I think only I found it to be Funny: Vikas Bahl on the Shaandaar Debacle

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Director Vikas Bahl was the talk-of-the-town with his acclaimed film, Queen. So post Queen, his next film Shaandar was a much-anticipated one, from all quarters. The destination wedding film though, failed at the box-office.  However, Vikas believes that he will bounce back with his next movie and hopes to get acceptance from the audience.

Vikas said he has not figured out completely what went wrong with the Shahid Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starrerand he might have experimented way too much in Shaandaar. Despite the film’s debacle at the box-office, Vikas now wants to make sure that he works harder for his next project. "I experimented with too many things. I think you just have to work harder to make your next film. And hopefully, you don't get written off as a director and the idea is to get back to the writing board and work harder for your next film," Vikas said in an interaction.


He further added, "I really loved the movie, so I don't know what went wrong. I think I still need some time to gauge it, but I definitely will do it. I think the sense of humour didn't work with the people and only I found it funny. There were too many stories to follow, so people didn' t figure out exactly what to follow. I was aware what I was doing and I was taking my chances with that. I am sure the fact that I did all the back stories and animation to connect to storytelling is not simple."


Post Shaandaar, Vikas' directorial credibility has been questioned and many said that his success with the film Queen was a fluke. However, the director said he respects the varied opinions and is not shattered by them. "It is fine. It is their point of view. There is no dispute with that. I like my work and I will continue to work with myself. I am okay with people saying things." When asked about his upcoming projects, he said, "I am not prepared with any script. Let's see what happens," said Vikas before signing off.


We wish you luck for your next Vikas!


I loved his response! What a dignified way to accept failure! Hope you can only rise from this! Queen was amazing - hope to see better films in the future.

Not even Little miss Alia could save the film. She was starting to get big headed so I didn't mind the flop for her as she is overrated. But tbh the film was just bad. Hopefully his next one is good

Kangana and Vikas both had major duds after Queen. Just goes on to show how special Queen was and how so many different elements in the right measure came into place to make it a fantastic movie. One can't ride on star cast only (unless you're a Khan and that I hope changes). Flops are good, they help people re-orient to what's important and make them continue to work hard, and that's how it should be. I;m sure they'll bounce back. (Little iffy about Vikas, he doesn't sound convincing in interviews).

one film wonder!

Im with you vikas. I don't get it either as to what people did not like . I loved Shaandaar. People are so used to watching nonsensical movies, that when they see a really good movie they don't know how to react. hmmm..maybe the trailer of the moive should have been on different lines...presented in a different light.

People didn't like it because it was a crappy movie, quite simply and looks like you didn't watch the movie either because this movies was definitely a nonsensical movie

Everything was wrong with Shandaar, from the songs to the non sense script.

Songs.. R u kidding me??

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