Deepika & I still make a hotter pair - Ranveer Singh

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Debate over who shares better chemistry with Deepika Padukone - Ranveer Singh or Ranbir Kapoor, has been going for years now. Deepika, who has worked with RK in three films - Bachna Ae Haseeno, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Tamasha, has always been appreciated for her chemistry with her former boyfriend.
With Ranveer, on the other hand, Dippy has worked in Ram Leela where their chemistry was sensuous.
While both Ranbir and Ranveer were asked about this, their answers were neutral. Ranbir had said, 'Deepika doesn't need anyone to look good with' whereas Ranveer admitted, "She looks good with me. Our chemistry is hot."
Interestingly, Ranveer and Deepika also won the award for 'Most Glamorous On-Screen Couple' recently at Filmfare awards and there Ranveer had said, "For those asking with whom does Deepika look better with, this is the answer."
And now in an interview with Times of India, when Ranveer was asked, if he still feels that DP looks hotter with him, what with the actress being appreciated for her chemistry with RK in recently released Tamasha.
"No, it doesn't change my view. Deepika and I still make a hotter pair. Well, she and Ranbir do films where their chemistry is cute and friendly . In my films with Deepika, the chemistry is sensuous and intense," admits Ranveer.
Incidentally, Deepika had said at one of the Tamasha events that 'Love gets misconstrued' in reference to her relationship with Kapoor. When asked Ranveer about his opinion on this he told to TOI, "Leaving aside the fact that it's spoken by a celebrity and misconstrued by media entities, love as a concept is misconstrued. For generations, artists and writers have tried to capture its meaning and essence. I believe no one can do it and people should stop trying to, including me. I am only a part of love stories. Love is divine. There is no real, widely accepted articulation of the concept of love."
Given that he shares a special relationship with Padukone, quiz him how he would describe the bond he has with her and Singh reveals, "I wish I could find the words for it, but I really can't. It's hard for me to articulate the feeling. It's an inexplicable divine connection. Let's put it that way."
Well, we quite get the hint Ranveer. Wonder what Dippy has to react!

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Dippi is now drinking diesel,petrol,kerosine.

the dress that ranveer is wearing in the above pic is an eye sore !!!

Tired of him comparing his chemistry with Deepika to that with Ranbir. Deepika thinks that she has chemistry with Ranbir. Ranveer is trying to work around with words. Remember Ranveer you are always going to be the seventh choice and who knows if this seventh choice is the last one or will it go to the eighth one. So just chill and keep looking like a joker which you do best. You are not worth Deepika to begin with.

But she is busy with talks 48 years old Diesel.

hahaha why u guys so noisy to compare them. i think bollywood feture mega star are ranveer, ranbir, and varun i can make an explained to u guys. 1. ranveer : he's well educated, can act versitale actor if u don't believe please wachted every his movie. they are has not the same chacarter over again. even he's face always changed ( way people call him chameleon). he has standing ovotion in his film like bbb, lootera, ddd. he's has back up. deepika. who made him always in gossip often. he's well spoken and warm with people this case made audience love him. and he has banshali and aditya chopra in his back, and more director has crush with him day by day and ake him in their list direct. 2. ranbir. he's well educated, he's more senior than the other .can act, he was cute (not at all in this day. he's good movie wake up sid, apkgk,i, rockstar barfi, ydhj, tamasha. his back up kapoor khandan, kjo, ayan, and every drector still crush with him even after he's back to back flop. he has katrina,depika, and salman to stay often in gossip. and he has many hater that can make him push away in the floor to(apart of salman'dp,and kat fans don't like him). 3.varun he can act , he's versitele in badlapur, every his movie never flop before, he;s good dancer to. if he'll stay in gosip often he must made rs rk like enemy in public and e stand between them like amir did. he's back up he's father( david dawan, kjo. i think another actor can't reach what they did in future. just like 3 of khan ranveer (shahruk) well spoken and warm with people. ranbir (salman) many contraversies in his life. varun (amir). ambitious person.

ranveer fans go create fake ids and follow your idiol but even u cant pass sidd..rk and sidd biggest star of this generation pv post

can you stop with your weird illiterate spamming? first he has no fans, then he has so many fans to create false ids? uhhh couldnt you level that claim with saying that about the other actors too? you couldnt counter a single actual fact about box office pull, endorsements, high profile directors, and social media support.

ya ranveer singh u and ur fans find hot u with deepika but no one else and we all know how big ur fan following is...go and sleep pv posttt plzzz

ranveer singh dont make fun of yourself dude by calling yourself hot..people will forget hotness..

this is the first guy i have seen who only find himself hot keep it up ranveer singh more dreams...

Kuch bhi keh le, kehne mein kya jaata hai.

yes you do!!! and stay that way. love u both

salman.shahid,hritik,ranbir and siddharth they are the hottest actor of most of the people..

dear ranveer fans the way u r comparing ranveer to ranbir,or linking ranveer to deepika without any basis ur next comparison will be amitabh sir i guess why not but in your dream....

someone has said thar sidd is more good looking then ranbir,ranveer...hehe ranveer is fine everyone knows but how sidd is good looking then ranbir..actually they want to compare ranbir with ranveer haha poor ranveer fans

Deepika : " it was great year for me personally as well ... I have couldn't asked for more " deepveers interview NDTV

BM posts disappear in a few hours . Is SRK behind these underhanded tactics? If he is karma will get him , he has become a big bully . Waiting for the day Khans are on their way out , they have been around wayy too long

Ditto.I noticed that too!!

o god i can´t go through and read everything especially after i saw some people who compare sid to Ranveer. You know what in the industry people will even say Sid who?? Ranveer is the it boy today and the little teenager who are following Sid are still less than what Ranveer has. Sid firstly should learn to act and getting credit for his acting skills.

Lol reading the comments :) lol

Post it : someone said that Ranveers has less follower than Sid :) okey it's fact for you !!! Ranveer facebook = 4.335.000 , Sid= 2.505.000 .. Ranveers Twitter = 2.35 Million Sid = 2.53 Million . Ranveer istagram = 1.9 M Post it . Thanks

Good for Sid :) As long as Ranveer is doing good movie which are doing good in box office then I don't care tbh.

Maybe sid is more good looking than Ranbir and Ranveer yeah .. But in fact Ranbir and Ranveer - both are can act .. They are an amazing actors and 100000 times better actor than robotic sid !!!

Ranveer can do Brother or Ek villain as well... but Sid can't do BBB or Lootera or ram Leela or DDD or BM like Ranveer did !!!

He is so well-spoken... #InLove *_*

ranveer fans aceept it or deny but u cant proof that ranveer is more ahead of sidd and varun and u compare with ranbir in which basis dude in your dream u can get deepika and go ahead of ranbir but in your dream only

sick of this ot pair drama. what happened to tamasha happens with BM also. mark my words. deepika looks best with upendra. ranbir with alia and ranveer with kriti

What Sid-fans don't realize is that he is where he is because of his looks. He cant act, he cant dance. He is just CONSIDERED a gorgeous man (I say that because beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and since most people only appreciate that in a star, he will obviously have a HUGE fan following on social media.

People need to realize that he was ASKED this question ! If you are so bored with him, don't click on his post.

common ranveer how can dp look best with u randeep is the best couple dude they have the most no of fb fans,more then 50k even instagram and so how dear people are mad seeing them together onsreen or offscreen so how ranveer and after ranbir she looks best with salman,hritik and even siddharth u look shorter when u stand with dp so noway dude she looks best with ranbir accept it or not

You know.. I don't want to look down on people or anything. But when Ranveer gives such articulate answers and gets bashed by people who can barely plead their hatred against him in a logical manner, I cant help but laugh !!!! :D :D 'Ranveer has less followers than Sid on TWITTER and therefore has no standard ?' You people are STUPID. Like seriously, S-T-U-P-I-D.

people call him chichora,sadakchap,beggar see fb posts

even sidd and varun fanclubs have more follower then ranveer check it ranveer fans u want more proof..we give u more

Good for them :)

Get a life ! Sid has 2.53M followers, Ranveer has 2.35M followers and Varun has 2.1M followers on their OFFICIAL Twitter Accounts. A lot of people don't follow the fanclubs because they already follow the celeb.

He isn't wrong. The chemistry between them is different. There's something a bit more tender in the onscreen chemistry of RanDeep. Whereas with DeepVeer, there's this sensual tension. It's a bit more passionate. The guy speaks his mind and some people just can't take the truth. He's very proud of them as a couple and it's hot.


Enough with this chemistry drama already! You dont need to drill it in our heads. If it is there, it is there.

Ranbir looks better with Deepika and Ranveer with Anushka. Cuz these combinations has done better movies together.

Can we just leave at that and move on. Deepika is so stunning that she will good even with a tree.

Deepika has actual talent and is stunning. She is a star. She can make a great pair with anyone Ranveer, bir, dhir, whatyoumayhaveit. Mr Chichora's biggest achievement is Deepika and that is why he doesn't have much to say beyond talking about her and how wonderful they are together. After BM, please get away from all these Ranbir and Ranveers of the world, Dippy. They are not worthy.

Except Deepika is the first one to admit that both Ranbir and Ranveer are better actors and dancers than her. She's said it a few times.

... both ranbir and ranveer are better actors than her.

LOL YAAAS and I would go as far to say that Ranveer is a far better actor than Ranbir as he is versatile and so convincing too

'Deepika doesn't need anyone to look good with'..wat kind of a $%#%% response is this?

Pls post their promotions photos :)

Hands down the couple with the hottest chemistry. Love them.

What is the big deal about him saying his gf looks the hottest with him? Move on people and find something else to hate about!!

siddharth,varun is far more popular then u ranveer check their follower and fb fans and u want deepika haha in your dreams

uh ranveer has more fans on fb than varun & sid? at least come correctly with your insults...

ya in fb bcoz he is been with from 5 years and sidd from 3 and btw arjun has more fb fans and sidd have more twitter check it

nope started his official facebook in 2013

ACTUALLY his Facebook started later than varun & sid soooooo

might be but he has less fb fans then arjun and less twitter then sidd so how can u say theat ranveer is more popular then sidd and varun in which basis dude..

actually ranveer only came on facebook in 2013… so once again lol

also ranger has more endorsements? like stop making up things. varun has a better BO record and ranger has more endorsements but ranveer is doing fine. (ps DDD grossed more than tamasha so stop acting like ~magical RKDP~ have significantly more starpower)

rk and sidd is better..accept it

rk and sidd is better..accept it

oohh dont compare tamasha with flop ddd..ddd has collected 75 crore in india and 30 crore overseas total 105 crore and tamasha has crossed 100 crore worldwide yerstday so it will definately earn more then ddd and it can go to oscar

lol oscar? NOPE, DDD had better reviews and a better boxoffice (144 crore gross worldwide), sooooooo. Tamasha isn't going to even cross Rockstar

nope 144 crore wolrdwide, which tamasha can't cross so lolllll

they all have around the same amount of films minus sid (who hasn't won debut awards or ever received an acting nomination, like ranveer has…) sid can't even get nondharma films

sidd get the hottest man in flimfare 2015 where ranveer doesnt come in top 5 and secondly ranveer is getting flims that everyone have rejected ddd rejected by ranbir and was a flop and bm by salman..

HEHE DDD is HIT beta .... tamasha is flop

lol BV was offered to ranveer first (and would have been better with him in it)

have u seen a person who just praising himself called himself a playboy want to show the world that i am a playboy and but he is nothing ranveer see ur face in mirror or take it from your friend poor people pv posttttttt

except ranveer and his fans everyone knows that deepika deserve better even anushka dumped him or never dated him...but u continue shipping rsdp

ranveer check fb posts of deepika and see the comment..langoor ke hath me angoor,deepika deserve far more better,deepika has drop her standard soo much,and many more comments like that check the posts,,pv posttttt plzzzzzzzz

i have never seen a guy whos just praising ranveer deepika looks best with sidd,ranbir,srk,shahid,hritik,salman and many more just bcoz ur fans and u create fake twitter accounts by the name of rsdp doesnt generate ur fan following really feeling bad for bollywood u r really classless person..pv post plzzzzzzzzz i requesting u...

:/ why is he always pushing their pair so hard? it's always so one-sided

What is the prob if he says he looks his best or his gf looks the hottest with him?

because it projects him in an awkward light because it doesn't seem to be mutual

well he has a 150 crore budget riding on this... and deepika isn't going to do it

A Capricorn and a Cancer always make a great pair.

I would give my right arm to have a husband like Ranveer Singh.

insecure much, he has to remind us.

ranveer is the most articulate and well spoken star in our film industry right now

And that how it's done Katrina and Ranbir, by being confident and having faith in your relationship instead of letting insecurity eat away at it and putting each other down in front of the media

they aren't confident and don't have faith in their relationship,she loves him but he still loves dp and always will,also he's a cheat who will always be a cheat,no girl can be secure with a guy like that,they won't last,mark my words

BM promotions have finally begun. RS pls don't take ur gf's pr advice to sell ur movie.

gawd she looks so old in this pic

soo full of himself.

Ranveer is fantastic. Honest and Hot. Perfect for Deepika.

best bollywood couple, watch their interviews and its so obvious how into the other they are--on/off-screen chemistry is ridiculous such a cute pair

Go guys go to the Ranveers Twitter FC ( Ranvee's cafe ) there have Deepveer's last hot cute photossssss :) dying yaaar they are too cute and hot :)

notice how he's the only one who gives a biased immature response every time. like shut up we get it you think you look the best with her. CLEARLY no one agrees

See.. there we go. The article points out that they won 'Filmfare Most Glamorous On-Screen Couple 2015' just recently and you bark about how no one agrees that she looks good with Ranveer. STUPID !!!

Why you are pissed off much? Is dp ur gf? he talks abt his gf... what the hell is ur problem?

Babe... Guess its jus the other way around..... n u r the only one screaming n burning pretty well.. jus look at their recent promotion photos n videos n come back to scream again... n now pls back off

Awwww, Ranveer, love you baba. He truly loves Deepika and I like that. The hottest and most lovable pair. Their eye lock in the above picture is toooo cute and sexy.

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