Rhea is Producing 3 Films, I star in 2 of Them - Sonam Kapoor

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Sonam Kapoor's last release Neerja has been the talk of the town. The movie has done well critically and commercially. Now that the project is done, we are curious to know what next is Sonam planning to do.
Battle For Bittora was next in line. Ask Sonam what's the status of that film and she says, "Script is ready but we need to finish casting and finalize the director. We haven't done that yet. I do very little work. I have been around for 9 years (will complete in November) and I have done just 12 films, which is my average of films. So it will take some time."
There have been reports of Sonam being cast in her sister Rhea's next movie too which stars Katrina in the lead. Probe her about it and Kapoor quips, "Rhea's definitely making a film with me, she better not make it with anybody else. No, that's not true. I hope she makes films with other people too (laughs). She will kill me if I say this."
"Rhea is making 3 films - 2 of them are with me and 1 is without me. She is producing them and not directing it. Announcement hasn't been made yet. We are still in the process of casting. It is a very interesting project and something completely different from what I have done, again. Let's see how people will take it. I am fearful but I will face my fears," concludes Sonam.
Guess, we shall have to wait and watch!


Bring it RheaSon! Shashank Gosh better direct BFB. He made Khoobsurat a movie with great repeat value!!

Why am I not surprised? When they have in-house production and in-house actors, they will also likely have an in -house audience!

At least they make heroine-centric movies , so I support Rhea. However, learn acting dude.

Why I find these sisters annoying. I hate all nepo kids.

I want Sonam to balance out performance oriented roles and commercial, masala entertainers. For every PRDP, do a Neerja. Her career would reach new heights. And, Sonam please start lobbying for roles! Deepika does it, Anushka does it, Katrina does it, Alia does it, heck, they all do it! There's absolutely nothing wrong with letting a director/producer know you're interested in working in their film and letting them know why you would be a good choice for the role. After seeing you in Neerja, I'm a huge fan Sonam. I want you to continue growing as a performer and excel in Bollywood.

On a side note, I'd love to see Sonam in Aanand L. Rai's next opposite SRK and Kabir Khan's next opposite Salman Khan. And Ram Madhvani's next too! Oh and a film with Hrithik, please!

They have the resources and the money, they should make good meaningful cinema.

Why such double standards?? No body ever says anything about Rakesh Roshan casting his own son for his film?? So what's wrong with Rhea?

rhea kapoor movies are too force for my liking aisha... khoobsoorat or maybe the "actress" she kept casting is to blame but ill pass

BFB will most likely not release to til late 2017 or early 2018. Then the other film won't release until around 2020. I want Sonam to balance out her films, for example one film with her sister, one performance oriented film like Neerja or Raanjhanaa, and one big commercial massy film like PRDP.

Rhea is cute!! :D

Her family will keep her employed even though her acting skills lack ( Neerja was all directors screen play and the actual hero herself NOT sonam).

you wish! neerja is being hailed as the performance of a lifetime! you're just salty you own favourite wasn't in it :)

Sonam acted better in Neerja than Deepika has in any of her films.. And I am not even Sonam fan..

LOL only her family take her on in movies....

LOL only her family take her on in movies....

Making movies is like going shopping for them. God save us from these nepo kids.

Rhea will never ever grow as a producer and professional if she doesn't step out of her comfort zone i.e. stop working with sonam!!

Lord help us audiences. Sigh!

The problem that fawad promised them that he will do BFB but when he got another offers specially from kjo.... he back out and spread that he is not in kissing scenes bc his fans won't like it. ..but he willing to play gay character bc Kjo asked him...how hypocritical he is....

All Flop movies.... Yikes!!!!!!

Noooooooooooo. I don't like Rhea Kapoor's movies.

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