I Love My Brother: Kareena Takes On a Question About Ranbir-Katrina's Break Up!

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It was Kareena Kapoor Khan who had first revealed that Ranbir and Katrina are indeed having an affair, on a chat show with Karan Johar. Bebo had referred to Katrina as 'sister-in-law. Well, zoom back to the present and Kareena was asked about the much hyped break up between the two love birds. 

Kareena said in a recent interview, "Even if Ranbir has spoken about it to me, it’s a personal matter that I’d never discuss it with the media. I love my brother and wish him only the best in life, always."

When asked about the secret to a successful relationship and marriage, Bebo said, "There’s no formula. Sometimes after 20 years, a relationship just doesn’t work, you meet someone else and something just clicks."

Well, good to know that sis Kareena is on Ranbir's side during this trying time!

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Kareena made that statement in KWK only after speaking to Katrina, and Kat had said she doesn't mind if she calls her sis in law. So Kareena was also manipulated by Kat. Although Ranbir was never in it. Hence he eventually left.

I love both ranbir and Katrina. Hope they marry soon and have beautiful kids. So that dp can remove the tatoo and move forward too with ranveer. Otherwise she will loose this Jem also very soon.

why is kat's pr blaming neetu and calling rk a moma's boy,he did move out when he wanted to,now he's moving back in coz he's done with kat,she's not the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with,the end,ppl fall out of love all the time,though i doubt he has ever loved kat,he loved having her,he loved the attention and headlines that being with her got him,that's all and he doesn't feel that way anymore,what does neetu have to do with that

Yes, You should have kept quite when they were going out together. So immature when you just blurted your mouth on the show.

actually his reaction on kwk when she referred to her as her sister in law was one of the main reason why i knew kat wasn't the one he will end up marrying,he was like "like hell she will be"lol,anyway that's a confirmation that it's over,good for rk to end a relationship that wasn't going anywhere,though he should have been man enough to tell her he was never gonna marry her,instead of making her waste 7 years of her life waiting for him to do,but then again she did help him cheat on the love of his life and broke rkdp up,so that serves her right

despite kat's pr going all out to paint their relationship as the most epic love story ever,the guy who broke up with the girl who had her name tattooed on her neck to be with kat-everyone knew he only went for kat after dp dumped his cheating butt,you don't beg the girl you dumped for another girl to take you back like rk did,but logic and the truth never stopped kat from rewriting history and spreading lies-and that kat got commitment phobic rk to actually commit to her,not to mention the weekly engagement or wedding stories they bombarded us with,he never ever gave the loving and caring or even happy vibe around her,so am not really surprised he picked up his stuff and left when she was pressurizing him to stop working with dp and marry her,you can manipulate a guy to keep him around for a while,but if he wants out eventually he will find a way out,so happy rk is finally done with kat and her dramatics,he should now focus on his work and keep his personal life under wraps coz ppl have had enough of it for the last couple of years,you have what it takes to be india's biggest thing rk,don't settle for just being a gossip item,let your work do the talking not your love life

"you can manipulate a guy to keep him around for a while,but if he wants out eventually he will find a way out"preach..may i add,you can make a guy cheat and lust for you,but you can't make him love you,it says a lot that he chose to keep working with dp over being in a relationship with kat,true love never dies while lust never lasts

Both Kareena and Katrina are overhyped actresses.

She cares for her FLOP brother more. After 4 FLOPS he is now stamped as FLOP HERO. Her Flop brother's career is over. Katrina had 13 years long career. She has nothing to loose. She is in her mid 30's and she will find somebody who is not FLOP and marry him.

Kareena, Kareena... What are you doing ? People were eagerly waiting for your WTF-statements, but you're leaving them hanging :D
So mature in your answers !!

it doesn't get more confirmed than that,does it

Using megastar katrinas name for promoting ki and ka.

If u love your brother, ask him to patch up with Katrina and take her back. Dont be a mamas boy.

Bebo is queen of flops. So she loves Ranbir who is the king of flops. Kat has only given blockusters. She has more hits than Bebo and Ranbir combined.

this comment is so true....i loved it ...bhai behen ki jodi along with kjo shud be sent to nawab pataudi palace permanently

Even without trying, Kareena can act better than Katrina with all her famous hardwork!

I love bebo offscreen...wat she said doesn't mean she dislike Katrina all of a sudden. She only said she loves her brother. I still don't believe the breakup rumours are true. I love both kat and ranbir together or otherwise.

Sisters no more huh?

Aww... So sweet of her. But I thought they are not that close.

LOLLL Kareena! It was okay to tell the whole world when they were together but not now?

everyone announces their wedding but no one announces their divorce. same scenario.

Wow! Kareena, I am so proud of you.

Katrina is thousand times better than this manipulative Kapoor family

Katrina is more successful than Karena anyday. And she has Salman on her side. She does.not.want Kareenas support for anything.

kareena can act and more beautiful than katrina anyday

and Kareena doesnt have Salman?!?!? *rolls eyes*

Bwaha! Stop it troll. Joke of the century. Even if Kareena were to quit today and Katrina worked for another 100 years, she could never achieve 1% of what Kareena has in her career thus far. Take it to the bank because that's a guarantee.

Bang on.

haha this made me laugh so hard

Kat doesnt need your love Bebo. Support your flop brother

lol i love how kat fans change words before it was like bebo loves kat and supports her.

Very quickly she forgot Katrina ;) Her sister in law from KWk!

I love your brother too Kareena :)

But you'd be willing to discuss it with Karan on KWK, no?

Family is always first.

Wow good answers from Kareena!

Confirmation! Yes, Ranbir's fans also only want the best for him in life and career. This break up is the best thing for him. Now watch him get back to his acting and slay. You go Ranbirrrrr.

love you Bebo but are you targeting your hubby Saif about this 20 years ? I agree , it happens , but you and Saif look best.

oh!!she was okay talking about their wedding...but, not the break up!!

Don't you know the difference between personal life of someone and one own. She off course has freedom to speak about her and Saif life, as that's their own personal life, but RANBIR life is not hers. So she choose to stay mum. Get that?

isnt she the one who call kat her sister in law and said i will dance on sheila and chameli at rankat wedding? at that time wasnt it ranbir life not hers? ans please
post this

Last time Katrina had okeyd it. She had told kareena she could call her sis in law on KWK. LOL. Ranbir clearly was not impressed.

it was also a personal when you were discussed for the first time

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