#Leaked: Kangana Ranaut's action avatar look from the sets of ‘Rangoon’

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Vishal Bhardwaj's upcoming Casablanca-like love triangle, Rangoon, which is set against the Second World War, featuring Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor, is currently being filmed at Mumbai's Film City studio. According to a leading tabloid, a few pictures of the actress have been leaked from the film’s sets, revealing Kangana’s look from the film. The look draws a heavy inspiration from Hunterwali and Revolver Rani, with a touch of Marilyn Monroe style.

"A large wooden set has been constructed on top of a large pond and the entire set has been cordoned off from the outside. A 50-foot flag of England forms the backdrop and the set resembles a theatre stage. Late on Tuesday, Kangana was on that stage, dressed in a kind of a uniform with a sexy spin to it, whip in hand, along with a white horse, as director Vishal rapped out instructions," said the photographer.

On Tuesday, Kangana who plays Julia, an actress from the '40s, caught the eye with her chicly short Marilyn Monroe-like hairstyle, which has been styled by Adhuna Akhtar. "She will be seen mostly in western clothes, including halter-neck dresses and plays the ultimate seductress," as quoted by a source to the daily. 

Earlier Bhardwaj had revealed that Rangoon has been a dream he had nurtured for the last seven years. Describing the film as "Moulin Rouge meet Saving Private Ryan" he had confessed that this was his most expensive film to date and will be very musical.



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Gimmicky. Vishal Bhardwaj is overrated.

overrated???i think he is underrated..i mean people mostly talk about chopras...johars..hirani..akhtars..shetty etc when they talk about top directors...rarely people mention vishal name....its like saying irfan or nawaz as overrated when the truth is that they are underrated...

DP rejected it:)

Deepika can't emote, PERIOD...

Come on, you guys have got to stop talking about first choice second choice! I bet you're not even a DP fan. Just trying to get the haters to hate more on DP.

Blah. Can't even see the pics well.


BV 2 . People just dont like period films, why cant film makers get that

Anurag got big headed with the big budget he got for BV and went over the top with the film while Vishal sticks to what he does best and doesn't waste money just because he has it

Period films while harder to pull off can be absolutely amazing if done right, you just need to work harder on the editing and flow of the story then most of the typical masala movies that come out which sells on stars and songs

vishal dont make blockbusters so most people think what is the use of doing his movies.....simply put it this way....take the best 3 performances of pc..shahid...saif...kareena...maybe tabu or irfan....and their will be surely a vishal movie in that list...thats the value of doing his movies.....he rarely makes bad movies expect for matru maybe....even his children movies blue umbrella and makdee were wonderful...and dont forget he is a wonderful music director as well

she is playing an actress in the movie...so this a shot from a movie within the movie...not that she will dress this way in the whole movie...


Yes!!! Can't wait. All the best Meri Jaan!!

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