Ranveer-Deepika create Tamasha at an award show!

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Deepika Padukone created enough Tamasha with her co-star Ranbir Kapoor during the promotions of their film and we were in awe of them. But it seems the actress, along with her alleged boyfriend Ranveer Singh created lot of tamasha at an award show recently!

According to a report in a daily, both Ranveer and Deepika arrived together for an award show but refused to get out of the car until the cameras where switched off.
An eyewitness present at the show informed the daily, "They sat in the car for at least 10-15 minutes until the bouncers chased the TV cameras away. Only then did Deepika emerge from the car, followed by Ranveer who showed himself a good five minutes after Deepika. We wonder why the secrecy since they’ve been going everywhere together to promote their film Bajirao Mastani. They were seen romancing on Comedy Nights With Kapil on the same night as the awards function. Why so coy, suddenly?”
Well, we wonder what led DeepVeer do this at the event. Any guesses?

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I don't think " make up " is the reason.... Bcz both of them wears promotion clothes ... My first opinion : they might have had a fight .. And they didn't want to looks sad .. Maybe she cried ??? Maybe She didn't want to clicked with crying face ( it's a normal , they are normal people nd normal couple like us ) Or 2. Maybe they wants to spend some "good times " in the car...

I think they might have had a fight in the car. So needed some time to gain composure. It can't be makeup excuse as they both were coming from promotion and in their promotion dress/makeup.


lol deepika are you serious about ranveer???????? why dont you want to be clicked with him ??????????

same katrina are u serious about ranbir? ur with him for 6 yrs come n go in the same car but still doesnt want to be get clicked with him . why?

my boyfriend thought they looked high lol when we were watching the video

i saw this news on zoom. it was very strange and i was wondering why pv didnt report earlier. they sat in car asking papparazzi to leave. zoom thought they didnt have make up on thats why but we are not sure. then they waited in car and all papparazzi left except zoom's camera. then deepika left from car hiding her face. ranveer left after her but he looked pissed. he literally passed through the cameraman giving a wide stare. you can watch it on zoom. it was during bm promotions.

A wide stare ? He was wearing glasses

That's why I haven't seen it: It's on zoom -_- I hate zoom video's. All the rewinds and dramatic background music, when there's hardly ever a story. PV, post please

Anushka and Kat's PR is working overtime.

Just saw on twitter Ranveer has some seriously pretty fans. Nice

I googled the incident. Ranveer and deepika returned from a promotional event for BRM and were two hours late to the star guild awards. They drove to the back of the event place because they had to get ready for the awards function. There were press people there, they were asked to leave and everyone left except Zoom photographer. Both the stars did not want to be seen without makeup and clean clothes. Deepika got off the car from left side, still can see her in her sweater dress she wore for the promotion, stepped into vanity van there. After Deepika did Ranveer got off the car. Both went in to get dressed and makeup. They later showed up at the awards and walked out later looking like thousand bucks interacting with the media. You can check this on youtube as well. This happened at Star guild awards show. Please don't make this look like a tamasha was created by this couple. It was actually the photog is the one who did it and is trying to milk publicity by tarnishing these stars.

that was zoom's speculation that they didnt have make up on but we cant be sure.

everyone is not like you katrina cold arrogant use woman. after seeing people bashing u for ur PR stunt who first leak those fake article in urban asian now defaming deepika.

What is the issue here ?? The only award show Deepika and Ranveer attended last year was Big Star Awards where he presented her the award and they posed together on the red carpet before and after awards.


This tamasha woman not beautiful grandmother look like depika long woman depika look like Tina turner

i dont believe this when dp gives so much respect to media. pv please post

Katrina's PR definitely has been working hard right now

I dont believe this article. Deepveers hater must have written it.

Maybe the press and photographers get on your nerves at times. DP and RS are hardly the sort to dodge the press and play hide n seek.

Surely they are entitled to a moment's privacy !!

They are neighbours ;) and they are going to everywhere in a same car ;) very solid good friends they are :) Mashallah :) Allah Nazar Dan Qorusun :) Ameen .....

Why u didn't post Deepveer's cutest interviews, sweet videos or hot moments ???? Eagerly waiting JJ promotions .. I'm sure u will post everything about Rankat !!!! Post it !!!

That's good. Is this an issue now? Get some real news PV.

Ask Katrina? if not her PR...

Oh really? what awards show was that. They did not attend any recently. you can take pictures when people are in the car and they come out really good. Stop making up stories.

why are they dodging appearances? Something happened??! PV plz post.

you are mean to deepveer. when it comes to rankat they are cute for u.biased pv

Maybe something happened in a car ??


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