EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Kaif Explains Why She Skipped the Tamasha Bash

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We saw Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh having a blast at the Tamasha bash. Sources mentioned that Katrina Kaif was also sent an invitation. However, the lovely girlfriend of Ranbir Kapoor did not attend the bash in support of her beau. Naturally, there were raised eyebrows and buzzes in the gossip mills. 

We therefore decided to hear it all from the horse's mouth! At the ongoing GQ Fashion Nights, we caught up with Katrina and asked the lovely lady about this mysterious "no-entry" into the Tamasha bash.

An unfazed Katrina, explained the reason behind her absence. She said, "I was shooting for my brand at Film City. It is usually a very long, arduous shoot of about 12 hours. Aishwarya, Sonam & I were shooting on three different days for this brand. I therefore had to give the Tamasha bash a miss."

Fair Enough?


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She gifted herself, That new body, new face and new cheeks etc for christmas. Ranbir, all the best, u have got a girl friend like Cathlyn Jenner.

Manly is the word for Kat now. Lol

She looks terrible, look at her face, terrible. What happened?

What has she done to her face & WHY????

looking old in the pic with different face

" his energy is always amazing . He brings so much fun and so much life to everything "- katrina Kaif on Ranveer singh :)

I don't get why people have such hate. If you don't have anything nice to say then DON'T comment.! We don't even know them personally to decide how they are and what they are. Grow up. Learn to respect people.

band on!! I totally agree

Too bad, so sad! It comes with the territory of being a celebrity! And when you are as bad of an actor as Katrina (still GORGEOUS, mind you!) whom directors and producers keep casting and rubbing it on audiences, who want to see talent and good work...of course, the irritation and annoyance is going to come out of the audience. After all, it is the people, the masses who make stars...stars! And if they are as tortuous and painful to watch, as much as Katrina is, people will have a say in it. Now, you cannot even look at her face, but have to admit...she has a great body! She makes people cringe...literally cringe with her acting. It is not 'hate,' it is voicing one's opinion of disliking something. And both Ranbir and Katrina have gotten on the bad side of the masses by their link up. People still have not been able to digest it and it is affecting their star status...immensely!

She looks old and scary.

looks like someone got a new face. she looks very different from the last time I seen her pics.

Deepika has been trying so hard to get a reaction from Katrina but Katrina as always is UNFAZED. Lolx.

She is the most self explaining woman in Bollywood..this shoot was arduous and I am so hard working and I am learning Hindi from 10 years...God!!! None of that shows in her work...her pr is doing all the hard work not her..

She didn't attend for obvious reasons. I bet DP would've kept her distance from Ranbir, in Kat's presence.

What happened to her face? She is not looking like the beautiful Katrina we know?

Haha wonder how this buddi survives in b town,,

She doesnt have a faceeeee to show to DP after all that she did

Wow! This chick though. Arduous? As in involving or requiring strenuous effort; difficult and tiring? Aishwarya been doing those shoots for more than a decade now and has never called them such nor has Sonam who also was there years before you. Girlfriend, you are the only person on the planet who would find a L'Oreal ad shoot "arduous" because YOU CAN'T ACT for Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Ugh. I'm outta here, that just pissed me off.

No one could have said any better than this!! GREAT body! Had a great face...not anymore! Acting - was Never there! More than her...it is disappointing to see Indian Directors and Producers who keep taking her in their movies and not giving actual actors who actually have talent. If Katrina was talented it would have been great! But she just does not know how to act and it is a fact! She should be in the fashion industry modeling. Not an actor, a super-model status is what suits her. I think she would get more respect if she stuck to what she is good at. When you do things you are not good at and torture people who pay money to see you, you obviously lose respect. Then when you change your face instead of your acting chops...makes it even worse! I really wish she would just model and not do films or stick to just item numbers...the things she is good at!

You are outta here? Promise?

Why the question mark in your last sentence? Of course it's fair. Should she be expected to drop everything and follow her boyfriend around for a ill-timed, jumping the gun 'success bash'. Plus if she had attended, people and esp your site would've pounced on her and labelled her the 'insecure' gf like you did while she attended the YJHD bash. Poor girl, just can't win with you lot.

that man in the picture looks like Katrina

BS ! We all know that this is a blatant lie. Closer to the truth........rk did not want her there.


She's got new lips, new chin, new cheeks,new eyebrows too.wow that's a lot of hardwork.

I would be disappointed if my significant other do not show up on social occasions which are important to me.

I mean i totally get her.I think most of the girls will agree with this insecurity issue generally girls are pretty much insecure. Ash did the same with Rani and Jaya Bachhan did the same with Rekha. Atleast Kat is not restricting him to doing movies with Deepika ... But Deepika carrying this I have no problem with anyone attitude is just a show off

Aish did the same with Rani? Are you kidding me, please don't draw parallels between the two. If Katrina is avoiding her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend that's her deal. The drama between Rani and Aishwarya stems from CHALTE CHALTE & other projects Rani signed from underneath of Aishwarya when Sallu bhai's insecurities and unprofessional tantrums were threatening to wreck Aish's career. Aishwarya thought Rani was her friend. No shared boyfriend drama. In fact, just this past Diwali Aishwarya and Karisma attended the same party and no tamasha ensued afterwards.

It is not an attitude...well, it is an attitude of being well-secured! She really does not have any problem with anyone and why would she?? Only others have problems with her...because everyone else is insecure! Deepika and Ranveer stand out cause they are different and unique and they dare to be different. They do not fall in the normal "insecure" and "jealous" group you see all the time and that is common!

Ranbir was once Deepika's Boyfriend. Its Katrina who interfered and made him as hers. She is insecure because she is worried if karma hits her and if again deepika and ranbir are together.

ranbir didn't go to big boss for promotion, because of salman, I think they are equal in that regard- If Deepika gets ranbir, it will be her downfall, ranbir never really loved her to leave her like that for katrina. Men are not dolls, that can be stolen, it was ranbir, who wanted to be with katrina and so it happened. Deepika was hinting at marriage in very early stages of her relationship with ranbir, and he was not serious with her. The way Deepika was all over ranbir during promotions, only shows, she has no self respect.

give her a break. I'm sure if she attended everyone would say she's trying to steal his light and when she doesn't attend they say she's not a caring gf??

Had Katrina showed up, she and ranbir would have completely over shadowed DP and Ranveer. And since BM is coming up, DP and Ranveer need to be seen together more often. Everything in Btown is calculated. Every single appearance that's monitored by media is pre-meditated. Nothing more to discover here.


did she explain why her pr claimed she called rishi papa,lol

deepika is so beautiful and classy

Who cares about Katrina? Why didn't Ranbir's true love Ayan didn't come to the party?

Ranveer attended a freaking award function before the party but that's love, I guess.

The freaking award function was not a 12 hour work commitment. It was him sitting in a chair, clapping and collecting awards. Theres a difference. Also ever thought of the timings of her shoot probably overlapped with the bash, whereas his award function finished before??

totally though i still believe ranbir deserves better

Fair enough..considering the two women can't see eye to eye..but we wud luv to watch a cat fight!!!

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