Now I Know How it Feels: Alia Opens Up About The Shaandaar Debacle

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Alia Bhatt has had a good run in Bollywood since her debut in Karan Johar's Student of the Year. The Bollywood youngster was appreciated for her performances in 2 States, Highway and Humtpy Sharma Ki Dulhania. However, it had to happen at some time, and Alia saw her first flop in the Shahid Kapoor movie Shaandaar. 

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Alia explained how she took this failure in her stride. She said, "I will never regret doing that film. But honestly, for the first few days, I wasn't good at all. I was feeling extremely low. But now, I am fine and happy that it happened. Now, I know how it feels to have a film not do well. I have got a lot of love and support, especially from my fans. At that time, it was important for me to take a break to understand things. It's important to take some time off for yourself. Otherwise, you keep pretending, "Oh, I don't feel bad", but it's a fact that it's not the best feeling in the world."

She added, "I can't explain how supportive my father was. Since it (failure) happened to me for the first time, I needed to understand and process it. So, I took a holiday when I had three days off, and went to Oman all by myself. For the first time ever, I went on a holiday alone, and it was great. My dad is too cute. Every morning, he sends me one motivational quote. I have a folder full of all his quotes. In fact, he sent me a quote by Frank Sinatra, that says, The best revenge is massive success'. Dad got the quote framed and hung it on the wall behind my bed."

The pretty actress will next be seen in Kapoor and Sons and Udta Punjab. 



welcome to the real world Alia where everything is not handed to you on a silver platter. this will just make you stronger.

bla bla bla alia!!!

Everybody gets 'em...hits and flops.

This failure isnt going to be a set back to her in any way. She has several films of diff genres bestowed upon her by her second father kjo. While other actors have to struggle to get films she has one whole production house at her disposal.

She gets all movies from Kjo without any struggle.He is giving her variety of movies as if he plans movies just for her.
Even the one with SRK.
Only thing she has to do is,go to set and work.
Rest all girls (even the top onces) struggle to get next movie.They have to call people and convince them than they can do that role.
You get everything ready made girl so chill. (all movies,PR,TV appearances with Kjo,Fashion line) everything is spoon fed by Kjo.

quite frankly she will never experience the real setback of a failure like many actors do. She is cushioned by such a big camp and KJo himself that she will never have to start from scratch, struggle to bounce back, re-work her networks, or work harder to earn that next film. I'm pretty sure before Shaandar was released she already had at least 3-4 big projects given to her. So what does failure really mean for her? It must be an internal experience but professionally she'll still be jumping from one big project to another..

she is a great actor...
i am sure shaandar was a evolving experience..
but the girl is talented for sure...

I liked shaandaar better that humpty sharma movie. May be the spelling of the movie was wrong what with extra "A's" ?

Humpty Sharma received nice reviews from critics and audience alike and Shaandaar received bad reviews from both.

humpty sharma was a well made movie. Very sweet honest whilst Shaandaar was a train wreck

Good. Glad she got off her high horse..With success comes failures.

Arrogance will crush success more than ever. Reality Check!

2 upcoming movies? where'd the break go? lol

Revenge for what? That quote is silly in this context. Alia, hits and flops are part and parcel of the business you've chosen to be in. Why such a song and dance about one flop? Stop being a pampered, spoilt, overindulged princess and get over it. We all have.

Alia has great things coming her way. Don't get discouraged!

Yeah, KJo is there to ensure that she and Sid get the best projects without much of hardwork. Lucky people!!

haa Sid? i was thinking the same but look at Varuns kitty and Sid s kitty..varun is given solo meaty roles whereas he is getting sidey multi starrers ..stupid biased KJO aunty

Varun has done a lot of movies beyond Kjo & Dharma, while Sid and Alia are mostly seen with Dharma only.

think that has more to do with varun having proven himself as a actor. Sid is yet too

What revenge ? Nobody was laughing at you, Alia.

i am LOL

Alia is so young and born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has never struggled. Too much success too soon. She needs to earn her place in Bollywood, which takes years. Just ask the three new Khans of the film industry: Deepika, Priyanka, and Katrina.

She's so immature(can't blame her actually, she only 22). I wonder how she did a movie like Highway. Imtiaz and Randeep probably had their worst time shooting with her.

oh please stop overreacting even Highway wasnt a HIt..this is all for sympathy and nothing else...i dont think she is as affected as she is making it out to be!!

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