life man... One or two incidents o some insane people saying something...Doesn't make India Intolerant.......Just Grow Up.........!

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