When Priyanka Chopra Got Miffed with Freida Pinto!

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Sometime back this year, we saw Priyanka Chopra and Freida Pinto attend an NGO event. Both the ladies seemed to be having a good time and appeared to be friendly with each other. However, news now has it that all was not well between these two 'global' beauties!

Apparently, Priyanka was not too happy with the fact that Freida's name was ahead of hers, in the invite. Also, Freida was addressed as the 'host' while PC was called the 'co-host', which did not make things better for the two ladies. Buzz is that Peecee addressed this issue with the organizers who were not in a mood to change things on this respect. 

Well, so in the end, PC had to grin and bear it apparently, and get on with the function. 

What do you think of that?

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love her acting but this woman is too full of her self and always too too pridely about her achievement

both finished actresses!

Frieda is a natural Indian beauty with a lovely skin tone and is well known in the west. And btw anyone who thinks that pc likes dp think again ! She plays her game skilfully as she does not want to feel the wrath of dp and rs fandoms maybe even ranbir's cause some of his fans are fond of dp.

priyanka throw so much of tantrums just bcz she is doing a hollywood serial im so sure mny peeps there dont even know her name lol !! she has always bn so arrogant n place herself above as if no1 can do or is better thn her lol !!! she needs a reality check !

If DP was like this, all you idiots would be like SLAYYYY QUEEN SLAYYYY OMG

Cunning and i will follow Rekha ji woman.desperate for fame by all means.

Priyanka always finds herself playing second fiddle.

Sounds like PC needs to check her attitude out the door. Frieda is the more recognizable name and face

its unreal how hideous this woman is

She has no right to be miffed. Finally Freida is a Hollwoodstar!

PC is always looking for ways to promote herself. she will never miss an opportunity and this is one of them.
she is the center of attraction and she won't have it any other way.

And that's something she has learnt from her ex-mentor

sounds like priyanka got miffed with the organizers of GirlRising UN-AID not freida pinto

This event was so long ago! The haters just can't bare PC's success so they come out with this! LOL

They both are nobodies in Hollywood
"Just a phone call away?" For WHAT???

How many "works of spirituality" (Peecee likes to call acting by that word :P) does Frieds have?
I thought PeeCee was pompous, looks like Frieda is the head mastarni of the school of pomposity :P
The average American has NO clue who Frieda is.
probably 5% of the TV watching junta knows who Pee Cee is

Its just hurting my stomach muscles to read the comment above.

I bet Frieda can pass on names and contact numbers of some "good friends" (Kangna's definition) for PeeCee
Her lil black book is probably all full :P

I think ever since Quantico happened, the success and the crave of international fame has gotten to Priyanka Chopra quite bad. Its not relevant to just this one incident but almost anything that she replies to, shows how badly she wants the spotlight of "Asian star making it big in America" all to herself. PV plz post.

PC fakes friendship with every actress out there. But the fact is she is jealous of all of her contemporaries specially BEBO and DP !!!

seriously some people are jobless.

DP's PR releasing bad press about PC.. we all know that. NEXT!

What? This was in November, and there was nothing bad to say about PC so they just took a random story from months ago and made it into some sort of cat fight. I can't believe you write an article about this now? This is false. There was no host, co-host issue at all. In fact, this is what Freida had said about Priyanka after the event when asked about Priyanka and Quantico:
Freida Pinto,' 'People forget that she’s a professional. She’s been doing this for a very, very long time. She’s been doing this longer than I have been. Yes, I have been doing this longer in America but she’s been there in the industry for 15 years. So she’s a pro and she does not need me to tell her how to do it. But if she ever calls or asks me any questions or queries, I’ll always be there to answer them. I have answered that for few people who have come up to me and asked me about how it’s done here. America and India are two very different industries, in terms of how they run. Yes, the effort you put into any project is the same everywhere. But production wise, they do differ a lot. So if anybody needs me, I’m always there, just a phone call away! Of course she has taken the right choice. Why would I say she hasn’t? You have to go forward with your gut instinct and do what you think is right. I can tell you one thing that Hollywood as an industry is very hard. It may seem very glamorous from the outside. But it’s not. Forget about ethnic minorities, let’s just talk about actresses, the white actresses — there’s so much competition and there are such few roles written for them. I think TV, as someone said the other day, is a promised land. Priyanka has absolutely made the right moves and why not?''


Why don't you go spend the end of the years with your family, take a break from promoting Priyanka, you really have nothing better to do. In real life if Priyanka met you she would want nothing to do with you so stop wasting your time.

On twitter she`s stalking Priyanka really 24/7. Creepy!

Ouch this is sick. Get well soon!

This woman Priyanka really thinks she is better and above everyone else. I knew her team of people were following Freida's Path in Hollywood. Her stylist even copies Frieda's style and use it for Priyanka. I find it so Upsetting. SO great that the Organizers put her in her place.

Lol pc is always like that , she pretends like self secure woman but plays dirty game on behind ppl recently the prove of promoting her kashbai character as lead actress which well planned by makers and revealing bajiro mastani trailer screen shots by her pr team from bajrao mastani trailer lunch before official trailer realeses on youtube with out prodcers parmession and now award organisations are counting her supporting rule as lead recently the example was starguilt, while she has done the same negative rule in aitraaz which she counted as supporting rule same goes to tabu for haider and kareena for we are family and k3g and kangana for fashion or anushka jab tak hai jhan, but her game changed coz of pc thinks she is bigger star than all.

Arrogant woman! What does she think? Freida is real Hollywood star. She is a Bollywood starlet.

Real Hollywood star? LOL no offense, she's barely been in anything important since Slumdog Millionaire. I 100% believe Priyanka has more star power. Don't know why you need to undervalue Bollywood as an industry.

who cares?!!!! celebrities and their egos.......

bechari priyanka the real global star is freida and priyanka is sidekick. priyanka played second fiddle to queen dp in bajirao mastani. priyanka sorry dude whether its in india or globally you are nothing

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