Tamasha Bash Inside Details: Deepika Came, Ranbir Left, Katrina Skipped and Ranveer Stayed

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Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor are flying high over the success of their film Tamasha. The Imtiaz Ali movie appealed to the artistic and romantics, as it was intended. Deepika and Ranbir therefore decided to throw an impromptu bash for close friends from the film industry. 

We saw pictures of Ranbir, Deepika and Ranveer from the bash. Apparently, Deepika arrived early and stayed late. However, the main lead of the movie - Ranbir Kapoor - had to leave the party early. Ranbir, who is currently in London shooting for his Karan Johar movie Ae Dil Hain Mushkil, had to catch his flight and therefore rushed off. Deepika's beau Ranveer on the other hand came in late as he was attending the Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards the same night. Thus Mr Singh missed Ranbir at the bash though he did raise a toast to RK and the Tamasha gang. Ranveer was however the life of the party as he mingled with everyone and kept all the guests entertained. 

News is that Katrina Kaif was also invited to the bash. However, the B-town beauty could not make it as she was busy shooting for an endorsement campaign. 

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Because Kat is not a fool to celebrate Ranbir's flop party. Good that she skipped this party meant to fool audience.

why should she go to a flop party?

ahhhh tamasha flop he ,,

she didn't go because she is too insecure to face Deepika. After all, she is being pointed at for Ranbir and Deepikas breakup

Ranbir doesn't show up at Katrina's movie parties like success bash so why should she come to Ranbir's?

those who don't have true talent can't appreciate when they see it in others

I want deepika to announce her relation with ranveer otherwise no deepika fan or any other fans would stop targeting ranveer they called him deepika.servant and he always get bashed for dating deepika..

ranbir,katrina and deepika they always in news due to their love triangle

ranveer had to show up since they have to promote their chemistry for BM

ok deepika looks funny in this pic

With make up one can make them look prettier!!

his parents or friends didn't attend either? why not made a headline for that?

In an interview with Neeru Sharma, Ranbir said he is still licking his wounds when she mentioned his current partner. Katrina should read between the lines and gracefully dump him....

please don't spread wrong informations unwillingly....i saw all the videos of that interview, what happened is : the interviewer asked them :"you both have moved on in life, with respect to work and with respect to relationships also...he has a partner and even you have a partner...", hearing the last sentence, deepika laughed, while ranbir (who was scratching his arm) was fixed with no movement, he then smiled and said : "how nonchalant i'm just scratching not even reacting, i'm (something i couldn't hear clearly) to or into my wound or world", that's exactly what he said. so the way you put the information is far from the truth, please just always say the truth, no matter if it's big or small, no matter whom fans you are....this is not worth to lie about.

I watched those videos as well, he said Deepika is extra-special for him! The stuff that was said on that interview must be so embarrassing for his GF....

What did he even mean??? Could you elaborate please!

katrina and ranveer = deepika and ranbir would make a beautiful jodi.

hit like if you think rankat will break up soon

imtiaz told the media at the party that it was not a success party they were celebrating the positive feedback from audiences

RK left early Bcz he didn't want to see RSDP together ...

Initially I thought Ranveer might not be the perfect partner for DP with his 'high' energy and goofy ways, but he proved wrong. He is so secure, so much in love and so proud of his woman....he is the best that could be for DP. God Bless them both...As for RK, he does look like he deeply regrets losing DP but his love for her, has made him accept the situation. on the other hand RK and Kat seems like an insecure relation...

In which way ranveer can best for deepika can u explain..

Katrina didn't make it coz she doesn't have guts to face dp after what she did to her. She is insecure and jealous. All the news of her being upset n jealous were true. N her rude arrogant behaviour speaks it. She does not have time for rk lol but she always had time for rk n seen with him. Be it uk Vienna his b day or bv where she came despite she worked whole day n had flight to cannes. She even skip screening. Cunning user. God plz save rk. Post it

Ranveer singh is the best partner deepika could have asked for :-) With his words and action he proved that he is a secure MAN with no ego and it helps that he is handsome, has a hot body and wonderful personality ! What more could dp ask for :)

maybe she wasn't invited,also don't you find it strange that rk hasn't taken her name at all through out the promotions and when he did he called her out on her pr"the no she doesn't call my father papa post"trouble in paradise me thinks,but judging by this post she's still trying to make it work,hope she doesn't succeed,she ruined his image and jinxed his career and judging by how sad and lost he's been looking for the past 2 years she had sucked the life and happiness out of him,go for it rk,get this toxic woman out of your life,you know you want to..katvilla plz post

Deepika will always be a special person to me in my life. She will always matter. I will always look out for her. I will always wonder what Deepika is doing, what work she is doing "Ranbir Kapoor...how sweet it's sad when you love someone so much but you can't be together

when did he say this? and where?...please

during an interview for tamasha check out their fanclub on twitter they have the cutest and sweetest videos and photos of them together,stuff you won't see in PV coz god forbid they post anything that shows rk going gaga over her or touching and holding her so protectively and sweetly,check it out you will love it

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