Ranbir charged whopping Rs. 38 crores for Tamasha?

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We all now how Imtiaz Ali's Tamasha is doing well at the box office, but what we do not know is that Ranbir Kapoor who essayed the character of Ved in the movie was paid a whopping amount of Rs. 38 crores for the movie. 

According to a report in DNA, a recent IT raid on the agency that manages Ranbir Kapoor revealed that the actor was paid such a heavy amount for his recently released film. A source told DNA, “The film (Tamasha) hasn’t done the kind of business expected but it must not pinch the leading man too much. He was paid 38 crores for the part.”

Well if the reports are to be believed, then Ranbir was paid more than half of what the total collections of the movie at the box office were then!

This isn't the first time an actor has been paid a mind boggling amount. Earlier, Hrithik Roshan had been paid Rs. 50 crores for Siddharth Anand's Bang Bang. 

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That too him being such an overrated flop star! Nepotism for survival

If this is true that's appalling. The Forbes list shows how stark the disparity is. Deepika is the only female in the top 10 and her earnings are far lower than the men. Apparently she charges 7 crores per film now. Kangana is getting 11 crores for Simran. It's best you dont know about the inflated charges of men..

So movies production cost is around 60 cr. And ranbir charged 38cr. then Ranbir, Deepika and ARR's fee will be around 55 cr. so are wee to believe that rest of the movie was shot with 5cr ?

As per Forbes he made 85 crores this year not delivering a single hit and being placed at a rank of 30 in popularity index. He sure is overrated and isn't it so unfair to most others who work harder than him compromising their personal space and comforts.

Met Ranbir in Soho, NYC last year. I asked him his most favorite movie of 2013 and he said it was Nightcrawler and most anticipated was The Revenant (ME TOO) and Bajirao Mastani. Having only seen his Rocket Singh and Barfi, realized then that this guy is something else. After watching Ramleela, which disappointed me deeply , greatly looking forward to Bajirao Mastani as my next Bollywood movie outing in a year :)

i see their interviews and pictures, and i don't know why i always wonder how they will be...so many years from now...when their hair start getting grey? would they be still in touch? dear friends? or just some strangers? would they still remember...everything?...my mind can't help but pictuarise them some years from now...for some reason, i see him settled (but i don't know with whom) with a little kid, very matured and serious, a bit of grey hair near the ears (whish he gets lazy to dye sometimes), his usual deep stares, smiles very rarely but when he does looks very handsome, some wrinkles around his eyes, always dresses up serious, and still make girls dream; got into directing, most successful director/actor of his time, good to his parents, consumed by his work, if not working still spend most of his time lost in his lonely world where nobody is allowed, and the rest of the time with his kid....i see her, in a pastel simple saree (she mostly wears them now), her hair with a bit of grey in the front (but she won't dye it), a natte on one of her shoulders, still mesmerizing everyone with her beautiful dimpled smile..but subtle melancoly in the eyes, doesn't laugh anymore but always smiling, no make up and still as beautiful and fresh as a flower, back to being quite and shy, still get lost in thoughts looking at the ground while everyone present is lost in her beauty and grace, rarely makes any public apparences or interviews, does fewer films, but the public still crazy about her, has been engaged but it didn't work (god forbid), still gets many proposals even from younger men, but she is just not interested, travels a lot, alone or with the world food program, to africa and countries in war to help kids...she has always loved kids, still warm,but purer and more innocent than ever...do they ever meet? talk?...i don't know

Congrats on your first fanfiction story.

How come this movie didn't do well and Prem Ratan did! I really don't understand Indian Audience

Seriously overrated actor.

QUEEN DP. rk who?

What he did with this money? Gave it to kat for her botox? Oh.

DP has more starpower then Rk and that is how this film has worked in Rk favour. Also star power doesn't necessarily implies that all your movies will do huge business. Sridevi and madhuri had star power despite many of their films flopped even in their reigning period. You all jealous fans of other actresses have finding fanny as a big issue. The fact that despite being such a niche movie it had hype and it did little bit of business just proves that DP has won kids.;)

I heard RK charges 15 crore

This is ridiculous. They could've gotten any of the other current guys for this film for way less and it would've probably done better at the box office. His next film will probably flop because it'll lack Deepika.

Seeing how Deepika promoted the movie I thought even if not a main role atleast she must have gotten lot of money compared to Ranbir.

You should be paid according to how much money your solo film (which completely relies on your popularity) can rake in on it's opening day. Going by his recent films, RK can rake in around 7 crores (my estimation on the basis of Roy, BV, and Tamasha opening day), and Deepika around 5-6 crores (Piku's opening day). Deepika should increase her pay since she signed Vin Diesel's film and will obviously get some international recognition, and should now get around 8 crores. A few years ago, I would've said RK deserves 20 crores considering the fact that was what Besharam collected on it's opening day, but his popularity has really dwindled since then. SRK, Salman and Aamir deserve about 40 crores, while Hrithik deserves 30 crores, and Akshay and Ajay could ask for 15 crores. 38 crores, if true, for RK is highly undeserving. PV post this please.

Clearly that was a waste of money!

wooww so many Ranbir haters just cuz of couple flop films....Hes a really good actor regardless

not haters but its a fact he was called the next superstar but that never happned n nw it does not seem to ever happen ranveer varun sidharth have bigger fan follpwing

Finding Fanny opened to better numbers than BV despite being a niche English language film with 1/3rd of BV's screens. Does that answer your question?

lol it didn't only release in English. Deepika fans always try to use that as an excuse.

It was dubbed in Hindi. That makes a lot of difference. And forget the language, what about a. 1/3 screens b. Same opening numbers?

yeah obviously BV was a huge disaster, but Finding Fanny wasn't as niche a film as you're making it out to be. Producers obviously anticipated it doing more business than it did and it was still a flop.

khans also had their bad times. one or two movies cant decide your luck or pay cheque. rk is beyond all this. dp also had list of disaster on her credit like chandi chowk, lafngay parinday, KCK,KHJJS, Aarakshan, desi boys

Reality cheak Same goes for rk before rocksyar he had flop films like sawariyah, rocket singh, anjana anjani, and now besharam, roy, bombay velvet so here counting deepika's flop won't make justice to defend your rk which your comparing him with khans and fact is your superstar rk is no more crowd puller like khans which their flop films even make 100 cr film, and bombay velvet and roy and besharm faliure made the facts obvious and showed how rk is beyond all these.

i am not comparing him with khanz, am just stating the fact that everyone goes through a phase and tamasha again proved how rk is beyond all this. this movie dint have massive/universal appeal but is still doing good because of 3 factors i.e. rk rk rk.

This is a false statement. He specifically said actors are usUally paid 14-15 crores not 38cr!!

Ranbir haters are at strike again. In one interview he did HINT he gets around 14-15 not 38 crores per film, and probably around 5 cr for your first film. It's the Khan's who usually get 38cr I think. He and Deepika both worked equally hard. If she was that much of a crowd puller what happened to finding fanny?

what are you talking about? Finding Fanny was an english language movie, which was minimally distributed! It's a language spoked by a small percentage of the country. How can you compare that to something like Tamasha. If you want to compare apples to apples, Piku or RamLeela are better bets since those were her previous, mainstream movies.

Deepika is good as an actor I agree with you. However in all her hit movies there's always a star actor. One is Amitabh in Piku and her pairing with Ranveer worked in Ram Leela. What I'm saying is I don't understand why people are giving all credit to her. What of Ranbir who worked equally hard?

yeah piku opened at 5 crores too. deepika fans always overestimate her starpower

Yeah, that's the whole point! She isn't overpaid like Ranbir. With that 5 crore opening, she was still able to make Piku a hit. She doesn't sink the producer like Ranbir does, charging 38 crores and bringing in a fraction of that. And hit, dude hasn't seen that in a while!

9 hits? seriously? only cocktail, ram leela and piku success credit go to her. yah jawani was the combination of good songs, story and lead pair rk/dp whatsoever so it was bound to become successful. Race 2 and Chennai would be hit, if it had even rakhi sawant in it. And one would not count HNY, Kochadaiiyaan and FF in her hit movie list if is unbiased.
you can say piku and FF was totally dpz movies, and ur crowd puller piku opening was 5.32. and 1st weekend was 25 cr. FF opening was 5cr and 1st weekend was 19cr. where tamasha opening was doubled (of ur crowd puller previous movies where she had full fledged role) that is 10 cr and 1st weekend is 38cr. see the difference. why producers are paying dp more than 5cr if her movie opened at not more than 5 cr.

Even cocktail had chart-buster music plus Saif who wasn't a flop actor back then.

Best comment ! Love you Shantu :)

I wouldnt pay even 38 Rs. to watch his movie.

omg...seriously...i honestly did not go to the movies for him and went instead ONLY for Deepu!! I think he is done after Tamasha... audience no longer likes him... count your days as numbered RK!!

ranbir has talent and star power... people find him lackluster since he is not pr crazy like most others but with the right scripts and good pr he can be back in the game in no time

BV's lifetime was less than his fee, this is ridiculous. What a terrible industry. This so called superstar needed his female co-star to aggressively promote the movie to get an 11 crore opening and he charges 38 crores? This movie would have been a clean hit had Imtiaz cast someone like Rajkumar Rao, Ranbir's fees inflated the budget.

BV's lifetime was less than his fee, this is ridiculous. What a terrible industry. This so called superstar needed his female co-star to aggressively promote the movie to get a 11 crore opening and he charges 38 crores? This movie had been a clean hit had Imtiaz cast someone like Rajkumar Rao, Ranbir's fees inflated the budget.

Is this a joke? That guy can barely bring 5 crores to a movie. The 38-crore tag is probably based on YJHD's numbers but that movie was more than 2 years ago and he has had 3 back-to-back disasters since then. Besides, YJHD worked because of its music, story, and ensemble cast, not him alone. What's worse is that Tamasha promotions made it seem like Deepika had an equal role, which is what drew in the crowds, only to disappoint them later. This explains why the opening weekend was decent but collections dropped very steeply after that.

if you think Deepika drew the crowds for Tamasha, the joke i on you. we can still remember the opening day figures of Finding Fanny & Piku. we all can clearly remember. So please, excuse! Tamasha got a good opening because it was a package movie but the collection fell down because it wasn't appreciated universally. only a few city audience liked it. that's about it.

That's debatable. Both Finding Fanny and Piku were unconventional medium-budget movies without a love story or action as their core. Such films aren't expected to have big openings in India but grow slowly (one did well, the other didn't). On the other hand, Tamasha was a big-budget love story movie with supposedly huge stars, foreign locations, and popular music. It was clearly meant to be a mainstream release with the expectation to last longer through word-of-mouth. Even if just upper-class city audiences had liked the movie, multiplex collections in urban areas wouldn't have fallen so sharply after the first weekend. It tanked because opinions were divided even within that loyal demographic. Deepika may or may not have been the biggest draw in the Tamasha package, but she was clearly a bigger draw than Ranbir. Tamasha's marketing team wouldn't have piggybacked on Deepika for promotions otherwise.

If its true, then enjoy the loot for the very last time RK, because with such fee and no pull at the BO, I don't think filmmakers will be lining up, even if he is a Kapoor.

I lovw imtiaz but shame on him for paying rk so much and deepika so little.

I lovw imtiaz but shame on him for paying rk so much and deepika so little.

i dont know if this is true but if brainless masala film actors get paid so much then why not ranbir who is a bundle of talent. i loved loved his work in tamasha. that urged me to watch bombay velvet, and i have only watched 30 minutes so far but ranbir's acting as johnny balraj is impeccable i couldn't believe i am watching the same dev from tamasha. i hope his movies work well at the box office so he can demand more. we need real actors

Imtiaz is just blind first to take him as a lead and other to give him role like that, everybody thought its deepika movie but it was not .. Tamasha flopped .. Due to Ranvir kapoor..

talk about a joke, none bigger than this one

What a joke this is. I think he made the same money for BV too. And DP who gave a better performance, gets less than half of that. What an overrated, overpaid, overhyped schmuck.

Salman said it perfectly "you should pay the person who is drawing audiences more" and we all know it is deepika we went to see.This is really sad if this flop was paid 38 crore and DP takes 10 crores it should be vise versa

sure...trust Salman. The guy who makes countless braindead movies like Ready and say misogynistic dialogues in such movies like "aaj pehli baar kisi aurat ne samajdari ki baat ki". It is BUT OFC such nonsense is sure to draw our audiences more and get the numbers. Does that mean such movies make Sallu deserving of being paid so high ?

I am glad people are noticing who is the bigger and better Nd most importantly well deserved money. And most of the comments here suggest that deepika deserves that much money. We people are smart and intelligent to undedrstand who is who.

This is ridicuouls. Deepika should have been paid that much money. Instead ranbir gets paid that much? he was ok in that movie nothing great. Deepika is the star in tamasha movie. Hrithik got paid that much becasue the movie was actually all about him and he carried that movie on his shoulder. But rNbir getting paid first of all this much and also for this movie where deepika is the bigger star and a better. Pathetic and low

If this is true then the budget is obviously not 60 crores. Collections up to now is around 62 crores. Deepika gets paid around 10 crores per film and she reduces her salary a lot for small budget films like Piku and Finding Fanny. Ranbir was obviously using Deepika to bring in the audiences and cash in on her. The person who is drawing in the audiences should get paid more. If Imtiaz had cast Pallavi Sharda (Besharam) instead of Deepika then i doubt this film would have made 50 crores lifetime.

This is so wrong on so many levels ( if its true )
An actress works equally hard and gets 1/4 of what the male lead gets. This just soooo... wrong and so unfair. And in this case it is worse because deepika has as much star power , if not more , than ranbir at this time. It is time that this gap is reduced and I strongly feel that deepika and kangana should negotiate for higher salaries. You people who manage these girls need to be a little more proactive in this matter.

He is looking funny these days

ridiculous. he has had back to back flops for YEARS and they pay him 38 crores?? did ranbir give sexual favours to imtiaz and all the producers? is that why katrina is so upset?

if its a joke then no problem for me to accept it as a joke..Bymistake if its true then definitely they are mad to pay 38 crores to a flop actor(current status).Even im not a deepika fan then also i can say that many ppl watched this movies cos of deepika...then this is really unfair for deepika.

Tamasha was a good film BUT the trailers were pretty weird. Do you think ANYONE would have gone to see it if it were Ranbir and a not so popular actress? Nope. No way. No way in hell. RK did well in Tamasha, but people went for DP. he also did well in BV + Roy, but if he really had star power, those films would have done well, no?

he sleepwalk through roy and was a complete miscast in BV

You said it, mate....and again, I don't believe he got even one third of 38 crore..maybe 1/3, if he is really lucky. He is a good actor but not great, he does overact alot I feel, he doesn't have the personality or the starpower to become a salman or a srk...he is more like vivek oberoi, maybe little bit better than him...will do a few hits and then disappear from the industry.

He is such an overrated actor, and has an horrible dialogue delivery. He voice is vey monotonous, and he is only suitable for roles like
yeh jaawani, and wake up sid. Pathetic fellows, and I wonder how such people survive in Bollyowood

Not even worth 2 rupees...

seriously male-dominated industry..

I don't believe it for one second....he doesn't worth 5 crore if you ask me..that was Deepika's movie all along, if he was paid 38 crore then Deepika should have paid at least 45 crores....this could be another publicity stunt...don't believe everything you read....there's no way in hell Imtiaz would agree to pay him that much simply he can't afford it, he knows Rockstar didn't do that well although ranbir was pretty good in...that was totally his movie...this Tamasha is more like Deepikas movie than his...I wouldn't think he got more than 10 crore tops...and Deepika probably got about the same 8/10 crore...

45 crores?Oh,ok she does do 45 Cr worth of overacting in one film.

I said 'if' Ranbir gets that much then she should have gotten 45 crores...come on, we all know she doesn't worth that much..you are right....I don't find her so much of a fine actress, not yet in my opinion...I feel her dialogue delivery still needs to improve heaps so does her accent/dialect but I do think in few years time if she progresses in her current speed, she could remain here for sometimes, NOT just because she looks simply WOW but she could be one of the finest actresses...with Ranbir, I always feel he overacted a little bit...he is definitely a good actor but there are times he sort of disappoints me with his overacting...only my opinion and I am not professional critique so do forgive me or ignore me if I don't agree with your opinion...xoxoxo

45 crores for cameo?

what are your talking abou deepika's movie? you paid dp pr are all over the internet i agree she did an outstanding job but to say it was her movie is a big lie, it was the story of dev and his journey ranbir was outstanding in the movie. i don't judge him by his personal life i dont care what he does but he is an outstanding actor.

Everyone entitled to have their own opinion, right??? And, yes I do dislike him based on him being extremely arrogant and think of himself as an overachiever and a womaniser but that has nothing to do with his acting skill...I do think he does overacts every now and then...he definitely is a good actor but not the greatest and yes do agree that Tamasha was based on his journey but Deepika had a long part in the movie...I don't think he was 'outstanding' though...he failed to convince me in some of the scenes...some people are lucky to have the stardom like Salman...he never delivered a movie with great acting skill but look where he is now cause of people...so is SRK, he is not even that good looking but he still made it there being the greatest....Ranbir doesn't have it cause he has zero personality....although we think you will stay there for your great acting/performances but that's not it...if that was it then there are so many other great actors like Ajay or even Hrithik who could be no. 1....but they are not...so personality does matter and plays a great part in this particular industry. Luck does play a great factor for some people...lets see if the case with Ranbir.

love you rk keep shining

If flop actor Ranbir charges 38 crore I wonder what the Khans must be taking home. 100crore +

What??!?! After Bombay Velvet debacle I am surprised why would anyone even pay him Rs. Fifty Thousand.

False rumour flim was made in budget of 60 crore and who is that source it's a false news

the end budget is made out to be around 75 crores including all figures. some people are saying 90 crores but i don't believe that.

Ranbir is huge star then salman,srk accept it..post plzzz

False news he and deepika is equally talented they have equal value in the flim and bcoz of both of them flim is a hit so credit to both not only ranbir

He is the most handsome actor of bollywood srk,salman is not as charming as ranbir..east or west rk is best...

Ranbir is the ultimate superstar king of bollywood..love u rk my life pv postt

Where r those people who calling deepika is huge star then rk..see deepika deliver 10 hit in a row but she can't get a stardom like rk bcoz rk is born superstar...love u r

Where r those people who calling deepika is huge star then rk..see deepika deliver 10 hit in a row but she can't get a stardom like rk bcoz rk is born superstar...love u rk pv posttt

I want to laugh on those people who calling tamasha a flop it collected 104 crore ww till now and it will continue till 18 and some people are still in hangover of tamasha most of critics gave tamasha good reviews so how it is a flop ya tamasha isn't like yjhd but it is more real then yjhd and ranbir deepika is the most popular couple of bollywood so exception from them has no end..it get the best flim of 2015 it deserve it..pv post plzzz...

lol it's a flop, verdict already given. ww gross means nothing when you take into account distribution... there were only 5 overseas hits this year: BB, PRDP, TWMR, DDD, Piku

tamasha is 3rd highest overseas 2015 check it dude...but u continue hating

nope, that was for thanksgiving which means more screens and those are the only verdicts out. (also those other movies all had competition which tamasha does not)

Laughable..He demanded this money on basis wat.

How much won Deepika? 5 or 6 crores.

I personally liked the movie and his performance but 38 cr???

Completely unfaire to other actors after giving rows of flop films still ranbir gets 38 cr for a film!!!

that means the producers must have made a loss when you add the fees for Deepika then the crew and locations director etcc...

Are you joking? The film pulled audience based in deepika being in it and he makes all the money? This is indeed man's world after all

Are you joking? The film pulled audience based in deepika being in it and he makes all the money? This is indeed man's world after all

It's a flop already

I hated how Deepika did the majority of the promotions only to go watch the film and realize it was a Ranbir film. Ranbir does not deserve to be paid that much especially since many went because of Deepika, had they been honest about the film it would not have earned as much as it did in opening weekend.

And the actresses charge 5 Cr, if they're lucky.But the men have to earn more because they are more famous, have more fans...

No that is not true at all! They definitely dont have more fans or are more famous. It is only bcos the industry is male chauvinist as a whole. PC recently said dont ask how much money we make we girls dont make money at all Go and ask the boys this question and I for one completely agree with her.

I hope Deepika is paid more because she shined in it.

flop actor like him getting paid 38 crores is pathetic he is no more a superstar imtiaz spoils him n praises him too much....bombay velvet opened at 5 crores n he is paid 38.....deepika deserves it more than him

No comment .....

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