Priyanka Bags The Second Spot In The Google Search Trends At The Red Carpet Dress At Oscars 2016!

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Priyanka Chopra’s debut at the Oscars 2016 Red Carpet was nothing less than phenomenal. Thanks to her major fan following back home, Ms Chopra's fans made her the second most searched celebrity according to the Google Search Trends!

PeeCee is currently riding high on the success of her TV show Quantico and bagging the Baywatch film, which is the latest addition in her line of work from the West land. Priyanka, who appeared on the Oscars 2016 red carpet today, had the fans go gaga over her. Owing to her huge popularity, the actress bagged the second spot on the list of the most searched celebrity on the prestigious red carpet event, after Olivia Wilde!

Hollywood sensation, Ms Wilde bagged the top spot and was seen in a bold mid-riff baring gown in white by international designer Valentino, on the red carpet.

Looking stunning on the red carpet, Ms Chopra was seen wearing a sheer white beaded and embellished gown by Zuhair Murad styled with a low ponytail, drop earrings and a red lip.

Interestingly, PeeCee’s designer Zuhair Murad also bagged the second spot on the most searched Oscar designer on the Google Search Trends!

PeeCee literally stole the show! She has put India on the global map and how!



Priyanka was trending everywhere

And here is my Queen Bee PC, getting all the love & fame in this world when some handful of haters are banging their heads out of jealousy...More power to you my girl. Whole world is with you !!

never read a more inscure and desperate comment, and why only PC fans have such a disgusting behavior? will probably be the low IQ

This is awesome! Priyanka was also trending worldwide on both Facebook and Twitter!

@Ankita Bhalla: umm.. India was already there on the global map(lots of other acheivements). Also she has won Ms. World and made us proud. And Oscars aren't everything!!!

India is a big country with a huge population. No

Check the stats! India barely contributed to the impressions.

Not even nominated, just presenting, and even still she is #2 behind huge star Olivia Wilde. Wow. The elegance she exudes goes a long way!!

Yes she was d star of d night....she slayed like no Man's business!!!

Wohooooo beating j-lawrence and PC is Hollywood royalty

That's d power of d queen......hahahahha

PC bags second position in google search...all searchers are indians

must be sooooooo overwhelming for day new achievement

Wow much work for Shakuntela, click, click..delete..refresh :p

At least one hit from me! haha googling Priyanka Chopra Oscars at work the next day.. :D

Go PC!!!

Keep rocking PC!

I am responsible for that :)

Why do all these desi actresses fold their hands when they're abroad, when they almost never do it in India? Seems almost gimmicky. Like, "look, I'm Indian!".

Priyanka, when finished posing for the paparazzi does this very quick and leaves. She's not posing while keeping her hands in the 'namaste' position. Get over it, besides she does this everywhere when she leaves, even in India

She does it back home as well sweetheart!

Damned if they don't, damned if they do? She's Indian, she gets to say namaste if she wants to say namaste.

Yeah I think that's great! If they didn't we would say oh they should have worn a sari or represented India somehow or something. So it's like keeping both sides happy.

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