Wohoa! Ranveer or Ranbir Can Play ME Well Onscreen, Says Boxer Vijender Singh

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These days numerous films are made on the lives of sportspersons. And Boxer Vijender Singh who made his Bollywood debut with Fugly in 2014 thinks actors Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor can play him well onscreen if any movie is made on his life! In an interaction with a leading daily, VIju said, “I think Ranveer and Ranbir both will act good in the movie. They can do that because the energy level which is required for a boxer needs to be very high. And the energy level of both the actors, especially Ranveer Singh is so good.”

Bajirao aka Ranveer is currently riding high on the success of Bajirao Mastani and has become the first choice of many filmmakers for their projects.

On being asked about his favourite boxing movie and which one inspired him the most, the Olympian winner said, “The Rocky series was the most inspiring one and Sylvester Stallone is so good and worked so hard on his fitness. Indian boxing movies like Dharam pajis Apne and Boxer that Mithunda acted in were also very good and but Rocky was the best one I can say that.”

So who do you think would reprise Vijender’s role better? Ranbir or Ranveer?


there are too many biopics coming on young sports people. Whether its Dhoni or Mary Kom. Just relax. These people still have a lot to do and achieve in life.

Ranveer is more suited, Ranbir looks like a delicate sort of a chap

Enough of boxing movies. Dont you think?

Vijender isnt really a legend and hasnt done anything that great to deserve a movie based on his life. It will be a waste of talent to ask Ranveer to play his character. Ranveer has better things to do. And.. Ranbir is not suited for such manly roles. This is my opinion.

Ranveer .. Bcz I think that type roles suit him more than Ranbir .. Ranbir : sweet lover , chocolate boy type roles - rom com , Ranveer - : boxer, street fighter , warrior , lootera - Gunday type roles - drama . And I also think RS is more energetic :p

Ranveer is more masculine , sexy and passionate than Ranbir ....

Ranveer for sure. The movie would stand a better chance of not flopping and Ranveer+energy= perfect combination.

I find he looks a bit more like Pratheik though

Here we go again....

Of course Ranveer !!!

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