Tamasha Was an Outstanding Film & Ranbir was Superb in it: Katrina Kaif

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It was not long ago when in an old interview, Katrina Kaif had said that Ranbir has become a bit more opinionated about the characters she plays onscreen. So when recently at the GQ Fashion night event, the drop-dead gorgeous Kat stepped on the red carpet, media bombarded the actress with questions about her boyfriend’s Ranbir Kapoor’s Tamasha. The otherwise ‘reserved’ actress chose to turn a film critic when asked about Ranbir’s latest outing with his ex, Deepika Padukone. “Yes, I saw, I think it was outstanding. I thought it was an amazing film and I thought he was superb in it,” said Kat.

Hmmm.. Now that’s a really interesting answer. What do you think?

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dipika is a witch................

She's a bad actress in real and reel life. Notice how she looks away when responding as if she's just practiced saying it and doesn't mean the compliments. It's like "IDC ABOUT TAMASHA STOP ASKING ME".

she is so cunning my god..no wonder RK still has not escaped from her trap and he never will..

Plz don't don't say never . He will one day hopefully but it will take time, after sucking the life out of him and she is already. Ranbir looks sad and bored most of the time . God save him!

Ranbir looks and behaves like man when he is with deepika.

For the people saying Kat was asked about RK, truly watch the video. The journos were asking about Deepika too, she chose to ignore them.
For the people lambasting Deepika for the promotions, it takes two to tango. A committed man can always set boundaries, he was busy talking about their amazing connect and her special place in his life to do that. Kat seems to have no problem with her own boyfriend, right? Also,there is a reason why only Deepika's statements were highlighted and also misconstrued whilst fake statements like 'things can never go to how they were' were forced on Ranbir. Hint:someone's PR.

tamasha is an outstanding flim.but most of people in india like a flim like prdp,singh is bling no story but in overseas tamasha is given standing ovation people there want more shows of tamasha and in india salamn fnas have problem with ranbir,katrina fans have problem with deepika but otherwise everyone praised the flim..this flim can go to oscar ranbir-deepika u nailed it....

What overseas? Theatre was empty yesterday no one at least there were 2 in PRDP.

completely agree. here in Singapore they had to increase the number of shows. People are still going for it and appreciating the performances and the beautiful message

Agree with you. The local theatre here in my place in UK is running 4 shows a day of Tamasha

Katrina makes her feelings so obvious , what would it have cost her to just say a few nice words about Deepika ? She'd come across as dignified & classy instead of looking like an insecure (paranoid?) girlfriend /actress. It's like she pretends to herself Deepika does not exist at all . Somewhat difficult when her man continues to work with Deepika , nor can Deepika's career high be pretended away. It makes her (& Ranbir) look silly !

Say a few nice words about Deepika? Are you kidding? Deepika just spent the last month throwing herself at Ranbir, touching him, talking about his underwear and how he won't marry until she gives him permission! I think Kat is very classy for not saying what she actually thinks about Deepika. Show me any woman who is nice to a woman who is obviously hitting on her boyfriend.

Rk too throw himself on fp calling her home daal chwal n i still love her. Always wonder what she is doing. He was also touchy with her n said only i call her darling u call her moona n more but u didnt see it. Kat is classy yes thats why she throw herself on rk when he was with dp n she was with sk. Ateal dp bf n visited dp bf in nyc too n then lie n pretend to be innocent. What a class. Btw kat admit she us not happy with rk working with dp which exposes her again her lie n cunning nature n also that she wasnt busy but dobt jave a face to face dp whom she hurts.

If the cheating rumours are true , then Deepika is the one with more beans to spill about Katrina ....in more ways than one. Ranbir can take himself off or distance himself from Deepika , but he chose not to. Ranveer was around being supportive , Katrina was not. Nobody expects Katrina to actually like Deepika or vice versa , but learn to be polite in front of the public & do some acting there at least.

u do realize you are contradicting yourself ? Yes, DP spent entire one month doing publicity but I guess you need a reminder. Ranbir cheated on Deepika with your classy Katrina, who also cheated on her bf. Oh SAAH CLASSY!

There are people here who waits for chance to hate her. please watch the video before you spread your hate. She didn't mention ranbir the first time. she just said she saw tamasha and it's outstanding. then some other journalist asked the same by dragging ranbir's name. that's when she told 'he's superb in it'. So there you go.

What kind of comment do you expect from her, really stupid!

See the video first everyone n then hate on her. She was asked abt ranbir

This is not about jealousy. She was asked how was the movie she said was outstanding. Again she was asked what do u think of ranbirs performance. She said he was superb. No one asked her abt Deepika. Get a life ppl. See the video first. PV post this if ur not ante Katrina

Her jealousy is crossing the limit.

If she's asked about Ranbir, why would she talk about Deepika? Like where is the logic in that??? Doesn't mean she's insecure...

Hahah wow no mention of DP's stupendous performance. A whole new level of pettiness. What's the point of all that external beauty Kat? My respect for Ranveer has risen all the more now.

She is so proud n jealous to speak about deepika tremendous performance
She is so so insecure. Even she refuse to shoot with ash recently for loreal after which brand shoot with her next day she ignored ash when she visit her home last year. Hate her n pity rk. Now I got why rk has changed that badly n in a negative way. She is not a good influence for him.

What about deepika performance? She is too arrogant and jealous doesn't have guts to praise her rival performance. Insecure

Looks like she and Ranbir are back to Off phase. Ending this on and off relationship will be good for Ranbir's career, if not Salman's fans will not let his career go anywhere. Tamasha is not doing so well in india but blockbuster overseas. Rishi and Neetu should thank Dippy for rescuing him professionally and also on personal front. Looks like this off phase is because of Ranbir's current friendship with Dippy.

Can anyone tell me please what has she done to her face!?????

The question you should be asking is what hasn't she done to her face?

Cheek filler which has changed the look of her face the most, botox around the eyes and maybe something on the jawline but that could just be the overdone cheek fillers that make her bottom half of her face look wierd

I bet she is boiling inside if she really saw the film. I highly doubt it though

she always gives such boring answers to everything

she clearly refrains from taking Deepika's name. The bad blood runs deep between her and Deepika. I don't ever see them being friendly for another what 10 years or so. Maybe once both are settled and out of the limelight, they can finally be friendly again like Raveena and Karisma

I think she was just answering a question and the guy used only Ranbir's name so she just responded to that.

Katrina never talks about her Flop phantom. I guess she is waiting for Fittoor and JJ to bomb as well and then she will talk.. real talk.

Did she really see this film at all? I know she still struggles with hindi so I don't think she would go with a translator. Also, she must be insecure cause she can't say anything about Deepika, and DP was praised for her performance so...

deepika was incredibly disrespectful the way she was all over ranbir during promotions, why should kat praise her?

Was Kat respectful towards Deepika or her self when she had an affair with the kapoor boy while he was in a relationship ? AyAn called her a girl who tried meaning she tried hard to get RK for herself. What respect you can have for her ? PV pls post

Was Kat respectful to Deepika when she was all over Ranbir during apgk and raajneeti???

Ranbir was an equal participant. Why blame only the girl. Plus all they did was hug each other and say nice things about each other.

It's a give n take my friend, not a one way street. Do you really think Kat deserves more respect?

To all the haters saying Tamasha is flopping. Let me tell you one thing. The day i saw the trailer I realized it won't be a big hit. The movie lacks Universal appeal and it will click with a small section of audience and the rest will reject it. Yes this is what Komal nahta said. And the fact that it made more then 50cr in it's first week despite not being universally appealing and with it's lead actor backing up 3 flops with no release last year and with it's lead actress (who is a superstar actress of this generation) having less screen space just proves that it has WON!! :)

A M E N!

Is it really that hard to praise BOTH the lead actors? So petty. Any secure actor would give credit where credit's due. I bet Kat's dying of jealousy. DP has all the hits, accolades, awards and also the "next superstar" in her man.

i think i would have reacted the same way.. it must be annoying to see your bf and his ex all over eachother.. jealousy is bound to be there

I read another article in which it is written that she had a pasted smile on her face when she said this and it disappeared even before she finished. That was a good one

lol flop movie

All those commenting she's jealous of Deepika, very possibly yes, but how would you act around or towards your lover's ex who he had a high profile affair with and continues to be in the news with constantly? I am a hugeeee deepika fan but if I was Katrina, I would NOT be okay or comfortable talking about my lover's ex either. We are all humans after all, we have our insecurities.

Really because she has a fine relationship with Salman according to her and Ranveer is fine with Ranbir. The reason is that she is to embarrassed praising someone whose not only better than her but lets not forget that she was the women carrying on with Ranbir when ranbir was with Deepika and she was with Salman. Now look at where Salman and Deepika are in their lives and look at what direction Rankats lives are going

Reg. Ranbir-Deepika, 'woh affair nahi tha, woh rishta tha' in Ranbir's own words! I agree with the rest of your comments... Unfortunately, every time we see RanKat, it reminds us of some many things :(

LOL. She didn't saw it. She is just supposed to praise his man but i guess she should watch it. Maybe Ranbir's acting inspire her? I mean she will obviously fast forward Deepika parts :)

In an interview she said something incredibly stupid. Niranjan asked her why she didn't accept films where she would be able to "act" and prove to people that she can and her response was that she doesn't like doing roles that are alien to her and will always choose roles that she can relate to, which basically means she does movies where she can be herself in films. Your job as an actress should be do get into character and play that character not yourself. Does she think characters like Jilmil, Rani, Piku, Silk smitha, veronica were not alien characters to play for those actresses but they played them brilliantly because they know how to act and differentiate between real and reel

you guys changed the photo,i knew you would,still she looks like a dude

deepika is superb in it. because of deepika the movie got so much audience.

Someone ask Deepika what she thinks about Kats performance in Phantom. Lol

Haha I think if you ask most people for their opinion their response would be I haven't watched that crappy film

Unlike Katrina Deepika has no issues complimenting people's work, not just on their performances in films but other things as well whether Katrina or Sonam

she looks scary,poor rk

i really wanna know why you guys call her his gf without rumored or alleged but you call dp ranveer's alleged gf ranbir didn't admit to dating her,actually it's ranveer who keeps hinting that he's dating dp while rk keeps denying kat at every opportunity,so WHY

not true, he said they were dating during Bv promotions

Both might not have said the specific words that he/she is my gf/bf but both in various interviews have said everyone knows about our relationship etc. Watch Katrina interview with niranjan where she says this and even talks about it

Excuse me, but what precisely is interesting in this answer?

Liar !!! Agree abt ranbir been good in the film :)

Please someone tell me and confirm for us - What has she done to her face??? Anything or nothing?? Something has to have happened, no??

She will never rise up to a level where she will be able to praise Deepika, like Ranveer praised Ranbir! Deepika's performance was equally superb! I was in awe to see her do the clown part in the beginning...she knows how to do voice modulations...perfectly! At first, I could not figure out who it was and once I was sure it was Deepika, I was like = Whoa!!! That was good!!

YESS!!! That clown in the beginning was Deepika and she did it so amazingly!!

Insecure woman ... Deepika was absolutely an amazing in it to !!!

There is nothing better than excelling in your craft so much that your colleagues can't bear to even acknowledge your work. The jealousy is so glaringly obvious one does not even need to point it out. Nothing beats talent & hard work. Success is the best revenge!!

Kat did u understand the hindi dialogues?

She looks like a man!!

actually kareena looks like a man..

So what? Ranbir looks like a woman. They compliment each other.

Haha cracked me up

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